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Monday, 24 April

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Saturday, 22 April


Washing machine repairman wrongly targeted as a suspect in the William Tyrrell investigation is awarded almost $1.5MILLION in damages "IndyWatch Feed National"

Crooked cops again

A washing machine repairman who was wrongly named as a high-profile suspect in the investigation into William Tyrrell's disappearance will receive almost $1.5million in compensation.

Bill Spedding sued the NSW Police alleging detectives maliciously pursued him while investigating the disappearance of the three-year-old from his foster grandmother's home in Kendall, on the NSW north coast, on September 12, 2014.

His case before the NSW Supreme Court sought compensation for reputational harm and psychological treatment. Mr Spedding also sought exemplary damages to punish police for purportedly using the courts for an improper purpose.

The tradesman was an early high-profile suspect in the disappearance, with police searching Mr Spedding's Bonny Hills home and draining his septic tank in January 2015. But they found no evidence linking him to William. 

Bill Spedding was awarded almost $1.5 million in damages after suing the NSW Police Force for malicious prosecution. Above, outside court on Thursday with his wife Margaret
View gallery
Bill Spedding was awarded almost $1.5 million in damages after suing the NSW Police Force for malicious prosecution. Above, outside court on Thursday with his wife Margaret

A coronial inquest later found Mr Spedding had an alibi on the day of William's disappearance. He was attending a school assembly for a child in his care that day, and had a receipt from a nearby coffee shop. 

During the police investigation into Mr Spedding, the tradesman was charged in April 2015 over the historical child abuse claims, spending 56 days in custody and then being released on strict bail conditions.

The charges were later dropped by prosecutors. 

Mr Spedding alleged that the charges were levelled against him in a bid to intimidate and place pressure on him. 

Mr Spedding's lawyers claimed a police investigation prior to those charges being laid was 'done in extreme haste' in three or four weeks. 

'The investigation was not in any way professional, careful or proper,' said Mr Spedding's lawyer Adrian Canceri during closing submissions in August.

Mr Spedding has claimed the anxiety and depression he suffers were caused by the prosecution and the public attention it brought.

Clear evidence emerged that the complainants had been coached by another person to make allegations and another person's evidence undermined the case, Justice Harrison heard.

Barrister Adrian Williams, for the State of NSW, had argued that misunderstandings occurred but it didn't follow that police were actin...


Police officer who shot and killed Gabriel Messo may have committed homicide, coroner says "IndyWatch Feed National"

Stupid armchair criticism of a split-second decision

A junior police officer who gunned down a man as he savagely stabbed his own mother in broad daylight may have committed homicide, according to Victoria's coroner, who has referred the case to state prosecutors.

Gabriel Messo died after being shot three times by a Victoria Police officer who confronted him as he brutally attacked his mother in a public park in Melbourne's north-west about two years ago.

The assault was so ferocious that his mother, Lilla Messo, lost an eye and developed an acquired brain injury. She ultimately survived the attack.

Mr Messo's death was being investigated by the Victorian State Coroner John Cain, who today found that the first two shots fired by Constable Emmanuel Andrew was an acceptable use of force.

"The level of force used was not disproportionate to Constable Andrew's objective to prevent the assault from continuing and to protect Lilla from really serious injury," Judge Cain said.

But Judge Cain said he was "gravely concerned" about the third shot which was fired just five seconds after Gabriel Messo, who was by that point unarmed, had stopped attacking his mother and was moving away from police as he clutched his torso.

"I have formed a belief to the requisite standard that an indictable offence may have been committed by Constable Andrew in connection with Gabriel's death," Judge Cain said.

"The indictable offences I have formed a belief to the requisite standard include but are not limited to of homicide, causing serious injury intentionally, conduct endangering life or assault."

He has referred the case to Victoria's director of public prosecutions, who will ultimately decide whether to criminally charge Constable Andrew.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said he was confident prosecutors would assess whether to lay charges as quickly as possible.

"We will await the findings in due course," the chief commissioner said.

"I know this will be an incredibly difficult time for the member involved and Victoria Police will continue to support him during this process."

Police union backs officers involved in Messo shooting
Police Association of Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt strongly condemned the coroner's findings and said the two police officers attending the Gladstone Park assault had made the right decision.

"We've got a decision to make as a community in Victoria. I can tell you now, police forces around the world are being roundly criticised for attending scenes and doing nothing," Mr Gatt said.

"These officers did some...


Id have got a medal: Zachary Rolfe has last word as he flies out "IndyWatch Feed National"

He was a victim of political correctness.  Blacks are sacrosanct.  If the thug he shot had been white, nothing would have been said

Northern Territory police officer Zachary Rolfe who fatally shot Indigenous teenager Kumanjayi Walker at Yuendumu has left the country after claiming that in any other jurisdiction he would have got a medal for protecting his partners life instead of being painted as a violent thug.

Constable Rolfe flew out of Canberra on Thursday after sharing a 2500-word open letter accusing the NT police, coroner and her counsel assisting of trying to publicly vilify him during the biased coronial inquest into Walkers death, which is due to resume next week.

The 31-year-old also accused Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker of refusing to meet with him and called for his resignation.

In the letter, obtained by The Australian, Constable Rolfe says Walker was a violent abuser who tried to kill him and his police partner, Adam Eberl, when their specialist unit was deployed to Yuendumu to arrest him for attacking their colleagues with an axe.

Walker was a young man with a violent past who abused many in his community, including young girls and boys, he said. When he tried to kill my partner and I I did not think about his race, upbringing or his past trauma, I thought about defending my partners life, and thats what I did.

In a different state, I would have got a medal for it, and none of you would ever have known my name.

Constable Rolfe apologised for sending offensive text messages that have been ventilated at the inquest but claims the communications were cherrypicked from thousands extracted from his phone and honed in on at the inquest in a deliberate attempt to paint him as a racist, violent cop.

They had access to every single one of my messages and knew that I did not treat a single race differently from others. In private, I talked shit about nearly every group at times, he said.

Yet they released just a tiny snippet to make me out to be a racist. The parties knew that the messages had nothing to do with the death of Kumanjayi Walker.

They knew the damage they would do once in public they would hurt the community, the police force and the relationship between them but they didnt care. If the coronials goal was to heal, it has failed.

Constable Rolfe, who grew up in Canberra, said the investigations into his actions at Yuendumu on November 9, 2019 had been blatantly biased.

If all you know of me is through the media then you see me as a violent thug, an ex-soldier with a past, he said.

The former infantry soldier who depl...


Innocent cop fired by politically correct NT police "IndyWatch Feed National"

He had to be fired to please Aborigines

Zachary Rolfe has been dismissed by the Northern Territory Police Force despite being acquitted of murder over the shooting death of an Aboriginal teenager.

Mr Rolfe shot Warlpiri-Luritja man Kumanjayi Walker dead during a botched arrest in November 2019 at the remote community of Yuendumu, 300 kilometres north-west of Alice Springs.

A statement issued by NT Police on April 4 confirmed Mr Rolfe was sacked 'due to serious breaches of discipline'.

'A 31-year-old male police officer has been dismissed from the Northern Territory Police Force effective 4th April 2023,' the statement read.

'The officer was dismissed under section 78 of the Police Administration Act 1978 due to serious breaches of discipline during their policing career.'

Mr Rolfe, a former constable, was charged with Mr Walker's murder three days after his death on November 9, 2019, but was acquitted in March 2022.

Four NT police officers arrived at Yuendumu to arrest Mr Walker but the 19-year-old resisted, stabbing Mr Rolfe in the shoulder with a pair of surgical scissors. 

In response Mr Rolfe's partner Adam Eberl punched Mr Walker in the head, then Mr Rolfe struck the boy in the face, before firing his Glock pistol into Mr Walker's back.

Mr Rolfe shot Mr Walker two more times in the torso. A post-mortem examination would later determine either the second or third shot killed him.

The jury that acquitted Mr Rolfe heard that he acted in good faith, in the reasonable performance of his duties and in the defence of himself and his policing partner in firing his gun after being stabbed.

The ABC reported that Mr Rolfe's dismissal may be linked to his 2,500-word open letter, which was published online in February.

In it Mr Rolfe claimed he would have 'got a medal' for his actions if the incident had occurred in another state. 

The letter was critical of police leadership and the continuing coronial inquest into Mr Walker's death. 

Meanwhile, Mr Rolfe's father, Robert Rolfe, called out Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker, saying the territory's top cop 'must go'.

Mr Rolfe claimed a 'petty vendetta' led to his son's dismissal.  'We cant allow Chalker to keep on getting rid of good police officers,' Mr Rolfe told Sky News Australia.

Mr Rolfe sr also claimed 'the government have now lost confidence in Chalker'.



And just like that, Phillip Adams makes it about himself. "IndyWatch Feed National"

What sort of a person admits parting company over politics differences. Intolerant flog.


Vale Barry Humphries. "IndyWatch Feed National"

For me, the world will never be the same. It's well worth the effort to find a copy of this collection of Barry Humphries scripts and sketches: It was published by Currency Press in 1981. Barry created the character Lance Boyle, General Secretary of the NSW Branch of the ACU*T...


How'd the wokeness work out for you darl? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bud Light's Vice President of Marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, will be taking a leave of absence following the controversy surrounding the company's endorsement of Dylan Mulvaney. Clown World (@ClownWorld_) April 22, 2023


THE HARD NO "IndyWatch Feed National"

The naysayers of the Noalition

Author information

David Marler

David Marler

Queensland reporter at No Fibs

David is a full time Queensland carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to NoFibs.


