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Sunday, 02 April


Ein Leser empfahl mir dieses Paper ber KI in der ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ein Leser empfahl mir dieses Paper ber KI in der IT Security, und ich mchte die Empfehlung gerne an euch weitergeben.

Ich fasse mal zusammen: Also das mit dem Machine Learning ist ja voll unvertrauenswrdig und nicht nachvollziehbar, das kann man ja schlecht produktiv ausrollen. Aber warte, knnen wir nicht eine unvertrauenswrdige KI in einen vertrauenswrdigen, nachvollziehbaren Decision Tree reverse engineeren?

Den Schritt knnte man sogar automatisieren!

Hmm, dann ist das immer noch unvertrauenswrdig. OK, pass uff, Atze, wir setzen einfach eine Turnhalle voller Experten mit Domain Knowledge hin, die dann nur den sinnvollen, nachvollziehbaren Teil von dem Decision Tree durchlassen!1!!

Und in unserem nchsten Paper diskuitieren wir dann, wieviel mehr wir htten schaffen knnen, wenn wir die Experten direkt Regel htten schreiben lassen :-)

Ich bin mir gerade nicht sicher, ob das Paper eine Satire sein soll. Wenn ja, dann ist es jedenfalls brillant!

Our focus in this paper is on post-hoc global model interpretability for the application domain of network security problems.
Das hat ein Mensch formuliert. Nicht ChatGPT. Ich kann nur sagen: Hut ab!
However, the set of requirements that we impose on the DT explanations is non-standard and makes this a challenging problem [...] For one, we require that our new DT extraction method be model-agnostic; that is, applicable to any given black-box model. Second, we also demand that the method produces high-fidelity DT explanations; that is, DTs whose expected predictive performance is similar to that of the black-box model
Wait what? Diese Forderungen sind neu? Das hat man bislang nicht gefordert?!?
The third requirement we impose is that the extraction method also results in low-complexity DT explanations such that selected parts of the DTs are intelligible and comprehensible (i.e., easy to understand by domain experts) and accurately describe how the black-box model makes most of its decisions.
Oder, ich meine, also mal ganz unter uns jetzt, man knnte auch einfach sagen: Das mit der "KI" ist eine schlechte Idee. Wir sollten das lieber sein lassen.

Das Paper geht dann mehrere Dinge durch, die sie mit Machine Learning zu erreichen versucht haben, z.B. VPN-Traffic von Nicht-VPN-Traffic unterscheiden. Das hat die "KI" daran erkannt, ob das 4. Byte in der MAC-Adresse kleiner 17 ist. Dann wollten sie Heartbleed erkennen. Die KI hat das an der Lnge der Handshake-Antwort des Opfers erkannt. Das ist natrlich auch Bldsinn.

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Saturday, 01 April


Worlds Coldest BirdathonSax-Zim Bog XC Skiing Virtually Live 33 S3E8 "IndyWatch Feed National"

January 2023: Join Sparky in Grand Marais on the Friends of Sax-Zim Bog BRRRRdathon-Worlds Coldest Birdathon. Long-tailed Ducks, Bohemian Waxwings. We also answer some of your questions about Sax-Zim Bog including Why arent there more owls this winter? Also we cross-country ski on the only ski trails in the Sax-Zim Bog.


Inglorious Inertia: The Albanese Government And Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed National"

The sham that is the Assange affair, a scandal of monumental proportions connived in by the AUKUS powers, shows no signs of abating. Prior to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese assuming office in Australia, he insisted that the matter dealing with the WikiLeaks publisher would be finally resolved. It had, he []

The post Inglorious Inertia: The Albanese Government And Julian Assange appeared first on


Billy Bragg on Albanese's socialism. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Socialism, brought to you by private jet.


Fabric of America Torn in Divide and Conquer Agenda "IndyWatch Feed National"

Emails from G5

Trump now lionised as one of the great world leaders. The exact opposite of the intentions of the desperate. And who of any detractors are remembered.

Lionising Trump

Lindsey Graham, HRC et al, were held and questioned by the military tribunals of Mattis and Kelly, leading to the 2018 executions for Treason of Scherff Snr. and McCain III: The D5 Letter.

I have written of the analysis of the intel-released footage of the 6 December 2018 Scherff memorial service.

Kavanaugh was specifically questioned during his appointment hearing, confirming that Military Tribunals can constitutionally operate in parallel to SCOTUS; specifically with regard to Treason and Espionage. Both were executed by lethal injection as I have written.

Neither permitted in Arlington. McCa...


Woman Who Felt Abandoned by God Dies in Hospital Room, Receives Answer From Jesus "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is a remarkable report of a near death experience that is much richer than any i have read before and the information shared adds well to what is known.

The major teaching here is just how deeply we chose our lifeway before we are born.  I was not expectiing that.  We discover lefe experiences are carried forward using even our cells which must have that super computer.

What must be noted is that we think in terms of DNA which is nice enough.  Yet every single lectron has 2400 vertices and inforamtion handling capacity and we do not understand how to integrate photon ribbons all tied into all this.

So why not just tie information forward into time in order to inform our present.  somehow our off on concept of cognition is tattered.

Woman Who Felt Abandoned by God Dies in Hospital Room, Receives Answer From Jesus

MARCH 27, 2023 PRINT



Chris Minns and Labor cannot form majority NSW Government "IndyWatch Feed National"

1 vote short, they'll be in a lockstep partnership with The Greens. Poor fella NSW.


International Day of One-Way Tolerance "IndyWatch Feed National"

Here @BillboardChris gets violently assaulted right in the middle of my interview by an enraged and completely unhinged man. #internationaldayoftransvisibility Dan Dicks (@DanDicksPFT) April 1, 2023


Ruby Blewitt's thank you to all our supporters after Ralph's lung cancer diagnosis "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thank you to everyone for your support, prayers and well wishes. Ralph's in with his cancer specialist this afternoon. We'll keep you posted about his progress, in the meantime, Ruby wanted to say thank you. (NB GOM stands for Grumpy Old Man - he might be grumpy, but he's no...


The Future of Therapy: Cat GPT "IndyWatch Feed National"

I finally signed into Chat GPT myself instead of just forcing my boyfriend to use it for me. Perhaps its for the best I went solo on this because I had an important question about our relationship. How do you feel about Chat GPTs answer?

Great American Satan:  i accidentally called my boyfriend by my cats name.  i also accidentally tried to feed him cat food.  did i do these things because i subconsciously believe he is a cat?  that would not be good.  why did i treat my boyfriend like a cat?

Chat GPT:  As an AI language model, I dont have access to your subconscious thoughts or feelings, so I cannot say for certain why you made these mistakes. However, its important to remember that accidents happen, and its possible that you simply made an innocent mistake.

Its also possible that your mind was preoccupied with your cat, and you were simply distracted when you called your boyfriend by your cats name or tried to feed him cat food. Its important to take a step back and evaluate the situation without jumping to conclusions about your subconscious thoughts or beliefs.

If youre concerned about your behavior towards your boyfriend, it may be helpful to reflect on your relationship and any underlying feelings or issues that may be causing you to act in this way. Consider talking to a trusted friend, family member, or therapist about your concerns. They can offer an outside perspective and help you work through any issues you may be experiencing.

The struggle is real.  When Mochi was alive and not feeling enthusiastic about eating, Id taken to tapping his food bowl and scooting it toward him to get his attention and trigger his tracking instinct.  One time I not only put the cat food on my boyfriends desk, I tapped it and scooted it toward him.  Just tonight I was low key busting my boyfriends chops and started to call him Hecubus.  But then, my boyfriend is what tumblrites are calling a pathetic little meow-meow.

Im running a fundraiser through April 21st!  Donate at least $3 and you can suggest a word to me that I will rhyme in a rap.  If I just get a few bucks, this rap will be a text poem.  If I reach $500 I will record myself rapping.  If I reach $600 I will do a short video.  Help cover a medical situation, thanks!



Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Poll Reveals Level of Russian Publics Confidence in Putin

The level of approval of the Russian president's work over this time has grown by 0.9 percentage points and is at 77.9%, according to a survey by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center

MOSCOW, March 31. /TASS/. The level of Russian citizens' confidence in President Vladimir Putin has increased by 1.2 percentage points in one week, reaching 80.5%, according to a survey by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center published on Friday.

The survey was conducted from March 20 to 26 among 1,600 respondents aged over 18.

"When asked about [their] confidence in Vladimir Putin, 80.5% of those polled answered positively (+1.2 percentage points over one week). The level of approval of the Russian president's work over this time has grown by 0.9 percentage points and is at 77.9%," the report noted.

The Russian governments work was approved by 52.8% of the respondents (+0.5 percentage points), while Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustins endeavors were approved by 54.5% of those polled (+1 percentage point over one week). The report specified that the prime minister is trusted by 63.4% of the respondents (+0.3 percentage points over the week).

Those surveyed also expressed their opinions about the leadership of Russias parliamentary factions. Thus, 32.5% trust CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov (-0.7 percentage points per week), Sergey Mironov, the leader of A Just Russia - For Truth, gained 31.9% (+0.5 percentage points over one week), the leader of The New People party Alexey Nechaev received 7.6% (-0.1 percentage points over the week), while LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky got 16.7% (-0.8 percentage points per week).

The level of support for the United Russia party stood at 38.8% (-0.5 percentage points over one week), with the CPRF supported by 10.5% (-0.2 percentage points over the week). The New People partys figures came to 4.4% (no changes over one week), while the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) got 8.8% (-0.2 percentage points over one we...


I feel the need to tell everyone how much I love my psych meds. "IndyWatch Feed National"

After reading some disturbing comments on Facebook, I felt the need to do my own PSA.

Of course, we are back to the gun control debate which then leads to a discussion on mental health. What disturbed me was a few people said psychiatric medications are ineffective and not the answer to mental illness. 

Um, what?

I have lived with schizoaffective disorder for most of my life, and while therapy is helpful (I go every week) a cocktail of psych meds is absolutely necessary to manage my symptoms. My mental illness is a medical condition requiring medical treatment. 

My Psych Med Story

Ive always been open about my diagnosis and story, and when I come across stigma, I just want to let everyone in. Schizoaffective disorder can be devastating, and nothing in my life would be possible without my medication. I wouldnt consider my life normal, but I function really well. Im productive and fulfilled. Nothings perfect, but Im happy.

I wish everyone could feel what Ive felt the drastic change medication made in my life. I used to experience psychosis which was very frightening and confusing. Mood symptoms were debilitating. But now Im stable and free. 

I realize medications work differently for different people, but I get a little defensive when people discredit psych meds altogether. 

Time to Educate the Masses

Question Have you ever been involved with something something very important to your life and youre frustrated and heartbroken when you realize the vast majority of people know nothing about it? I feel that way about mental health. Ive been in recovery for nearly twenty years and have worked in the mental health field for sixteen. Im very open and normally feel safe talking about my illness but its hard to remember that not everyone has the same background as me. I even encounter stigma in my own family. Obviously, I am all for education and awareness because while many people dont know much about mental health, its something that affects us all.

For a closing note on mental health even if you dont understand mental illness, just be kind.


Its Not the Shot! "IndyWatch Feed National"

With apologies to Dr Seuss

By Kim Skeltys (copyright 2023)


Its not the shot!

Its never the shot

Its not, you clot

Its not!


For if to the ground

A young bloke drops

Cause his heart

Has suddenly stopped

We dont know why

But we know what its not!


Its not the shot!

Its never the shot

Its not, you clot

Its not!


Now excess deaths

Are excessively high

Havent a clue

The reason why

But dont you dare say

That anti-vax lie!


Cause its not the shot!

Its not!


Its climate change

The papers say

Or watching video games all day

Or gardening but

One thing its not


Its not the shot!

Its not!


Its Covid!

Now officials claim

For every death

Thats what well blame

Let anti-vaxxers wail and rail

Covidll keep us out of jail!


So question not!

Do what youre told!

Our Covid Creed

You must uphold

And heed the advice

Of our big Pharma doc...