Rupert Murdochs son Lachlan ends Australian defamation suit. ABC News (America Broadcasting Corp) "IndyWatch Feed National"

My guess is that Billionaire Lachlan Murdoch CEO of Fox and News Limited couldnt be bothered wasting his time with a small nothing Australian online media like Crikey.

ABC News (America Broadcasting Corp)

Rupert Murdochs son Lachlan ends Australian defamation suit

Fox Corp. chief executive Lachlan Murdoch has dropped his defamation lawsuit against Australian news website Crikey

ByROD McGUIRK Associated Press

April 21, 2023, 2:58 PM

CANBERRA, Australia  Fox Corp. chief executive Lachlan Murdoch on Friday dropped his defamation lawsuit against Australian news website Crikey, citing the settlement of the separate U.S. case where Fox News agreed to pay almost $800 million over its lies involving the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Media mogul Rupert Murdochs son filed the Crikey suit last August a day after executives at Crikeys publisher put their names to an ad in The New York Times inviting Lachlan Murdoch to sue to test the press freedom issue in court.

Murdochs lawsuit targeted the publisher, Private Media, its then-managing editor Peter Fray, who was al...


More truth - The Voice will make the elected government 'accountable' to The Voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

I much prefer it the way it is - government is accountable to all the people.


Government in contempt of Supreme Court ruling, re: C-19 fines "IndyWatch Feed National"

The colony has a very rich history of abuse by those in government.

In the 1800s Imperial law (No it wasnt 1788, contrary to popular belief) was established on this land, but those in government ignored it completely.

So much so that when Britain found out, the empire installed the Colonial Laws Validity Act in 1865.

While much has changed since then, some things never do, that being the illegal or unlawful behaviour of those in control of the general population.

The general population are being terrorised by those in government from many fronts.

The states premiers dictated to police, (an illegal action) to issue notices to people for so called C-19 Infringements where exorbitant amounts were listed.

The problem there was that those in government did not follow the law in order to put into place lawfully enacted infrastructure in order to issue the said fines.

MANY people have caught on via the help of social media platforms and other forums, culminating in court action against the government.

Even though the Supreme Court of New South Wales issued a ruling, the people in government have not heeded to this, therefore being in contempt.

We should all be aware if the plebs are in contempt of a court ruling, there are consequences.

Its up to you to hold them accountable and make them pay.

So far the...


Head of Norwegian Shipyard Denies Presence of Spy Equipment on Russian Trawlers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sputnik 21.04.2023

Greger Mannswerk, head of Norwegian shipyard Kimek located in the town of Kirkenes, which borders Russia, said on Friday that the shipyards employees did not find any spy equipment on board Russian trawlers, commenting on recent reports from Norwegian media.

We have a pretty good understanding of whats on board and we have never found anything to indicate that they [Russian seamen] are engaged in intelligence gathering. We cannot know if there are any [Russian] intelligence officers on board today, but no fisherman enters a Norwegian harbor without the [Norwegian] police and armed forces having a full idea of who is on board, Mannswerk was quoted as saying by the broadcaster.

This week, the media published the results of an investigation, which said that up to 50 civilian Russian ships could be involved in intelligence operations against Norway.

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Friday, 21 April


How the NZ Cabinet Learned to Stop Worrying About the Bomb and Love NATO "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Matt Robson, Green Left, April 21, 2023

Matt Robson is a former NZ cabinet minister, and served as an MP from 1996 to 2005, first as a member of the Alliance, then as a Progressive.

As Aotearoa/New Zealands Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control within the Labour-Alliance coalition government in 1999, I was mandated to promote NZs opposition to nuclear weapons and membership of aggressive military blocs such as NATO to the world. And I did.

What I did not realise at the time and should have, having read Ralph Miliband on Parliamentary Socialism was that all the top brass of the NZ military, intelligence services and the top civil servants were working overtime to assure the United States officials that NZ would eventually return to the fold (not their words of course) as a junior imperialist power in the South Pacific and supporter of US military-led alliances. And this is what is happening.

NZs anti-nuclear policy and its correlative opposition to nuclear armed military blocs was based on the 1987 Nuclear Free Zone, Disarmament and Arms Control Act, legislated by the then-Labour government, to reinforce membership of the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty or the Treaty of Rarotonga.

These strong anti-nuclear policies, which had seen New Zealand turfed out of the ANZUS military pact by its allies with Australian PM Bob Hawke being particularly insistent were forced upon the Labour government by a vibrant mass movement that had spilled over into Labours base.

Labour leaders were to cynically state that conceding an anti-nuclear position was worth it, to distract attention from the blitzkrieg that forced through the neoliberal program of wholesale privatisation, deregulation and an end to free public healthcare and education. Indeed, in the period of the anti-nuclear campaigns success, NZ suffered the implementation of the complete neoliberal agenda and roll back of the welfare state. This betrayal of the gains of the labour movement saw Labour crash in 1990 to its worst electoral defeat.

Now, Labours successors are implementing a new b...


High Court Turns Its Back on Australian Babies in Unprecedented Decision "IndyWatch Feed National"

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Making surface parking lots into solar farms "IndyWatch Feed National"

On hot days, if one parks ones car in the sun for any length of time, the temperature inside can rise to values much higher than the ambient temperature, making the interior extremely hot to the touch. This is another example of the greenhouse effect, similar to what is heating up the Earth.

Its only early April, but weve already had our first report of an infant found in a hot car in Tucson.  We talk about this every Spring and Summer in Arizona: the dangers of cars heating up in the sun.

Afternoon temperatures are about 20 to 25 degrees lower now than they will be in June, but its still hot enough to raise the temperature up to 120 degrees in about 45 minutes.

The air inside the car heats up so fast because of the greenhouse effect.  Heres what it means:
Incoming solar radiation, known as shortwave radiation, shines through the windows and is absorbed in the cars interior.

The heat released from the interior is known as longwave radiation, and is much weaker than the shortwave radiation.  The heat becomes trapped inside the car.  Heat continues to enter the car, but struggles to exit.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes for a car in direct sun light to heat up above 100 degrees when its 80 degrees outside, even if the window is cracked.  When the air temperature climbs above 100 degrees here in June, the temperature inside a car can soar above 150 degrees to 170 degrees in less than an hour.

These are dangerous temperature levels. To avoid getting back to a car whose interior is hot to the touch, most people try to find a shady spot to park but that is rarely possible.

But Michael Mechanic writes that we can turn this problem into a solution by building roofs covered with solar panels over the parking lots This would provide shade for cars while at the same time using solar energy for generating electricity rather that wasting it as thermal energy.

He has done calculations for what might be achieved with the massive parking lots at just Walmart superstores. He says that there are over 3,500 such stores in the US covering an area of 1,400 square miles. If they were all covered with solar panels, they would generate about 1.5 terawatts of energy, sufficient to power 1.25 million households. A single 1,000 space parking lot could power 100 EV charging stations and 350 nearby homes.

The transition to clean power will require massive solar expansionnot just home rooftop arrays but photovoltaic installations near population centers. Where to mount all the panels? One answer seems obvious: over parking lots, which also bake...


Do You Remember Dr Rima Laibow The Ultimate Whistle-blower? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Introduction by Dee McLachlan

Do you remember Dr Laibow? I remember seeing the 2009 Jesse Ventura interview around 2011.

Dr Laibow talks about Covid as the beta test, that all is controlled (directed) by the Rockerfeller family, and that the Bilderberg Group are merely middlemen.

Through Injunction, Injection, and Indoctrination there will be no independent thought. (Wow) The herd (people) can be culled and they will be as ineffective as Sheep rebelling at the practice of eating mutton.

A fascinating and frightening interview.

Maybe Jesse Venturas interview with Dr Laibow was in the back of my subcons...


The Real Reason We Cant Contain Gun Culture "IndyWatch Feed National"

Guns and race have shaped the news this week. In this episode of the WhoWhatWhy podcast, I talk with Emory University professor Carol Anderson, author of the new book The Second: Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America, to explore the absolute connection between race, the original sin of slavery, and Americas gun culture. 


As mass shootings and gun violence continue to plague the nation, Anderson delves into the dark history of the Second Amendment and its foundation in anti-Blackness.


Anderson reveals how African Americans were historically depicted as inherently violent, criminal, and vicious, leading to the implementation of laws that restricted their access to guns and ammunition. 


She further discusses the contentious debate between James Madison and the anti-Federalists during the ratification of the Constitution, highlighting the fear of Black retribution and the belief that white control was necessary to maintain order.


When examining the role of the Second Amendment in Americas gun culture, Anderson discusses the crucial questions and offers invaluable insights into the complex relationship between race, guns, and the countrys ongoing struggle to address gun violence. 


Its a story of the hidden history behind the Second Amendment, its lasting impact on America today, and a search for an answer to the never-resolved question as to why we cant ever seem to do anything about guns in America. 

iTunes Apple Podcasts...


Macrons tear gas tour: a photo-report from rebellious France "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Paul Cudenec

Tear gas was this week used against people in rural France protesting against the arrival of authoritarian president Emmanuel Macron.

As I witnessed for myself, the town of Ganges, in the Hrault department, was divided into two for the day in a military-style police occupation.

Combined with the states draconian use of anti-terrorist laws to ban the banging of saucepans, the overall impression is frankly alarming.

Were going straight there, into repression and dictatorship, warned trade unionist Grard, one of a thousand-strong crowd that turned out on Thursday April 20.

Macrons visit to the local middle school, ironically named after anarchist revolutionary Louise Michel, was the second stop in a national tour in which he is supposed to be making peace with the French public after months of huge protests against his pension reforms, which he ended up forcing through parliament without a vote.