MSM's new obsession: Labelling criticism of 15-minute cities 'conspiracy theories' "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Conspiracy theories" about 15-minute cities are "false", "unhinged", "dangerous" and "not to be believed", declare mainstream media in unified chorus. "In recent years, conspiracy theories that were once almost unheard of have spread like wildfire, with a growing number of Australians now sceptical of things like vaccines, 5G and election results," reports in one such article, titled, 'Inside the 15-minute city conspiracy theory sucking in gullible Australians'. The article explains that 15-minutes cities (also called Smart Cities) are a commonsense way of attempting to boost liveability for residents. City dwellers in proposed Smart Cities - including Melbourne, Paris, London, Edmonton and Oxford - will have access to everything they need within a 15 to 20-minute walk, cycle or public transport trip, and that's really all there is to it. "Anyone who has ever faced a long and painful commute will immediately see the appeal of having the daily essentials at their...


Despite Scientists Warnings, House Republicans Pass Bill to Boost Fossil Fuels Amidst Climate Crisis "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ten days after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the report synthesizing the findings of its Sixth Assessment Cycle warning that world leaders must slash greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2035 to have a 50 percent chance to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and staving off more severe climate impacts the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to boost the burning of fossil fuels

The so-called Lower Energy Costs Act, or H.R.1, would cut a fee on methane emissions from oil and gas operations, ease permitting regulations for energy projects and require more fossil fuel leasing on public lands, among other things. Its mostly Republican backers argue that it would boost U.S. energy independence and lower domestic energy costs, but opponents argue that relying on fossil fuels in the first place is what makes energy prices so volatile. 

None of it [the GOP energy agenda] makes sense in this moment, Rep. Kathy Castor (D-Fla.), who sits on the Energy and Commerce Committee, told Politico. They ignore the fact it was the high fossil fuel prices that was the primary driver of inflation. What I hear from folks back home is they dont want to be at the mercy of these gas and oil price spikes. They are looking towards the clean energy economy greater independence and more money in their pocket.

The bill passed 225 to 204, with four Democrats supporting it and one Republican voting against. It is partly the GOPs answer to President Joe Bidens signat...


"IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica" "IndyWatch Feed National"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/28/23).
As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.

Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

(4000) SaltyBeaner on Gab: ''
Derrick Broze Interview - Former Therapist Accused of Ritualistic Child Abuse Granted 100K Bail
New Tab
Donald Trump Is Indicted in New York - The New York Times
(26) Breaking911 on Twitter: "Long-Awaited FBI Report Reveals Possible Motive For Vegas Mass Shooting: Personally upset and stressed out about the treatment he and other high rollers received." / Twitter
(27) CryptoMilitia Gaming on Twitter: "@TLAVagabond old news we knew the when it happened" / Twitter
QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley is released early from prison to a halfway house, his lawyer says | Daily Mail Online
LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: "I dont think this needs to be said today, and dont have any insight one way or the other, but we should all know that regardless of whether he was spying or not, this would be the US gov response. #QuestionEverything" / Twitter
(2) Elon Musk on Twitter: "Algorithm goes open source at noon Pacific Time" / Twitter
Twitter makes some of its source code public...


Mit Investitionsverboten gegen China "IndyWatch Feed National"

Handels- und Investitionskontrollen

Auenhandels- und Investitionskontrollen sind in Deutschland und der EU grundstzlich nicht neu und in den vergangenen Jahren kontinuierlich verschrft worden zumeist mit dem Ziel, chinesische Unternehmen abzuwehren. Altbekannt sind Beschrnkungen beim Export von Rstungsgtern und bei der Ausfuhr sogenannter dual use-Produkte, die sowohl zivil wie auch militrisch genutzt werden knnen. Wer sie ins Ausland verkaufen will, muss dazu Genehmigungen einholen. Strikt reguliert wird inzwischen auch die bernahme von Anteilen deutscher Unternehmen durch auswrtige Investoren; dazu sind in den vergangenen Jahren mehrmals Gesetze bzw. Verordnungen neu und schrfer gefasst worden.[1] In der Praxis trifft es vor allem chinesische Firmen. So untersagte es die Bundesregierung im November zwei chinesischen Unternehmen, die Chipfertigung der Dortmunder Firma Elmos beziehungsweise das bayrische Unternehmen ERS Electronic zu erwerben.[2] Auch die EU kann inzwischen bei auswrtigen Investitionen intervenieren, aber kein eigenstndiges Verbot aussprechen; sie darf nur Vorschlge dazu an die Mitgliedstaaten weiterreichen. Diese entscheiden dann in eigener Hoheit, ob sie die betreffende bernahme durch eine auslndische Firma genehmigen oder untersagen.

Nur noch auf Platz zwlf

Die zunehmenden Restriktionen gegen chinesische Unternehmen zeigen Wirkung nicht nur, weil Firmen- und Anteilsbernahmen immer hufiger untersagt, sondern auch, weil sie von Unternehmen aus China oft gar nicht mehr angestrebt werden. Hinzu kommt laut einer Studie der Wirtschaftsprfungs- und -beratungsgesellschaft EY, dass chinesische Bieter oft gar nicht erst zu Gesprchen eingeladen werden, wenn die bernahmekandidaten Standorte in den Vereinigten Staaten unterhalten und deshalb mit einer Ablehnung des Vorhabens durch US-Behrden rechnen mssen.[3] Der EY-Studie zufolge ist die Zahl chinesischer bernahmen in Deutschland und Europa auf uerst niedrigem Niveau angelangt. So ist etwa die Zahl erfolgreicher chinesischer bernahmen in Deutschland von 35 im Jahr 2021 auf 26 im Jahr 2022 zurckgegangen; der Wert der Transaktionen fiel von 2,0 Milliarden US-Dollar auf knapp 290 Millionen US-Dollar. Zum Vergleich: Deutsche Unternehmen investierten 2022 rund 11,5 Milliarden Euro in China.[4] Die Anzahl chinesischer bernahmen in Europa sank zugleich von 155 auf 139; der Transaktionswert fiel von 12,4 auf 4,3 Milliarden US-Dollar. Die Volksrepublik, zweitgrte Wirtschaftsmacht der Welt, rangiert auf der Rangliste der auswrtigen Investoren in Deutschland nach Platz vier im Jahr 2016 heute nur noch auf Platz zwlf.