But, with hundreds of tooled-up gendarmes ensuring nobody but the invited few got anywhere near him, Macrons visit to Ganges, like the previous days trip to Alsace, hardly spoke of a desire for dialogue.

He listens more to Capital than to the people, remarked Matthieu Guy, secretary-general of the CGT union in Ganges.




Australia's Solicitor-General, Dr Stephen Donaghue KC, has backed the constitutional change to give First Nations people recognition and a voice to the parliament in advice released today.

Author information

David Marler

David Marler

Queensland reporter at No Fibs

David is a full time Queensland carer for his son and in quiet times contributes to NoFibs.


Record Store Day 2023 is on this weekend so heres where to find some exclusive gems across Victoria "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Record Store Day a global celebration of the indie record store space and the largest event on any music collectors calendar is rolling into town for its 16th year on Saturday 22 April 2023.

Celebrating across the country, Record Store Day aims to spotlight and give back to the passionate folk behind the front counter, who share access, knowledge, and an undying love of the worlds best music. In doing so, a bunch of in-person Record Store Day events and activations will be held at participating stores across Australia, with many retailers offering extended trade, special deals and in-store performances amongst plenty of other fun activities.

Plus, of course, these record stores will be selling the top-tier exclusive RSD releases, in what has been called RSD Drops, to bring revenue to the stores, as well as to the artists, labels, distribution and every other business behind the scenes making record stores work.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here

This year the list boasts releases a whos who of Australian artists plucked from a range of genres, the all-star cast of RSD specials includes Peking Duk w/ Darren Hayes, Bluey, Ball Park Music, Close Counters, Confidence Man, Ella Thompson, Forest Claudette, GUM / Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Hugo Basclain, Ocean Alley, Penny Ikinger, Polish Club, Underground Lovers and Winterbourne. Youll also find exclusive RSD titles from some huge names like The 1975, Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton, Maya Hawke, Kasabian Vs The Prodigy, and stacks more even Taylor Swift!

The fun of RSD Drops though is that not every store has everything because these are, after all, limited editions. Stores wont know what theyve got until a day or so before, when they open their boxes, so the best way to find out what a store has is to say close to their website and social media and to check out the online store.

Heres where to celebrate Record Store Day 2023


Popcultcha Records

For those real keen on celebrating Record Store Day we suggest heading on down to the brand new record store this Saturday to grab some awesome records and check out some wicked live music! Popcultcha will be celebrating with exclusive vinyl, live music, and good times with this entirely free event. Performances from Daisy Kilbourne, Isabelle Khalife, and Hassall.

The store will swing open the doors at 9am so head in early to score some rare gems.

Address: 96-98 Ryrie Street, Geelong, VIC, Australia, Victoria
Time: 9am for records, 10am Daisy Kilbourne + 12pm Isabella Khalife + 2pm Hassall

Bad Neighbour Records

Celebrating Record Store Day for the...


Shop hand-picked homewares, gifts and more at Jade and May, a beautiful boutique in Geelong "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Bamboo pyjama sets, delicate handmade ceramics, soft linen pillowcases, beautifully illustrated books and cookbooks with drool-worthy recipes from around the world are all on the shelves at Jade and May, Newtowns small-batch homewares, clothing, gift and accessories store that captures the essence of handmade, thoughtful and beautiful design. 

Theres a lot of love about Jade and May, a business born from a simple passion to celebrate makers from as far away as Mexico to as close to home as Belmont.

Stay up to date with whats happening within the regions art scene here


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Nuclear power too costly for Australias net zero future "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Nuclear power plant costs need sharp fall to help Australia reach net zero target, a study finds. By NICK EVANS, RESOURCE WRITER 19 Apr 23 more 19 Apr 23

The price of building nuclear power plants would need to fall dramatically for it to find a place in Australias decarbonisation strategy, and carbon capture will need to play a major role in the nations net-zero economy alongside a staggering increase in the rate of renewable energy generation.

Those are among the findings of final modelling in a major expert study of Australias path to net zero carbon emissions, conducted by interdisciplinary teams from the University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland, Princeton Universitys Andlinger Centre for Energy and Environment, and Nous Group.

The expert group, Net Zero Australia, will release its final modelling on Wednesday, saying the country needs to triple the capacity of the National Electricity Market by the end of the decade to be on track to reach the commitment of being net zero by 2050.

Net Zero Australia released its interim modelling in August last year, after a multi-year effort to model Australias possible paths to a near-zero carbon economy, which suggested the country w...


All aboard, Hi Sushi is opening a sushi train restaurant in Geelong this year "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Hop on board local foodies, looks like Geelong is getting a sushi train this year, giving us a brand new way to feast on Japanese dishes including sushi, sashimi and more.

The exciting news is courtesy of Hi Sushi, Geelongs first stop for quality Japanese cuisine. Serving high-quality new sushi varieties and extended Japanese traditional hot food, Hi Sushi has venues all across the regional city, with locations in Waurn Ponds, Geelong CBD, Leopold and Corio. No matter which location you choose to dine at, you will always be greeted by friendly and attentive staff in a warm and vibrant atmosphere and a guarantee of delicious, fresh dishes.

Keep up with the latest food and booze news across the region here.

Now the beloved local chain is gifting us a new destination venue with the forthcoming Hi Sushi Hi Bar Sushi Train, opening in Bell Park this year. Located at 199 Thompsons Road, the new dining spot will transform the well-recognised pink restaurant, previously home to Le Thai Chef Restaurant (next to the Post Office and opposite 7/11.

Check out the exterior signage below thats been exciting locals for the past five or so months, captured by the Instagram account New To North Geelong.


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Mission Australia: Climate Anxiety is Causing Youth Mental Health Problems "IndyWatch Feed National"

According to Mission Australia, climate anxiety is a leading cause of mental health issues in young people.


The Pilgrimage of European politicians to Beijing, a sign of accelerating the transformation of the world order "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pilgrimage to Beijing of European politicians.

The first two weeks of April this year were a time of pilgrimage to the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) by European politicians of various ranks, representing some of the continents leading states as well as trans-European structures. This in itself turned out to be one of the signs indicating the acceleration of the process of change that has recently been taking place both in the world as a whole and in the group of countries designated by the (increasingly conventional) term generalized West.

No less representative of the fact that the world order as a whole is already at the stage of another radical reformatting is the increasingly obvious conventionality of the terminology used, which until recently seemed to reflect certain political realities more or less adequately. In particular, several elements accompanying European trips to China involuntarily provoke the question: What, in fact, are we talking about when the word Europe is used?

The same elements superimposed on the long-standing conflicts in transatlantic relations, the outwardly strange events and circumstances that accompanied the recent visit to Ireland of the American president, make legitimate the broader formulation of this question, namely: What realities do the mentioned term generalized West reflect? Moreover, it seems that the already aggravated situation on the territory of the current leader of the latter, i.e. the United States, provokes the question: who, in fact, does the current American administration represent in the international arena?

The answer to this question must be in the exclusive competence of the American people, who will do without prompting or, all the more so, help from outside. Lets wish them success in this. If only because during their short and controversial history the Americans have created a specific culture (in the broa...


What We Become: The Reformation of Kisschasy "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The same year Queens of the Stone Age dropped their third and most thrilling album, Songs for the Deaf, Darren Cordeux, Joel Vanderuit, Sean Thomas, and Karl Ammitzboll banded in Melbourne as childhood germ-sharing game Kisschasy

The band released three studio albums, United Paper People, Hymns for the Non-Believer, and Seizures, two EPs, a documentary DVD and a compilation album. They were regulars on the live music front, playing Australian flagship music festivals Big Day Out and Groovin the Moo, and they received several award nominations including winning the Channel V Oz Artist of the Year in 2009.

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

On 17 July 2015, Kisschasy announced their breakup, putting it down to their individual music crossroads, embarking on their final national tour and kissing goodbye to their fans and the songs that shaped a mass of disgruntled Gen (wh)ys. 

That was until our favourite alternative festival, Good Things, resuscitated them last year and sparked another Australian Tour this May.

Were pretty excited. Its been a long time since weve done some proper touring. We got the appetite going after Good Things so its really cool to be able to have another go around, comments bassist Joel Vanderuit.

Initially it had all come up in, I think, 2020 which was the 15th anniversary of United Paper People coming out so originally we had a promoter approach us out of nowhere offering if we wanted to tour the record which sounded cool but obviously what happened, happened in 2020 and on and on. During that time of rescheduling and assessing the way forward, Good Things came to us they must have heard through the grapevine that we were talking to someone else about doing the show and allowed us to come out to do a festival. It seemed like the perfect way to ease our way back into live music again.



No-ethics Case, Part 3: The Police Officer Is Not On Trial Mr ODea, You Are "IndyWatch Feed National"

(R) Shakespeare theatre gallery

by Dee McLachlan (a supporter of justice and truth; a supporter of children being able to live free from abuse and encouraged to flourish in an environment of love and joy)

I was up at 4:00am yesterday to catch at flight to Brisbane to attend the last mention or hearing before the trial of THE KING v PATRICK FINBAR MCGARRY ODEA, WILLIAM RUSSELL MASSINGHAM PRIDGEON, ANN KATHLEEN GREER AND ORS. I was not disappointed with the theatre.

We were in another courtroom this time,...


Therapeutic Albanese pretty happy about his Vanity Voice . "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Solicitor General's advice makes it clear that the Voice will strengthen our democracy. Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) April 21, 2023


Pulley are heading to Geelong as part of first Australian tour in almost 20 years "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fans of Southern California skate-punk and the days of Punk-O-Rama compilations should be marking their calendars because Pulley, the trailblazing maestros who brought us songs like Cashed In and Gone, are set to ignite Australia ablaze as they return down under for the first time in almost 20 years.

Pulley Australian Tour

NOV 03 Hamilton Station, Newcastle, NSW
NOV 04 Marrickville Bowling, Sydney, NSW
NOV 06 Stay Gold, Melbourne, VIC
NOV 07 Barwon Club, Geelong, VIC
NOV 09 Crown and Anchor, Adelaide, SA
NOV 10 Vinnies Dive, Gold Coast, QLD
NOV 11 Bad Luck, Brisbane, QLD

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You cant talk about skate punk without mentioning the California punkers influence on the genre. Formed in 1994, theyve built a strong cult following over the last 30 years, releasing five full-length records on legendary label Epitaph records.

THE GOLDEN LIFE, Pulleys latest release on SBAM records showcases the best parts of who they have become as a band. With songs like Repeat Offender, a high-energy opening track sure to welcome a sing-along, and the albums single, Golden Life, the So-Cal Kings of Skate-Punk are ready to remind fans that they are not only back but back better than ever. 

Tickets are on sale now here.

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James Reyne + Ella Hooper "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Hooper explains, When James came to me with this idea I was like hell yeah! Ive always adored that song, its got such a lovely, laconic feel to it and its such a unique Australian song too.

James Reyne and Ella Hooper tour


  • May 26  Theatre Royal Hobart TAS
  • May 27 Adelaide Festival Centre Adelaide SA


  • June 1 The Tivoli Brisbane QLD
  • June 2  The Tivoli Brisbane QLD
  • June 4 Miami Marketta Gold Coast QLD
  • June 9 Anitas Theatre Thirroul NSW
  • June 10 Enmore Theatre Sydney NSW
  • June 17 Palais Theatre Melbourne VIC
  • June 23 Empire Theatre Toowoomba QLD
  • June 30 Freo Social Fremantle WA


  • July 1 Astor Theatre Perth WA
  • July 15 Ulumbarra Theatre Bendigo VIC
  • July 22 Ballarat Civic Hall Ballarat VIC


  • August 4 Darwin Entertainment Centre Darwin NT
  • August 11 Townsville Regional Entertainment Centre Townsville QLD
  • August 12 Tanks Arts Centre Cairns QLD
  • August 18 Drifters Wharf Gosford NSW
  • August 19 Toronto Hotel Toronto NSW

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Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.20 AUD

Oversized blazers are the new workwear staple. Heres how to style yours "IndyWatch Feed National"

The oversized proportions are tricky. Heres how to look chic and put together, rather than drowning in your jacket.

What should you wear to work? The answer is, likely, an oversized blazer.

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The KO Creative Studio is hosting a makers market in Newtown this weekend "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Located in Newtown, the natural light-filled space at The KO Creative Studio aims to provide an environment for creatives and small businesses to work, connect and be inspired. With a photography studio, an events/gallery space for workshops and classes, and a co-working space, The KO is all about driving the innovation and development of the local community, through creative collaboration.

One such way that we adore is through The Kos market, happening at the studio in Newtown on Sunday, 23 April from 9:30am to 2:30pm.

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Ex-top spy admits Hunter Biden laptop letter designed to influence 2020 election, Blinken involved "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ex-top spy admits Hunter Biden laptop letter designed to influence 2020 election, Blinken involved | 20 April 2023 | A former acting CIA director has admitted to Congress that he organized the letter that falsely portrayed Hunter Biden's laptop as Russian disinformation in an effort to influence the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden and that he did so at the direction of current Secretary of State Antony Blinken, according to a letter released Thursday by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan. The extraordinary admission by career intelligence officer Michael J. Morell provides stunning evidence that the now-infamous letter from 51 security officials in October 2021 was not an organic intelligence community initiative but rather a political dirty trick originating with Blinken and the Biden campaign. Jordan sent a letter demanding Blinken answer a series of questions about Morell's stunning testimony, as lawmakers weighed the enormity of America's top diplomat being willing to accuse a nuclear-armed superpower of interfering in the 2020 election without evidence. That letter included major snippets of Morell's testimony. Morell, who retired as deputy CIA director after a long and storied career and served as its acting chief, was on the short list in fall 2020 to be Biden's CIA director when he became involved in the letter. He ultimately did not receive the job.


Poetry can already be free "IndyWatch Feed National"

Theres a regime of logic that we can call Australia, that we can say on many fronts is also a fiction. Any poem that meets Australia within its logic, taking it at face value, will be boring and it might be competent. If you use an AI app, it will definitely be competent AND boring materially, but conceptually itll be amazing, in that it met evil (management speak/the invisible hand/terra nullius) with cunning, with another kind evilamoral, not immoral.

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NSW Liberals doomed - Opposition leader more left than Kean elected. #nswpol "IndyWatch Feed National"

Just when you thought it could get no worse ... it has. Mark Speakman, an entitled and severely out of touch lawyer, has been elected NSW Opposition Leader and Leader of the Liberals. Speakman is a committed, extreme leftist. Worst than Kean. Speakman is a former Attorney General who spent...


Andrews Government must stop jailing 12 year old kids and #RaiseTheAge to at least 14 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Keeping the age of criminal responsibility as low as 12 would be a cop-out and a failure by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes for the children locked up behind bars, and the children who will be exposed to the criminal legal system in the future.

Raising the age to 14 is the absolute bare minimum reform the Andrews Government must make. Anything less than 14 will continue to be an abject failure by the Andrews Government to uphold the human rights of children and young people in Victoria.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, health, legal, youth, community and human rights organisations call on Premier Andrews to act on the recommendations provided from numerous parliamentary inquiries, United Nations benchmarking, medical advice, and Aboriginal experts, and raise the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14.

No 12 year old child should grow up in prison.

12 and 13-year-olds should be finishing primary school and starting high school. They should be in our schoolyards and with their families, not locked up behind bars. Prison has devastating and lifelong impacts on childrens and young peoples health, development, mental health and wellbeing.

Evidence shows that the earlier a child is locked up in jail, the more the child is at risk of being entrenched in the justice system and re-offending later in life.

Instead of locking up kids in prison, Premier Andrews and the Victorian Government should fund community-led solutions which keep the community safe and has better outcomes for children.

Todays decision is a betrayal of Victorias children, especially those who have been victims of poverty, violence and abuse.

As a campaign made up of 100+ organisations and over 65,700 Victorians, we will not stop demanding change until the Andrews Government takes action to raise the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14 years old.

Quotes from Cheryl Axleby, Co-Chair, Change the Record:  

If the Victorian government announces an increase to the age of criminal responsibility to 12, it will not make any real difference to the already high and unacceptable rates of Aboriginal youth overrepresentation in the legal system. We advocate strongly that the Victorian government commit to raising the age to 14, particularly as the Federal government has committed $81.5 million to justice reinvestment. There is now no excuse whatsoever why all state and territory governments do not now support Aboriginal led designed and delivery of culturally responsive diversionary programs to break the intergenerational cycle of incarceration for our younger generations."

Quotes from Nerita Waight, CEO of Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service:  

The Premier said he had a responsibility to be the most......


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why Sudans Conflict Matters to the Rest of the World

Associated Press

A destroyed military vehicle is seen in southern in Khartoum, Sudan, Thursday, April 20, 2023. The latest attempt at a cease-fire between the rival Sudanese forces faltered as gunfire rattled the capital of Khartoum. Through the night and into Thursday morning, gunfire could be heard almost constantly across Khartoum. (AP Photo/Marwan Ali)

Fighting in Sudan between forces loyal to two top generals has put that nation at risk of collapse and could have consequences far beyond its borders.

Both sides have tens of thousands of fighters, foreign backers, mineral riches and other resources that could insulate them from sanctions. Its a recipe for the kind of prolonged conflict that has devastated other countries in the Middle East and Africa, from Lebanon and Syria to Libya and Ethiopia.

The fighting, which began as Sudan attempted to transition to democracy, already has killed hundreds of people and left millions trapped in urban areas, sheltering from gunfire, explosions and looters.

A look at what is happening and the impact it could have outside Sudan.


Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan, head of the armed forces, and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, the leader of a paramilitary group known as the Rapid Support Forces that grew out of Darfurs notorious Janjaweed militias, are each seeking to seize control of Sudan. It comes two years after they jointly carried out a military coup and derailed a transition to democracy that had begun after protesters in 2019 helped force the ouster of longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir. In recent months, negotiations were underway for a return to the democratic transition.

The victor of the latest fighting is likely to be Sudans next president, with the loser facing exile, arrest or death. A long-running civil war or partition of the Arab and African country into rival fiefdoms are also possible.

Alex De Waal, a Sudan expert at Tufts University, wrote in a memo to colleagues this week t...


Financial Isolation: Your Way Forward "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Earlier this week, my wife, my three-year-old son, and I headed to Barwite in the north-eastern part of Victoria to spend a few days living in a farm cottage. It was a short stay, but we experienced quite a bit. The heavy rain on the first two days of our stay prevented us from checking out the property. However, as the rain cleared and the Sun came out, we walked around the fields and checked out the poultry shed, the greenhouse vegetable garden, and the small orchard that belonged to our host. They generously gave us some of their produce, including organic free-range eggs, ox-heart tomatoes, pears, apples, lemons, and cucumbers.

While the four days we stayed werent adequate for us to immerse into the life of a self-sufficient farmer, we observed how the couple who hosted us seemed quite detached from the worries and fears that many living in a big city face or worry over.

Perhaps Im exaggerating a bit in saying that they were completely aloof to the world, but my conversations with them led me to believe that their interest was closer to home, and they seemed to like it that way.