Outbound Investment Screening

Wie EU-Kommissionsprsidentin Ursula von der Leyen gestern ankndigte, plant die EU jetzt auch Beschrnkungen bei Investitionen europischer Unternehmen in China. Damit soll, so lautet die offizielle Begrndung, verhindert werden, dass europisches Know-how genutzt wird, um d...


Deep-sea mining meeting closes without resolving whether mining can start in July "IndyWatch Feed National"

As meetings to oversee deep-sea mining on the high seas draw to a close, it remains unclear whether regulators will allow it to commence in the near future. At the March 7-31 meetings in Kingston, Jamaica, of the International Seabed Authority (ISA), the U.N.-associated body responsible for regulating deep-sea mining in international waters, delegates were divided on this key issue. Some member states, such as Nauru, China, and the Cook Islands, supported pushing forward with mining, while others expressed doubt. For instance, during the meetings, both Vanuatu and the Dominican Republic officially announced their support of a precautionary pause until more scientific information is available about the impacts of deep-sea mining. Several other countries have also previously called for a pause, moratorium or even a ban, including Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Fiji, France, Germany, Micronesia, New Zealand, Palau, Panama, Samoa and Spain. However, observers of the recent ISA meetings said there was no clear view whether the ISA will permit mining to begin and that delegates didnt have sufficient time to discuss these concerns at the meetings. Germany, Costa Rica and other nations have also accused ISA secretary-general Michael Lodge of diverting efforts of some ISA council members to slow down the mining approval process, according to the New York Times. Lodges position requires him to be a neutral facilitator, but some diplomats have said Lodge has abandoned neutrality. Attendees said the recent ISA meetings were also riddled with transparency issues, as organizers often barred observers and media from attendingThis article was originally published on Mongabay


Will Donald Trumps arrest also lead to charges against his January 6 co-conspirators Rupert Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch and Fox News? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former US President Donald Trump has been indicted to face charges relating to paying $130,000 hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels a few weeks before the 2016 Presidential election. That by []


Why is Freezing at 32F? And A Snowy Weekend Ahead in the Cascades. All in My New Podcast. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Did you ever wonder why freezing on the Fahrenheit scale is at 32?

Why that number?  Why not 0 or 50?

The answer to the question will be answered in my podcast! (see below for details)

And before the talk about temperature, I provide the forecast, and it is a snowy one for our mountains.

Today, a front will be moving through (see satellite photo below), behind which there is cool, unstable air.

This cool, unstable air, forced to rise on the local mountains, will produce heavy snow in the Cascades, with several feet at higher elevations.  Good for skiers, good for weather resources, but potentially causing dangerous conditions in the passes.



TDoV Fundraiser, White Rap, Cringe On "IndyWatch Feed National"

HEY!  I had a telework meeting earlier this week and since I wouldnt get harassed on the bus by doing so, I dressed like a lady.  Little did I know I was two days early for the Trans Day of Visibility.  Im visible, babes.  Be the fat middle-aged white lady you want to see in the world.  Im lovin it.  But still..

image of your blogger great american satan

Like many trans folk today I come to you with cup in hand.  Ive had medical issues burning up my leave at work, and for some abdominal surgery in late April Im going to use at least a week of leave without pay.  To make my bills less ouch, Id like to fundraise.  Here is the incentive:  Donate at all, and you can choose a word I will rhyme in a rap.  If five people choose orange, Ill try to come up with five shitty sorta-rhymes for orange.

This will be strictly words on digital paper, maybe starting below and then compiled in a blogpost, unless we reach goals.  At $500, I will do an audio performance of the rap.  At $600, I will do a video.  These productions, if they happen, will be lo-fi as all hell, because I just dont have the time for big effort.

I will run this through midnight April 21st, so I have time to make the audio or video if necessary.  If you like my terrible styles and enjoy cringy embarrassment, please give me a ko-fi, as it were.  And if you like donating to FtBloggers, throw our recently unemployed mans Brinkman a bone too.

link to my ko-fi




Hillsong History. Chapter 14. Frank boy victim David Lindner, known as SA1, from South Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brian Houston at the Australian Royal Commission 2014

Robyn an Australian psychologist in September 12, 2014 commenting on my blog site:

I too as a psychologist have been involved with the cover up of sexual abuse of a number of young people by an AOG leader. The AOG were not helpful. I found their way of handling it unfortunately to be more like that of the Dark Ages. I kept getting told that the leaders were the Lords anointed and you are not to touch them or complain about them.

David Lindner (SA1):

I was a boy, going to many meetings and camps where Frank ministered as guest speaker.

The first time Frank touched me was in a shower. I was showering and he pushed aside the flimsy curtain and stepped in and fondled me.

I know money doesnt fix anything but it can...


Hillsong Founder the pedophile Frank Houston and boy victim WNZ1, David Cowdrey, the first known Wellington New Zealand boy sex abuse victim. Frank would sneak into this little NZ boys bedroom and sexually abuse him at a church home prayer and Bible meeting. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Donald Elley of Bellingen August 26, 2021

On August 26, 2021, an online subscriber only Australian media (17,000 subscribers) published the article below.

David Cowdrey has been interviewed by Crikey journalist David Hardaker, over the phone and by email I presume.

David Cowdrey contacted me in 2012, when I started writing about Hillsong and the Houstons on the site. In gave David the pseudonym of WNZ1. At that time David was very traumatised on this subject and working through a lot of personal stuff, as David Cowdrey outlines below.


David Cowdrey knows how the Houstons operate and now hes telling his story

Six decades ago he was a family friend and a victim of pastor Frank Houston. For the first time hes telling his story in full.


AUG 26, 2021

  • ...