For those of us who live in the big city, were constantly trying to keep up with the pace of society and our peers is our job secure, can we pay the rent or mortgage, what do people think about the house we live in or the car we drive, whats the latest gadget or fashion to pursue, and when will we see that slimeball political party get voted out of power?

Out in a rural setting, the key concerns are the weather and whats happening in the field what crops to plant, are there any animals giving birth/sick/threatened/dying, when should we rotate our fields and crops, and what do we need to build/repair around the place? Im sure they may share some interests with the city folk, but theyre likely to have more pressing issues to attend to. And those who run a farm are likely to have more direct control over their food supply and hence their livelihood.

So, why am I talking about this? Am I advocating that we all pack up our bags, put our belongings into boxes, buy a rural property, and be a farmer?

Not at all.

But I want to take the chance to talk about how you can regain independence, and thereby control of your lives.

Isolationist thinking and financial independence

Our desire for convenience could cause us to become dependent on society and the system.

Of course, this isnt necessarily a bad thing. After all, not everyone is born to be able to plant crops and raise animals to feed oneself, or to be able to make every tool or item necessary for our living. Its through mutual cooperation that societies were formed, and humankind developed to become civilised, allowing subsequent generations to thrive.

However, weve reached a point where were seeing the accumulated flaws of humankind become an existential threat to us all.



Winyama is mapping out success "IndyWatch Feed National"

WINYAMA Digital Solutions have put their name firmly on the map after taking home both the Business of the Year award and the Indigenous Excellence award at the 2023 Telstra Best of Business Awards ceremony in Naarm (Melbourne) last month. 

Founded by Ngarluma Traditional Owner, Andrew Dowding, the Boorloo (Perth)- based company is an Indigenous- owned business specialising in cultural mapping, heritage mapping, IT consulting and geospatial consulting services. 

The genesis of Winyama really came about from the experience I had in working on Country with Elders, as part of our Native Title Organisation, the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation, Mr Dowding told the Koori Mail. 

I could see at the time mapping was an important part of the work we were doing at the corporation, and so I found myself working with a lot of Elders who wanted to do


Dark Mofo expands 2023 program, announces more tickets for sold-out shows "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Marking the festivals tenth iteration, Dark Mofo is returning from June 8 to 22, showcasing a range of international acts across two huge weeks. Following a massive demand in tickets sales in its first week, festival organisers have now announced new shows and a slew of venue upgrades to increase capacity for the festivals most popular shows.

The exploration of darkness is key to our identity as a festival, but at the heart of Dark Mofo is powerful ritual, collectivity and transformation, said Art Program Curator and Senior Producer Dexter Rosengrave.

Were really excited by these new additions to the program because they elicit an individual response that communally exalts us all, they said.

Dark Mofo 2023

  • New shows including TRANCE by Tianzhou Chen, and Community of Grieving by Zosia Houbowska and Julia Giertz
  • More tickets on sale for Trentemller, NYX x DO.OMYOGA, and Laterne by Berlin Atonal
  • Dark Mofo runs 822 June in Nipaluna/Hobart.

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Dark Mofo reveals 2023 program featuring Thundercat, a Winter Feast, motocross and nude solstice swim

With an already impressive list of performers, including Thundercat, Ethel Cain, Sleaford Mods, Trentemller, HEALTH, Sonic Youths Lee Ranaldo, Laurel Halo, King Woman, Drab Majesty, Eartheater, Witch and Molchat Doma, Dark Mofo has now secured a new participatory event for the festival, TRANCE, by Berlin-based Chinese artist ...


Wallams sights set on World Cup "IndyWatch Feed National"

STAR Queensland Firebirds goal-shooter Donnell Wallam is making a case for Diamonds Netball World Cup selection despite her teams winless start to the Super Netball season.

The Nyoongar woman is confident that despite the Firebirds predicament it wont impact her chances of winning selection for Australia for the key tournament in South Africa. 

Netballs 16th World Cup will be held entirely at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from July 28August 6. 

Wallam, 29, has been a shining light for the Firebirds, who have struggled to put together four quarters in four games this season. 

Wallam sits third in goals scored behind Jamaican representative duo Jhaniele Fowler and Shimona Nelson and tops the Super stats for offensive rebounds. 

Diamonds coach Stacey Marinkovich will name her squad at the end of the domestic season for the July-August tournament in Cape Town, where Australia will look to wrest back the trophy from


Moody Beaches are heading out on a national tour in support of new album Acid Ocean "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

<p><p><p><p>Melbournes fierce post-punk / grunge trio Moody Beaches have unveiled their new record Acid Ocean, out now via Poison City Records / Beast Records (France) and to celebrate, theyre heading out on a national tour across April, May and June before jetting over to Europe in July for a string of shows.</p> <p>Locally theyll head to Castlemaine, Melbourne and Bendigo and for the tour have enlisted a suite of stand-out special guests for the tour, including The Dacios, Porpoise Spit, Second Idol, The Belair Lip Bombs, K5 and plenty more.</p> <h3>Moody Beaches <em>Acid Ocean</em> National Tour</h3> <p><strong>Friday 28 April</strong><br> The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine<br> w/ Jess Parker & Band

Friday 12 May
The Servo Food Truck Bar, Wollongong
w/ Chimers   <strong><br></strong></p> <p><strong>Saturday 13 May</strong><br> Union Hotel, Sydney<br> w/ Second Idol</p> <p><strong>Saturday 20 May</strong><br> The Nightcat, Melbourne<br> w/ The Dacios + Porpoise Spit</p> <p><strong>Saturday 27 May</strong><br> Trash Cult, Bendigo<br> w/ Affordable Repayments + K5</p> <p><strong>Friday 9 June</strong><br> Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast<br> w/ The Belair Lip Bombs + Hott Sexx</p> <p><strong>Saturday 10 June</strong><br> Bearded Lady, Brisbane<br> w/ Deaf Cult + Hott Sexx</p> <p><strong>Sunday 11 June</strong><br> Sonic Sherpa, Brisbane<br> <strong>Free</strong></p> <p class="m_4495824416800964623size-15" lang="x-size-15"> <strong>Friday 28 Sunday 30 June</strong><br> Binic Festival, France</p> <p class="p1"><b><i>Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>.</i></b></p> <p>Recorded by Andrew Hehir at Soundpark and mixed by Sam Lowe, Acid Ocean is a potent 10-track serve of harmony-driven and brooding, fuzzed-out anthems, with cutting lyrical themes touching on social and economic injustices, invisibility as we age, and the numbing from modern life.</p> <p>Simultaneously, the album leans into joy, celebrating the strange delights of everyday life, and finding simple pleasures in imperfect moments.</p> <p>Moody Beaches have already shared three singles from Acid Ocean the thunderous album icebreaker Crowded World, the inherently introspective portrait of self-doubt and criticism, Counting Reasons, and the subdued slow burner, Golden Days.</p> <div> <p class="m_4495...


The Beautiful Monument announce Misery Loves Company Tour "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>They say misery loves company, but there will be nothing but smiles and emphatically good times this June when Melbourne post-hardcore dynamos The Beautiful Monument bring their renowned high-energy stage presence around Australia for their Misery Loves Company headline tour.</p> <p>Celebrating their recent single <em>Hellbound</em> and plenty more with visits to Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and, for the first time ever, Perth, The Beautiful Monument will also be joined by Newcastle rockers Eat Your Heart Out and Sydney pop punks Headstrong.</p> <h3>The Beautiful Monument Australian Tour</h3> <p>THURSDAY 22 JUNE 2023 BLACK BEAR LODGE, BRISBANE<br> FRIDAY 23 JUNE 2023 HAMILTON STATION HOTEL, NEWCASTLE<br> SATURDAY 24 JUNE 2023 FACTORY FLOOR, SYDNEY<br> THURSDAY 29 JUNE 2023 NORTHCOTE SOCIAL, MELBOURNE<br> FRIDAY 30 JUNE 2023 LUCYS LOVE SHACK, PERTH*</p> <p>*Eat Your Heart Out & Headstrong not appearing

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>.</i></b></p> <p>TBM has entered a fierce new era that we cant wait to share with everyone, shares The Beautiful Monument vocalist Lizi Blanco. We have a few surprises and a heavy hitting show coming your way this June on our Misery Loves Company Tour!</p> <p>What is Misery without the company of our friends Eat Your Heart Out and Headstrong! We couldnt be happier to be hitting the road with these two amazing bands and bringing Australia a tour they never knew they needed.</p> <p>Dedicated to the mantra its okay to not be okay throughout their career, The Beautiful Monument bring an elegant and energetic breath of fresh air to the Australian music scene. Fluctuating between raw and emotional lyricism, potent arrangements and an extensive sonic repertoire that spans alt-rock, flashes of punk, electronic hues, stirring anthems, vehement ballads and beyond, a visit with The Beautiful Monument, whether in person or via one of their many releases, is one that invariably stays with you long after the music has faded away.</p> <p>Already armed with two critically acclaimed albums, 2017s <em>Im The Sin </em>and 2019s <em>Im The Reaper</em>, The Beautiful Monument have consistently commanded attention since emerging in 2015, becoming repeatedly in-demand in a live setting, including recent appearances alongside Sleeping With Sirens and Void Of Vision, and upcoming performances with Escape The Fate in Melbourne this weekend and at UNIFY Off The Record in Adelaide this May.</p> <p>With their fan-favourite track <em>Give Up</em> curre...</p>


Government report calls for increasing Jobseeker and Youth Allowance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed From Victoria

Despite the release of Labors own report calling on a substantial lift to Jobseeker and Youth allowance payments, the Albanese government seems to be in no mood to listen. The report calls for a boost in rental assistance, and it argues that there must be a change in thinking of the definition of full employment. It currently refers to anyone who has worker an hour in the week of the used unemployment survey.

The reason given for the assessment by the Economic Advisory Committee, which had been briefed to find ways of lifting economic participation, is that Jobseeker and youth allowance payments have fallen so far below a liveable income that they constitute a barrier to finding work and inclusion. Raising these payments to overcome these barriers requires a 40 percent increase. This would mean living on $80 a day instead of $40.

A similar argument applies to the single parent allowance and the age pension.

According to government estimates, the called for changes would cost $34 billion. Treasurer Jim Chalmers has ruled out making any commitments and goes on to say, that the priority for the government is paying the $1 trillion debt it inherited.

When the cost of the benefit increase is compared to the intended $250 billion stage three tax cuts to the highest income earners, it is put into the proper perspective. It is not so much. Add to this the whopping $368 billion price tag for the nuclear submarine the government is buying.

This difference in the treatment of the wealthiest and the poorest is in line with that of the previous Scott Morrison government. The wealthiest are looked after, even if its at the expense of the poorest. The tax...


"IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica" "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p><p>Welcome to <a href= "" rel= "nofollow noopener" style="color: #ff0000;" title= "This link will take you away from">The Daily Wrap Up</a>, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/20/23).<br> As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.<br> (<a href= ""></a>)(<a href=""></a>)<br><br> <br> <br> Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)<br> <br> <br> <br> <a href= "">Exclusive: FBI Agents Accuse CIA of 9/11 Coverup</a><br> <a href= ""> Att B. 2021-07-20 Mr. Canestraro Declaration, dated 20 July 2021</a><br> <a href= "">Bombshell filing: 9/11 hijackers were CIA recruits - The Grayzone</a><br> <a href= ""> Not Just Azov: Documents Prove The CIA Has Been Cultivating Fascism In Ukraine Since At Least 1948</a><br> <a href= ""> January 6th Was Always A Very Clear Government Operation & Important TN Bill/Dioxin Follow Up
New Tab
(26) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: "@macroaggressio3 Isn't this offensive to the non-binary crash dummies? #DummyRightsAreHumanRights" / Twitter
(26) Ghost of Gary Plauch on Twitter: "@TLAVagabond Wait. Is she claiming there are physical differences between men and women?" / Twitter</a><br> <a href= "">(26) Kim Iversen on Twitter: "The anti-trans agenda is the new #MeToo movement. At first it made sense and many of us agreed, now it's just going way too far. Are you against kids being indoctrinated and women competing against biological males, or are you now just against ALL trans people in public?" / Twitter&l...


Class action over Optus data breach "IndyWatch Feed National"

A law firm has issued proceedings against Optus on behalf of current and former customers whose personal information including key identity documents were compromised in the September 2022 data breach.

The statement of claim, lodged in the Federal Court by Slater and Gordon, accuses Optus of breaching privacy, telecommunication and consumer laws as well as the companys internal policies by:failing to protect or take reasonable steps to protect customers personal information from unauthorised access or disclosure; failing to destroy or de-identify former customers personal information, and; failing to ensure that only those who had a legitimate reason for having access to customers personal information could access it.

Contractual obligations to customers

Optus has also been accused in the class action of breaching contractual obligations to customers along with its duty of care to ensure customers did not suffer harm arising from the unauthorised access or disclosure of their personal information.

It is claimed such harm was reasonably foreseeable if customer data was compromised.

Group members are seeking compensation for losses the data breach caused, including time and money spent replacing identity documents in addition to other measures to protect their privacy and prevent the increased likelihood of them falling victim to scams and identity theft.

They are also seeking damages for non-economic losses such as distress, frustration and disappointment.

10 million customers compromised 

Optus announced on 22 September last year that the personal information of up to 10 million of its current and former customers had been compromised in a cyberattack. The telco revealed that information including customer names, dates of birth, phone numbers and email addresses were accessed by, and/or disclosed to, an unknown number of unauthorised persons.

For a subset of customers, their addresses, ID document numbers such as drivers license, Medicare cards and/or passport numbers had also been compromised. The personal information of more than 10,000 customers was subsequently published online when ransom demands were made.

Slater and Gordon Class Actions Practice Group Leader Ben Hardwick described what occurred as an extremely serious privacy breach both in terms of the number of people affected and the nature of the information that was compromised. Very real risks were created by the disclosure of this private information that Optus customers had every right to believe was securely protected by their telecommunications and internet provider.

Information made accessible put affected customers at a higher risk

The type of information made accessible put affected customers at a higher risk of being scammed and having their identities stolen, and Optus should have had adequate measures i...


Market Talk April 20, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"



Singapores March non-oil domestic exports (NODX) shrank 8.3% year-on-year, official data showed on Monday, though the drop was smaller than the previous month and less than forecast. On a seasonally adjusted month-on-month basis, NODX increased 18.4%, Enterprise Singapore data showed, versus the prior months 8.2% decline. Economists had forecast 1.7% growth. The trade reliant city-state has now recorded six consecutive months of year-on-year contraction in the NODX, amid concerns over the economic outlook. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) left its monetary policy settings unchanged last week, even though the inflation rate remains elevated, reflecting policy makers concerns about its growth outlook.


The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today:

  • NIKKEI 225 increased 50.81 points or 0.18% to 28,657.57
  • Shanghai decreased 3.10 points or -0.09% to 3,367.03
  • Hang Seng increased 29.21 points or 0.14% to 20,396.97
  • ASX 200 decreased 3.30 points or -0.04% to 7,362.20
  • Kospi decreased 11.97 points or -0.46% to 2,563.11
  • SENSEX increased 64.55 points or 0.11% to 59,632.35
  • Nifty50 increased 5.70 points or 0.03% to 17,624.45



The major Asian currency markets had a mixed day today:

  • AUDUSD increased 0.0036 or 0.54% to 0.67490
  • NZDUSD decreased 0.00104 or -0.17% to 0.61876
  • USDJPY decreased 0.561 or -0.42% to 134.129
  • USDCNY decreased 0.01383 or -0.20% to 6.88057


Precious Metals:

  • Gold increased 13.07 USD/t oz. or 0.66% to 2,006.33
  • Silver decreased 0.004 USD/t. oz or -0.01% to 25.254


Some economic news from last night:


PBoC Loan Prime Rate remain the same at 3.65%


Trade Balance (Mar) increased from -898.1B to -754.5B

Adjusted Trade Balance increased from -1.25T to -1.21T

Exports (YoY) (Mar) decreased from 6.5% to 4.3%


NAB Quarterly Business Confidence decreased from -1 to -4

New Zealand:

CPI (YoY) (Q1) decreased from 7.2% to 6.7%

CPI (QoQ) (Q1) decreased from 1.4% to 1.2%...


The price of lies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Rupert Murdoch.
An American citizen. David Lowe with Midjourney AI.

This week we found out that Australias most embarrassing export, Rupert Murdoch, will pay US$787.5 million to avoid having his corporation further humiliated in court for telling lies about the US election, specifically regarding Dominion voting machines.

While this is a victory, of sorts, for Murdochs enemies, there is no accompanying ruling for Fox News to tell the truth about why they settled out of court, least of all to their own viewers, and it appears they will have some or all of Dominions costs covered by libel insurance.

The prospect of a six week trial of the key Murdoch players (from both sides of the camera), and a potential $1.6 billion settlement, has been whisked away. While Dominion and their investors have had a remarkable payday, it seems unlikely that this result will do any lasting damage to Fox News, or the wider Murdoch empire. Fox News reported $2.9 billion in pro-forma earnings last year, with the company worth upward of $16 billion. Their stock price barely wavered following the announcement.

As for reputational damage, the pre-trial evidence of internal communications from within Fox has made it clear that this is not a news organisation at...


Senators make a new demand regarding FBI, Hunter Biden, Obama White House "IndyWatch Feed National"

Two GOP senators who have been investigating alleged Biden family corruption for years have stepped up their efforts. After Facebook and Twitter suppressed, to an extent, explosive revelations about Hunter Biden's laptop in October 2020, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin want more answers. Grassley and Johnson have sent a letter to Zuckerberg noting: "In October 2020, when the New York Post published articles based on evidence from Hunter Biden's laptop, many news and social media organizations inappropriately rushed to censor and discredit the initial reporting and falsely labeled it as 'disinformation.'" Mainstream media outlets have finally admitted that the information gleaned from the laptop was not Russian disinformation but was in fact real.


Farmers Crippled by Satellite Failure as GPS-Guided Tractors Grind to a Halt "IndyWatch Feed National"

Via: The Sydney Morning Herald: Tractors have ground to a halt in paddocks across Australia and New Zealand because of a signal failure in the satellite farmers use to guide their GPS-enabled machinery, stopping them from planting their winter crop.


Researchers find cryptocurrency signatures of maturity similar to equities market "IndyWatch Feed National"

Scientists at the University of Melbourne and Tsinghua University published pre-print research comparing the cryptocurrency market to traditional equities.


Archaeologists studying an enigmatic stone structure in the Saudi Arabian desert have turned up evidence of a Neolithic cultic belief "IndyWatch Feed National"

More than 260 fragments of animal bones have been found at the monument. The excavation of an enigmatic stone monument in AIUIa in Saudi Arabia is offering fresh insight into the rituals and culture of Neolithic-era peoples. Called a "mustatil," the structure is one of about 1,600 such rectangular monuments that have been recorded across northern Arabia. As part of a five-year project by the University of Western Australia and the Royal Commission for AlUla, researchers are studying one particular mustatil, dating back 7,000 years, with large slabs of sandstone encircling a long inner courtyard. Within the 140-meter (460-foot) long complex, archaeologists identified 260 fragments of animal remains, namely the skulls, horns, and teeth of domestic cattle such as goats and gazelles.