Critically Endangered Amur Leopard Twins Born at San Diego Zoo "IndyWatch Feed National"

PICKS are stories from many sources, selected by our editors or recommended by our readers because they are important, surprising, troubling, enlightening, inspiring, or amusing. They appear on our site and in our daily newsletter. Please send suggested articles, videos, podcasts, etc. to


Critically Endangered Amur Leopard Twins Born at San Diego Zoo (Maria)

The author writes, The San Diego Zoo is celebrating the birth of the Amur leopard cubs one of the worlds rarest cat species. According to a San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance release, fewer than 300 of these critically endangered big cats remain in the world, making this twin cub birth especially significant. Witnessing the birth of Amur leopards is always an emotional experience, said Gaylene Thomas, a wildlife care manager at the San Diego Zoo. There are so few of them left in their native habitat that every birth carries so much weight and every living individual promises a glimmer of hope. The California zoo announced the leopard births on March 28, and the cubs recently emerged from the birthing den they share with mother Sitka for the first time.


US and China Wage War Beneath the Waves Over Internet Cables (Michaela)

From Reuters: Subsea cables, which carry the worlds data, are now central to the U.S.-China tech war. Washington, fearful of Beijings spies, has thwarted Chinese projects abroad and choked Big Techs cable routes to Hong Kong, Reuters has learned.


Rupert Murdoch Has Fueled Polarization of Society, Barack Obama Says (Reader Jim)

The author writes, The former US president Barack Obama has suggested that Rupert Murdochs media empire has led to greater polarization in western societies through news coverage designed to make people angry and resentful. Speaking to a capacity crowd of about 9,000 people at Sydneys Aware Super Theatre on Tuesday night, Obama mixed childhood memories of transiting through Australia as a child wi.......


Hillsong Founder Frank Houston boy sex abuse victim AHA, now known as Brett Sengstock, statement to the Australian Royal Commission "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brett Sengstock known as AHA at the Royal Commission in 2014 Frank Houston the founder of Hillsongs worst known child sex abuse boy victim to date. Frank Houstons child abuse victims number in the hundreds. Four hundred plus.




Bioacoustics in your backyard: Q&A with conservation technologist Topher White "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ever wondered about the furry animal you saw scurrying through your backyard? Or the bird singing outside your window? A new eco-device developed by conservation technologist Topher White aims to help you answer those questions, and bring conservation closer to home. Resembling a mini spaceship, Delta can be put up in your backyard or garden. It records and streams the sounds of animals even those not audible to human ears that visit your home. Beyond streaming the audio, the device can also be paired with an app that uses artificial intelligence to create stories featuring the same animals as central characters. In reality, Delta is a device that can be used for scientific research in the depths of the rainforest, much like the popular AudioMoth brand of acoustic loggers that are popular with researchers. But Delta has also been designed to ensure that it can also masquerade as a smart home device that helps people connect better with their surroundings. Its a tech tool that we hope can connect even the Luddites to nature, White, founder of conservation technology nonprofit Rainforest Connection, told Mongabay in a video interview. Delta can be put up in your garden to record the sounds of the wildlife that visit you, or in a rainforest to help study the ecosystem through its sounds. Image courtesy of Topher White. While the premise might sound playful, White has a much more serious mission in mind. In 2020, he and his team came up with theThis article was originally published on Mongabay


10 Best Fishing Fly in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre new to fly fishing, the vast array of flies can be daunting. What are the best flies for trout fishing? What are the best patterns for bass? And what the heck is a streamer, anyway? In this post, well break down the top 10 essential fly patterns that every angler should have in their box, regardless of where they fish.


WBW Podcast Episode 46: No Exit "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Marc Eliot Stein, March 31, 2023

Episode 46 of the World BEYOND War podcast was inspired by two things: a play by Jean-Paul Sartre that originally opened in Nazi-occupied Paris in May, 1944, and a simple tweet by Australian antiwar journalist Caitlin Johnstone. Heres the tweet, which doesnt tell us anything we dont already know, but may be valuable for reminding us of what many of us realize we must do to save our planet from nuclear holocaust.

Tweet by Caitlin Johnstone March 25 2023

These words were my starting point for this months episode, and somehow made me think about Jean-Paul Sartres existentialist masterpiece in which three recently dead French people find themselves together in a gaudily decorated but comfortable room that turns out to be, quite literally, hell. Why does it amount to eternal dam...


10 Best Mosaic Kit in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking for a fun and creative activity, then look no further than mosaic kits! Mosaics are a beautiful and unique way to decorate your home, and with a mosaic kit, anyone can create stunning works of art. But with so many mosaic kits on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Thats why weve put together this list of the best mosaic kits, perfect for both beginners and experienced crafters alike.


10 Best Lever Arch File in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you are looking for the best lever arch file, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best options on the market and help you choose the right one for your needs.


10 Best Disco Light Ball in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Whether youre looking to add some extra fun to a party or just want to make your room a little more festive, a disco light ball is a great way to do it! These balls are designed to emit colorful light and create a lively atmosphere. Theyre perfect for dancing, but can also be used as party decorations or even night lights.


Russia Calls for Probe Into Bucha Events, Asks UN for List of Victims "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sputnik 30.03.2023

MOSCOW Russia is calling for an independent investigation into the last year events in the city of Bucha, near Kiev, and calls on the United Nations to publish a list of the victims, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

We are saying it once again. In order to find out the truth, it is necessary to carry out a fair, impartial, independent investigation, which should be focused on giving answers to four questions: identification of bodies, time and cause of death, signs of possible transportation of the bodies, Zakharova said during her press conference.

Russia has requested the full list of Buchas residents, who died at the time of the events, from the UN, but the organization has not provided such a list yet, Zakharova added.

The UN referred to the lists of victims available on the Internet and in social media, but Moscow would like to deal with official information, the official said, adding that the events in Bucha were a provocation aimed at scuttling the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, as well as imposing new anti-Russia sanctions.

In April, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that no residents of Bucha suffered from any violent actions while the city was under Russian control.

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Selective Outrage in Palestine: The Problem is Not Just Smotrich, Its Zionism "IndyWatch Feed National"

By his own admission, Israels new Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, is a fascist homophobe. This declaration, which he made on January 16, should be enough to accentuate the violent nature of the new political concoction created by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last December.