The Israel-Palestine Conflict: How the Palestinian Resistance Is Changing the Equation "IndyWatch Feed National"

When Israel launched a war against the Gaza Strip in August 2022, it declared that its target was the Islamic Jihad only. Indeed, neither Hamas nor the other Gaza-based groups engaged directly in the fighting. Nevertheless, the war then raised more questions than answers.

Israel rarely distinguishes between one Palestinian group and another. For Tel Aviv, any Palestinian Resistance is a form of terrorism or, at best, incitement. Targeting one group and excluding other supposedly terrorist groups exposes a degree of Israeli fear in fighting all Palestinian factions in Gaza all at once.

For Israel, wars in Gaza have proved progressively harder with time. For example, Israels so-called Protective Edge in 2014 was very costly in terms of losing lives among the invading troops. In May 2021, the so-called Breaking Dawn was an even bigger flop. That war unified the Palestinians and served as a strategic blow to Israel without considerably advancing Israeli military interests.

Though the Gaza groups provided the Islamic Jihad with logistical support in August 2022, they refrained from directly engaging in the fight. For some Palestinians, this was unexpected and was interpreted by some as indicative of weakness, disunity, and even political opportunism.

Nearly a year later, another war loomed following the release of harrowing footage of Israeli police senselessly beating up peaceful Palestinian worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque on the 14th day of the holy month of Ramadan. Again, like in May 2021, Palestinians rose in unison. This time, resistance groups in Gaza and, eventually, Lebanon and Syria fired rockets at Israel first.

Though Israel hit back at various targets, it is evident that Tel Aviv was disinterested in a multi-front war with Palestinians to avoid a repeat of the 2021 fiasco.

The violent and repeated Israeli military raids at Al Aqsa and limited, though deadly, attacks on Jenin, Nablus, and other parts of the West Bank were meant to achieve political capital for the embattled government of Benjamin Netanyahu. But this strategy could only succeed i...


Feathered forecast: Tech tools comb weather data for bird migrations "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ask Andrew Farnsworth about the origins of the BirdCast project, and he would describe it as ancient history. The year 1999, when the project was conceived, is a far cry from antiquity. But given how technology has helped transform the project since then, Farnsworths description might not be completely off the mark. BirdCast, in essence, is a project that tracks and forecasts bird migrations across the U.S. It uses weather radar data, in which birds also show up, to spot birds. Back when it was launched, scientists had the tedious task of manually poring through the chaotic radar data to differentiate between birds and meteorological phenomena like clouds. I used some statistical models and did some math that connects weather to migration intensity to make the forecast, Farnsworth, senior research associate at the Center for Avian Population Studies at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, told Mongabay in a video interview. The state of the art then was being able to use what was in the human brain to make the forecast. Since then, BirdCast has evolved to combine ornithology and advanced computer sciences to understand and predict bird migration patterns. The project now uses technology such as cloud computing and machine learning, which have helped make the work of researchers easier and more automated. The team at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is also currently working on combining human observations with technology like machine learning and bioacoustics to identify the species of migratory birds information that has remained elusiveThis article was originally published on Mongabay

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Australia, US to Host Largest-Ever Bilateral Exercise "IndyWatch Feed National"

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DNA shows rapid Aboriginal colonisation of E/W Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

'Historic hair samples collected from Aboriginal people show that following an initial migration 50,000 years ago, populations spread rapidly around the east and west coasts of Australia.'


Libelled by the Bot: Reputation, Defamation, and AI "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cometh the new platform, cometh new actions in law, the fragile litigant ever ready to dash off a writ to those with (preferably) deep pockets. And so, it transpires that artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, for all the genius behind their creation, are up for legal scrutiny and judicial redress. Certainly, some private citizens are getting rather ticked off about what such bots as ChatGPT are generating about them.

Some of this is indulgent, narcissistic craving you deserve what you get if you plug your name into an AI generator, hoping for sweet things to be said about you. Things get even comical when the search platform is itself riddled with inaccuracies.

One recent example stirring interest in the Digital Kingdom is a threatened legal suit against the OpenAI chatbot. Brian Hood, Mayor of Hepburn Shire Council in the Australian state of Victoria, was alerted to inaccurate accusations about bribery regarding a case that took place between 1999 and 2004. It involved Note Printing Australia, an entity of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Hood had worked at Note Printing Australia and blew the whistle on bribes being made to foreign authorities. He was never charged with the crime itself. However, answers generated by ChatGPT suggested otherwise, including the claim that Hood was found guilty of the said bribery allegations.

In a statement provided to Ars Technica by Gordon Legal, the firm representing Hood, more details are given. Among several false statements returned by the AI bot are claims that Hood was accused of bribing officials in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam between 1999 and 2005, that he was sentenced to 30 months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of false accounting under the Corporations Act in 2012, and that he authorised payments to a Malaysian arms dealer acting as a middleman to secure a contract with the Malaysian Government.

James Naughton, a partner at Gordon Legal, is representing Hood. Hes an elected official, his reputation is central to his role, stated the lawyer. It would potentially be a landmark moment in the sense that its applying this defamation law to a new area of artificial intelligence and publication in the IT space.

In March, Hoods legal representatives wrote a letter of concern to OpenAI, demanding that they amend the outlined errors within 28 days, threatening a defamation action against the company in the event they refused to do so.

The question here is whether ChatGPTs supposedly defamatory imputations might fall within the realm of liability. T...


Sun Protection What to Know About Skin Safety "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sun protection has been a topic of conversation for generations. Everyone knows that the sun, although mood-boosting, and offering some health benefits too, can really do some damage. The saying fun in the sun isnt so fun when considering the detriments of too much sun exposure including serious diagnoses like skin cancer. Read the following useful information about sun protection and what to know about how to stay safe in the sun.

Is Sunshine Healthy?


The answer to this question is a million times YES! The sun offers health benefits like boosting our levels of vitamin D which leads to a healthier immune system. The sun also aids in amping up our mood and making us feel happier. Everyone can agree on that. There are many benefits to soaking up the sun but as with anything in life, moderation is key.

The Bad Part

The bad part about staying out in the sun too long is that the sun gives off ultraviolet rays. These are called UV rays for short. These rays are extremely powerful and contain skin-damaging effects. When exposed to the strength of UV rays for too long, your skin will suffer. Sun damage comes in the form of burnt skin, blisters, fine lines, and wrinkles, and sometimes more serious consequences such as skin cancer.

Wear Sunscreen



Climate change scandal in Australia heating up "IndyWatch Feed National"

Further significant doubts have been cast on the accuracy of global surface temperature results following the discovery that electronic thermometers in Australia have read up to 0.7C higher than traditional mercury glass units. The Australian dataset is a major component of global compilations since it provides an important guide to one of the largest land masses in the southern hemisphere. After many years of trying, local freedom of information requests from scientists have forced the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to release comparative information from the two measuring devices around Brisbane airport. It shows that automatic readings are higher 41% of the time, compared with 32% when the temperatures were the same. Electronic temperatures devices have been in general use in Australia since 1995. The guidance of the World Meteorological Organisation suggests averaging temperatures over a minute to remove corruptions caused by temporary effects such as a sudden gust of...



Link Australian Government goons killing millions of bees by pouring petrol into peoples bee hives....


On : My Rationale Explained "IndyWatch Feed National"

How to Locate Reliable Pet Insurance

When searching for a proper insurance agent, it is quite a challenging process. Just like it is with other businesses, there are many dog insurance agencies and types to select from. However, you need to know more about insurance companies and agents are not the same. Therefore, a lot of attention is required when choosing an insurance agent that is suitable for you. To help you find a good insurance agent, there are multiple steps that you can take. The first step you should take is to contact and speak directly to your prospective agent.

To meet and discuss your needs and expectations, book an interview with the agents. To help you find a suitable insurance agent, there is no better way than having a one on one conversation now! An insurance agent that is right for you is the one that is keen to listen and inquire more about your needs. However, it might be time to find a new insurance agent if the one you are talking to is only pushing for unwanted plans and policies. If you find the advice given by a particular agent uncomfortable, you can also view here for more to get details about the agency.

Do not make the mistake of paying for an agent who is hard to get along with. When looking for the proper insurance agent, you also need to discover more and observe how quickly they respond to your needs. You probably need to find another agent if the one you are talking to does not seem interested to listen or respond to your wants. Also you should not settle for an agent who keeps on pushing you to purchase more coverage even after they are already aware of your needs. It is, however, common for good agents to sometimes provide more coverage or different policy options.

It is good to find out if you can be offered with all the different types of systems that you may want by your prospective insurance agent. If, for example, you need health, auto, and homeowners insurance, it will not make any sense if you find a suitable insurance agent that only offers one of them. The other thing you need to consider is the period that the company has been into the business of selling insurance. You should not expect perfect services in case you are the first customer to that agent. On the other hand, ensure these agents have been into business for long, you can expect to get high-quality services, knowledge, and experience.


A Colossal 5.9 Million Tons Of Lithium Reserves Were Found In A Rather Sleepy Town In India "IndyWatch Feed National"

Good News Network

According to World Economic Forum, the demand for lithium is going to rise to 3 million tonnes (3.3 million tons) by 2030. Moreover, they also share that The three largest producers of lithium are Australia, Chile and China.

In a recent surprising development, a Geological Survey of India (GSI) found that there is around 5.9 million metric tons of lithium in the Reasi district in the northern union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, also known as J&K.

This survey showed that in a country where it was once believed had no deposits of lithium suddenly contains the second-largest on earth, just as much as Australia, China, Portugal, Zimbabwe, the USA, and Argentina, all put together.

Lithium is now considered one of the worlds most important and critical resources on the planet since regardless of what may seem like a lot, can be considered scarce when placed in perspective of how much the world uses up this natural resource. Thats because its used to manufacture rechargeable batteries for smartphones, computers, tablets, electric vehicles, and the like, whose number continues to increase every single year.


Russian Spies Infiltrate Tinder "IndyWatch Feed National"

Do your passions include walks on the beach, traveling, and Wilhelms tank coordinates? Germany is warning both soldiers and politicians to be wary of Russian spies who are using dating apps, namely Tinder, to gather intel. Germanys Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) told the newspaper Welt am Sonntag that members of other intelligence services (e.g. Russia) use social media to specifically establish contacts with members of the Bundeswehr.

Germanys Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution said Russian spy efforts are on par with the Cold War. However, trained young spies are looking to meet all of the men from unfriendly nations. Before the war began, Australias counter-espionage agency ASIO reported that spies from foreign nations were on popular dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. ASIO director-general Mike Burgess claimed that spies were attempting to interfere in Australias election and said that spying efforts began at the start of the pandemic. ASIO is also tracking suspicious approaches on dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. My message for any potential victims on these sites is a familiar one if it seems too good to be true, it probably is, Burgess stated.

Beautiful women are extremely effective spies and this tactic has been used throughout history. In fact, some of the gadgets used in James Bond films were inspired by the 39 female spies in Bri...


Penny Wongs World View: AUKUS All the Way "IndyWatch Feed National"

If anyone was expecting a new tilt, a shine of novelty, a flash of independence from Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wongs address to the National Press Club on April 17, they were bound to be disappointed. The anti-China hawks, talons polished, got their fill. The US State Department would not be disturbed. The Pentagon could rest easy. The toadyish musings of the Canberra establishment would continue to circulate in reliable staleness.

In reading (and hearing) Wongs speech, one must always assume the opposite, or something close to it. Whatever is said about strategic balance, dont believe a word of it; such views are always uttered in the shadow of US power. From that vantage point, Occams Razor becomes a delicious blessing: nothing said by any Australian official in foreign policy should ever be taken as independently relevant. Best gaze across the Pacific for confirmation.

In Wongs address, the ill-dressed clich waltzes with the scantily clad platitude. When Australians look out to the world, we see ourselves reflected in it just as the world can see itself reflected in us. (World, whatever you are, do tell.)

The basis for this strained nonsense is, at least, promising. Variety can, paradoxically, generate common ground. This is a powerful natural asset for building alignment, for articulating our determination to see the interests of all the worlds peoples upheld, alongside our own. Mightily aspirational, is Wong here, though such language seems pinched from the Non-Aligned Movement of the Cold War, one that Australia, US policing deputy of the Asia-Pacific, was never a part off. No informed listener would assume otherwise.

Like a lecture losing steam early, she finally gets to the point of her address: how we avert war and maintain peace and more than that, how we shape a region that reflects our national interests and our shared regional interests. It does not take long to realise what this entails: talk about rules, standards and norms where a larger country does not determine the fate of the smaller country, where each country can pursue its own aspirations, its own prosperity.

That the United States has determined the fate of Australia since the Second World War, manipulating, interfering and guiding its politics and its policies, makes this statement risible, but no less significant. We are on bullying terrain, and Wong is trying to pick the most preferable bully.

She cant quite put it in those terms, so speaks about the regional balance of power instead, with Australia performing the role of handmaiden. She dons the sages hat, consumes the shamans herbal potion, insisting that commentators and strategists have gotten it wrong to talk about great powers competing for primacy. They love a binary. And...


EDITION 799 OUT NOW! "IndyWatch Feed National"

THE footsteps of Indigenous leader and visionary land rights pioneer, Yunupingu, have left an indelible mark. 

A giant of the nation who walked in two worlds, Yunupingu has been remembered as a statesman, a remarkable artist and a national treasure. 

The former Australian of the Year died peacefully at his home, surrounded by his family and ceremonial adornments, in northeast Arnhem Land on Monday, aged 74. 

We remember him for his fierce leadership, and total strength for Yolu and for Aboriginal people throughout Australia, his family said. 

We are hurting, but we honour him and remember with love everything he has done. 

The Yothu Yindi Foundation he chaired said he was a giant of the nation whose contribution to public life spanned seven decades. 

He was first and foremost a leader of his people, whose welfare was his most pressing concern and responsibility, the foundation said. 

Yunupingu was born on June 30, 1948, in Gunyangara, on the northern tip of the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory. 

In 1963 he helped draft the first Yirrkala bark petition presented to the Australian parliament. 

An accomplished painter, singer and dancer, Yunupingu met former prime minister Robert Menzies in the 1960s and dealt with every serving Australian prime minister since Gough Whitlam. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Yunupingu was a great Australian, a national treasure and a leading figure in delivering the Uluru Statement from the Heart. 


US, Australia to Hold Largest-Ever Talisman Sabre Military Exercise "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Dave DeCamp The US and Australia will hold the largest-ever iteration of their bilateral military exercise, known as Talisman Sabre, which takes place every...

US, Australia to Hold Largest-Ever Talisman Sabre Military Exercise


Cat-egory Errors Explained? "IndyWatch Feed National"

You may recall I have occasionally treated my boyfriend like a cat, in moments of unconscious error.  Today I almost put cat food on my own plate.  Perhaps, rather than seeing my boyfriend as a simple animal, I see all humans as socially interchangeable with beasts myself included.

OK, that doesnt explain why, but at least it looks less like Im demoting my lovin man to domestic creachur status.

Corvide continues.  Paxlovid NyQuil and DayQuil are surely helping.  Science suggests the vaxxing helped, and as bad as its been I have to imagine Id be dead as fried chicken if not for that.  Still, no alternate universe view of me being foolish enough to antivax for comparison, so I admit room for error.

I spilled pop on my computer so this was made on a phone, slowly and painfully.  I wont post much til I get that resolved.  Also not answering comments much, but thanks for the support, really.

See yall later!


Because We Say So The Case for Cultural Authority "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Parents of bright children learn the futility of argument over ill-advised desires of their offspring. A daughter of fourteen who wants to go to what predictably will be a drunken fraternity party will argue that they are really nice boys and daddy, you are prejudging, It isnt fair,  you dont even know them and she will come home early and.The correct answer,  promoting her wellbeing, is No. You are not going to a frat party. Why? Because I said so. We have finished talking about it 

 While anything can be argued, certain things are known to provide better outcomes than others. This is as true of societies as of raising children. The answer equally should be Because we said so.  A healthy society enjoys a dominant culture that sets limits on behavior, especially regarding sexual expression, manners, crime, and societal obligationand enforces them. By what authority? Because we say so. Everyone then knows the rules and plays by them. 

Imposed authoritybecause we said sois essential.  It can be remarkably hard to argue against, say, pedophilia. Children are sexual beings. They play doctor, dont they? Ill show you mine if you show me yours. The only reason being fondled by a caring adult upsets a girl of six is the inculcation of out-moded Victorian, etc.  Or: Why should I not ride a city bus stark naked? We have all seen naked people. What is the problem? It is a form of political expression against prudish norms. 

The correct response to pedophilia is not legal theorizing but: Twenty years, no parole. We all know viscerally that sexual relations between adults and little girls are wrong. We know that public nudity would be unpleasant for most people. So it doesnt happen. 

Because we say so. 

Healthy societies enforce many such prohibitions. For example, when I was a stripling many moons ago, foul language was not tolerated in mixed company. Period. There was no argument. It certainly wasnt allowed on television. In high school boys never said, Fuck or shit around girls. There was no prissiness in this. The girls knew the...


Most Important Questions Now of COVID Era "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Neenah Payne The following two key questions about the COVID era must be asked and answered now: Why and how did so much go...

Most Important Questions Now of COVID Era


River, a Cinematic Love Letter to the Worlds Rushing Waterways, Debuts on Earth Day "IndyWatch Feed National"

The documentary film River, coming to theaters this Earth Day, opens with a view of a river flowing calmly between shadowed banks, shimmering with the liminal light of dusk or dawn. 

Thousands have lived without love, a quote from W.H. Auden appears over a reflected cloud bank. Not one without water. 

Yet the film that follows suggests that the line between love and need winds a meandering path. The next hour and a quarter is a visual, musical and poetic love letter to rivers, which the movie depicts as a source of both basic necessities and human dreams.

I dont think youd find anyone who didnt love a river, the films director Jennifer Peedom told EcoWatch in an interview. I think we just innately understand their importance to our survival, but also that contact to water is an essential part of our lived experience.

Rivers as Characters

River is the second film in a trilogy born of a unique collaboration between Peedom, co-writer and director Joseph Nizeti, the Australian Chamber Orchestra, its artistic director Richard Tognetti, producer Jo-anne McGowan, nature writer Robert Macfarlane and actor Willem Dafoe. The first, Mountain, released in 2017, became Australias highest-grossing documentary made in the country. River repeats Mountains weaving of classical and original music, stunning scenery and spare but evocative prose delivered in Dafoes steady voice. But unlike Mountain, which focused on terrains humans often venture to, River turned its lens on what flows to us. 

In choosing a theme for a second film, the team behind Mountain originally thought of water, but decided they needed something a bit more specific. At the same time, the 2018 to 2019 mass fish die offs in Australias Murray Darling Basin an event caused by a combination of drought, algae bloom and plunging temperatures that is sadly being repeated as the film opens brought the health of rivers and waterways into sharp focus.

We realized that river...

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