Though Smotrich is not the only politician in Netanyahus cabinet with a track record of violence, both real and rhetorical, he is a special case. Unlike his boss, Smotrich does not feel the need for doublespeak or occasional diplomacy.

In recent months, Smotrich has become internationally famous, not because of his financial genius that could resolve Israels impending financial problems as a result of the weakening of the countrys legal system. Nor does the man have the answers, or even interest, in confronting Israels inherent socio-economic equalitynone of this. Smotrich is mostly popular for his racism.

In 2016, Smotrich made headlines when he suggested that Jewish and Palestinian women should be separated in maternity wards. His logic is as bigoted as it was foolish:

My wife really isnt a racist, but after giving birth, she wants to rest and doesnt want those mass parties that are the norm among the families of Arab women after birth.

At that time, Smotrich was a Knesset member, representing the Jewish Home party, before later joining the Union of Right-Wing Parties, Yamina, the Jewish Home and Yamina, again, and, finally, his current Religious Zionist Party. This indicates that Smotrich, himself an illegal Jewish settler from Kedumim, near the Occupied West Bank city of Qalqiliya, found an ideological home in most of Israels current rightwing political platforms.

In Israels right-wing parties, racism is an important prerequisite to succeed in politics.  In fact, this is precisely how Itamar Ben-Gvir rose from being a youth leader of the extremist Kach party to...


ABC logic: ABC staff are RACISTS because they failed to vote an Aboriginal man onto their Board "IndyWatch Feed National"

In its role as Diversity Central, the ABC, would give all hell to another organisation if it behaved like this. The fabulously progressive staff were given the chance to vote an "Aboriginal man" on to the ABC Board as the staff representative. Instead, as the leftists would say .they voted...


10 Best Travel Tote Bags in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Whether youre hitting the gym, going on a weekend getaway, or taking a long-haul flight, the best travel tote bags keep your belongings safe and organized while youre on the go. But with so many different styles and features to choose from, finding the right one can be a challenge. To help you find the best travel tote bag for your needs, weve put together a list of the top 10 options on the market. Weve also included a buyers guide with everything you need to know about travel tote bags, so you can find the perfect match for your next adventure.


10 Best Table Skirts in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Table skirts are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any event. They can be used to dress up an otherwise plain table, or to hide unsightly table legs. Table skirts are available in a variety of colors and fabrics, so you can find the perfect one to match your event theme.


10 Best Pasta in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking for the best pasta recipes, youve come to the right place. Here youll find a variety of recipes for all your favorite pasta dishes, from classic spaghetti and meatballs to more modern takes on the classic dish. Whether youre in the mood for a hearty bowl of pasta or a light and refreshing summertime meal, weve got you covered.


10 Best Remote Car Keys in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre in the market for a new set of car keys, you may be wondering if there are any benefits to opting for a remote key over a traditional key. While both have their pros and cons, remote car keys offer a number of advantages that may make them the best choice for you. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing remote car keys:


10 Best Showerhead And Hose in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking for the best showerhead and hose, youve come to the right place. In this blog post, well be discussing the top showerheads and hoses on the market, as well as what to look for when purchasing a showerhead or hose. Well also provide a buyers guide to help you make the best decision for your needs.


McGowans police state search proposal result of government overreach "IndyWatch Feed National"

Drunk With Power Dictator Mark McGowan Wants To Rule The World  Western Australian Premier Mark...


Kit Knightly: Wuhans Mystery Illness is Covids Foundational Lie "IndyWatch Feed National"

Kit Knightly Off-Guardian March 30, 2023

Recently, while researching our updated edition of 40 Facts, I came across this article from Time magazine, one that I had apparently missed when it was first published and that had somehow escaped my notice in the following three Covid-centric years.

The article demonstrates how, from the very beginning, the covid narrative was a psy-op construct, that never made any internal sense.

It focuses on the work of Chinese virologist Dr Zhang Yongzhen, and how he and his team (allegedly) isolated the Sars-Cov-2 virus and sequenced its genome. The article frames Zhang as a hero whose bravery alerted the world to a scary new threat.

Its just a story, of course a piece of narrative fiction rather than journalism but it does reveal a key facet of the pandemic psy-op roll-out.

The foundational lie, the original sin: Covids mysterious origins.

Every psychological operation has one underlying weakness an uneven seam where the manufactured lie is forcibly joined to inescapable reality.

For 9/11 this is simple physics asymmetrical damage cannot cause symmetrical collapse. For JFK it is the alleged number of bullets causing a known number of wounds, alongside the presidents head going back and to the left.

Oftentimes, the main thrust of any accompanying propaganda is to distract from these irreconcilable ideas. Place a selective distorting lens over certain hard-coded physical realities that forces people to question things they would never usually question.

Those werent really explosions they just sounded like it.

His head didnt really go backwards it just looked like it did.

you get the idea.

For covid, this fractured disconnect can be located very specifically to Wuhan in December 2019.

The alleged timeline of the discovery of Covid is pretty well known, but here is a quick recap:

  • In mid-December 2019, 4 people were admitted to Wuhan hospital with pneumonia. By the end of the month, that number had grown to 27.
  • One unnamed doctor decides this pneumonia is mysterious, and sends one sample from one patient to Dr Zhang of the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center for analysis.
  • Dr Zhang tests this single sample, from just one of 27 alleged patients with pneumonia, immediately finds a new coronavirus, and at once decides it must be the cause of this mystery.

There are numerous problems with this story, and indeed the timeline of events that speedily followed from the sequencing to the modelling to the development of testing assays.

But strangest of all is the question the official narrative never even attempts to answer:



Amphibians in the Mine "IndyWatch Feed National"

Communication towers inside Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve

Arthur Firstenberg Celluar Phone task Force March 27, 2023

Amphibians were here when the dinosaurs were here, and they  survived the age of mammals. If theyre checking out now, I think it is significant. David Wake, Director of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California, Berkeley, 1990

They are ancient animals with abilities to survive beyond belief. They live both in water and on land. They can breathe through their skin. They can regenerate limbs and organs. They dont get cancer. They have been around for 365 million years, and have survived four mass extinctions during the history of life on Earth. Yet today, they are disappearing more rapidly than any other class of animals. By their death, they are screaming: Turn off your cell phones! Now, before it is too late!

Even before cell phones, the proliferation of radio and TV towers, radar stations, and communication antennas in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s began killing off these most hardy, well-adapted, and important forms of life.

  • The northern leopard frog, Rana pipiens the North American green frog that croaked from every marsh, pond and creek when I was growing up was already extremely rare by the end of the 1980s.
  • In the Colorado and Wyoming Rocky Mountains, boreal toads used to be so numerous that, in the words of Paul Corn of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, You had to kick them out of the way as you were walking down the trail. By 1990 they were difficult to find at all.
  • Boreal chorus frogs on the shores of Lake Superior, once innumerable, were extremely rare by 1990.
  • In the 1970s David Wake could turn up eighty or more salamanders under the bark of a single log in a pine forest near Oaxaca, Mexico. In the early 1980s he returned and was able to find maybe one or two after searching the forest all day.
  • Until 1979 frogs were abundant and diverse at the University of So Paulos field station at Boracea, Brazil, according to Stanley Rand of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. But when he returned in 1982, of thirty common frog species, six had disappeared entirely and seven had decreased in number drastically.
  • In 1974 Michael Tyler of Adelaide, Australia discovered a new frog species that brooded its young in its stomach. It lived in a 100-square-kilometer area in the Conondale Ranges, 60 kilometers north of Brisbane, and was so common that he could collect a hundred in a single night. By 1980 it was extinct.
  • The golden toad lived only in a 320-acre stunted forest in Costa Ricas supposedly pristine, protected Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve. In the early 1980s Marc Hayes of the University of Miami typically co...


MMM's tribute to the late, great Doug Mulray "IndyWatch Feed National"

Jason Morrison audio Triple M Tribute to Doug Mulray 31st March @ Midday


Planning Democracy Convenor's Report No.24 - March 21, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Where To From Here - Victorian Local Government Elections 2024; Save Our Canopy Trees April 1 Forum; Planning and Heritage Inquiry; Level Crossing Removal FOI; VCAT Protest?; Let There Be Light Brunswick Residents Have a Win; Planning Scheme Amendment St Phillip St Brunswick East; Guest Speaker at Fitzroy Residents Association; John Curtin Hotel; Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens; Western Port Woodlands Alliance Formed; MAB Attempts to Silence Westmeadows Residents; Stop The Great Wall of Frankston;  Kilmore Land Update; Keysborough Uniting Church; Banyule Urban Forest Strategy; Save Dingley Village and Kingswood; Wattle Park Update; Vicinity Towers at Box Hill; The Human Scale; NSW State Election; Media Deserts;  Facebook; Australian Population Surge; National Trust Coming Events.

Contents of Report No. 24. which is

Page 1 Where To From Here ? Victorian Local Government Elections 2024.

  • Save Our Canopy Trees April 1 Forum

Page 2 Planning and Heritage Inquiry

  • Level Crossing Removal FOIVCAT Protest?
  • Let There Be Light Brunswick Residents Have a Win.

Page 3 Planning Scheme Amendment St Phillip St Brunswick East

  • Guest Speaker at Fitzroy Residents Association
  • John Curtin Hotel
  • Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens
  • Western Port Woodlands Alliance Formed
  • MAB Attempts to Silence Westmeadows Residents

Page 4 Stop The Great Wall of Frankston

  • Kilmore Land Update
  • Keysborough Uniting Church
  • Banyule Urban Forest Strategy
  • Save Dingley Village and Kingswood

Page 5 Wattle Park Update

  • Vicinity Towers at Box Hill
  • The Human Scale
  • NSW State Election

Page 6 Media Deserts

  • Facebook
  • Australian Population Surge
  • National Trust Coming Events



Australian Big Four bank ANZ halts cash withdrawals from many branches "IndyWatch Feed National"

The move comes as Australians continue to reduce their usage of cash and bank branches, but has sparked fears that the death of cash is near.


Hell and How To Get There From Sweden "IndyWatch Feed National"

J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor

Sweden was the plandemic role model, they were well known to be following a prudent strategy of doing nothing under PM Kjell Stefan Lfven whose seven-year run as PM ended with the political chaos in late 2021.

Watching on, Denmark, which is connected to Sweden by a long bridge, was the first country in Europe to abandon W.H.O. mandate directives.

The post-Lfven government wants to lead away from the long descent into Swedish socialism by making people work harder and also to abandon the famous Swedish neutrality, second only to Swiss neutrality, for a seat at NATO. Russia is saying the Swedes will be painting a target on themselves.

Strangely, the NATO bribe or coercion involved to Sweden is not questioned by the mainstream media; we are all supposed to rally behind the Zelensky meat-grinder failed operations directed from Kiev and this is apparently enough to explain the so-called decision. Swedish relations with Ukraine go back a long way.

The unusual colours of the ancient Swedish flag are echoed by the current Ukrainian flag, leading the question as to what might be the imperial connection. The city of Kiev has been invaded and over-run continuously for a millennium, by Turkish tribes, Khazars, Swedish Vikings, Mongols, and even Nazi Germany for more than two years during WWII.

Naturally, Kiev has an arms industry and the o...


Bogan no-class Albanese's ostentatious power trip to Brisbane for show. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Yuck. A vulgar, showy, common display. As for the struggling little people, let them eat cake. UPDATE - this will be fascinating. Albanese arrived at Brisbane yesterday evening. He attended a concert that finished late last night. This morning he apparently took off at 0930. If he's arranged a pretend...


Can We Really Last until 2032? "IndyWatch Feed National"

QUESTION #1: Martin,

Since Trump was already not guilty of having the affair (to which Stormy Daniels admitted never took place), does that mean that the New York Court has indicted him on the charges of being blackmailed?


QUESTION #2: Bill Clinton committed perjury. That was legal grounds to indict him and remove him from office. Nobody wanted to indict Richard Nixon either. I can now see why Socrates is forecasting the collapse of the United States. I just realized that the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, announcing the separation of 13 North American British colonies from Great Britain. What I did not know was it was only a vote of 12 and New York abstained. It seems like New York is at it again. Do you really think we can last until 2032?

ANSWER: What Bragg has done is so undermining to the entire country and he has accepted money from a foreign power seeking to undermine the United States George Soros. That is treason in my book. He is doing the bidding of a declared enemy against the United States and everything our way of life has stood for.

Yes, the Declaration was signed 1776.506. The United State will exist no more after 2034.50. I am very concerned that the 2024 Presidential election is not going to be fair if at all. By the time we get to 2025.90, this does not look good in the least. It is highly unlikely that we are looking at this lasting as we have known it until 2032. It looks like everything unravels starting in 2027.

The post Can We Really Last until 2032? first appeared on Armstrong Economics.


US Sent 365 Attack Craft to Confront Russia "IndyWatch Feed National"


QUESTION: Marty; It looks like NATO is preparing to invade Russia. What the hell is going on?


ANSWER: That may be old footage. It is squadron 365, not 365 planes. Nevertheless, the US is preparing troops for Europe. As I have explained, the Neocons are in full control of US foreign policy. They are intent on starting a war BEFORE 2024. They have 300,000 troops on the border of Russia in Poland. They have used Ukraine to weaken Russias conventional forces. They think they can take Russia in less than one week. They believe that Russia will not push the button. What if they are wrong? They believe in their own propaganda.

They have waged a brilliant campaign. They pretend their warmongering is being patriotic. They do not care about America, its people, or anything honorable. They used Ukraine as cannon fodder and they will do the same with Americans. They killed 58,000 Americans in Vietnam. For what?

They are INTERNATIONALISTS, not Americans, and in their view, they must rule the world. Who cares about Americans? There are too many of us anyhow. Thin the herd is their view.

Welcome to World War III

The post US Sent 365 Attack Craft to Confront Russia first appeared on Armstrong Economics.


Private Function announce national tour, heading to Ballarat and Torquay "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

After instigating a truly peculiar marketing campaign that attracted international attention for its string of world firsts, including a limited edition scratchie record sleeve, an unexpected Government exemption, and a recently unveiled urine-filled Gold record variant, Australias glorified pub-rock freaks Private Function have today unveiled their hotly anticipated third studio LP 370HSSV 0773H.

To celebrate the new release, Private Function will take their dynamite live show on the road for the Hello A$$hole National Tour, dragging Melbournes glam-rock renegades Smooch along for the ride.

Private Function Australian Tour

Thursday 11 May
Pelly Bar, Frankston

Friday 12 May
Jive, Adelaide

Thursday 18 May
Crowbar, Sydney

Friday 19 May
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

Saturday 20 June
Secret Venue, Wollongong

Sunday 21 May
Beer Deluxe, Albury

Friday 26 May
The Brightside, Brisbane

Saturday 27 May
Vinnies Dive Bar, Gold Coast

Friday 2 June
Max Watts, Melbourne

Saturday 3 June
Volta, Ballarat

Friday 9 June
Torquay Hotel, Torquay

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

370HSSV 0773H is the third full-length from Private Function, a band notorious for its rambunctious facetiousness and introspective subtleties. On this release, Private Function brings their penchant for fierce hilar...


Pesticides most harmful to bees "IndyWatch Feed National"

Pesticide use is one of the factors which may be affecting bee populations worldwide. Since much of our food production depends on pollination by bees, whether bee populations have been declining globally has been the source of concern and some confusion.  While there have been reports of declining bee numbers it is now thought that these are the result of local population changes and declining species richness  i.e. of particular species of bee.  As well as pesticide use, the cause of such declines could result from the virus carried by the Varroa mite, climate change or habitat loss, or a combination of all four factors.  In Australia, we now need to pay more attention to the threat of pesticides since, with the detection of Varoa mite in Victoria in 2018, honeybee populations are more threatened.  So here we look at the pesticides most harmful to bees.  We might immediately think neonics, but while it is true that these are toxic for bees, there are many others which kill both honeybees and native Australian bees.

In SGAs app WiseGardening Choices to Protect You and the Planet where we rate risks of chemical pesticide products, we have included the full range of products in garden use. Five hundred and twenty seven products out of the 869 reviewed so far have either moderate or high risks to bees.  There are 304 with high risk and 223 with moderate risk. Of those 527 products with moderate or high risk to bees, there are still 318 commercially available and 209 have been discontinued.  Of those currently available, 181 are high risk to bees and 131 are of moderate risk.

Neonicotinoids (Neonics)

As the name suggests, these chemicals are similar to nicotine and they react with the same nerve receptors in nerve junctions as nicotine does.  This enables them to cause paralysis and death.  They are more toxic to insects than they are to mammals and birds.

Neonicotinoids in use are:








These chemicals have an advantage as insecticides because they are water-soluble and, if sprayed on the soil, plants can easily take them up.  In theory, this reduces the risk of unwanted effects on beneficial insects caused by broadscale spraying and consequent spray-drift.  However, their solubility means that they can enter and be stored in pollen and flower nectar, pla...


War Powers Inquiry into International Armed Conflict Decision Making - Parliament of Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Clear need to improve the transparency and accountability of government decision-making in relation to armed conflict.' "Require a written statement to be published and tabled in the Parliament setting out the objectives of major military operations, the orders made and legal basis"; "Facilitate debate ..."


The Defence Subcommittee of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade has completed its examination on how Australia makes decisions to send service personnel into international armed conflict.

Defence Subcommittee Chair, Mr Julian Hill MP, said The power to declare war and send military personnel into conflict is arguably the most significant and serious institutional power, and the gravest decision a government can make.

Through this inquiry, the Committee has carefully and seriously considered fundamental questions regarding decision-making in relation to international armed conflict and parliamentary oversight, both preceding and during the commitment of the Australian Defence Force.

The Committee has concluded there is a clear need to improve the transparency and accountability of government decision-making in relation to armed conflict. Australias system of parliamentary democracy is likely to be kept healthy, effective, and well-adapted by making sensible changes that respect our well-established institutions and conventions.

Accompanying recommended changes to the Cabinet Handbook and new Standing Resolutions of both Houses of Parliament, the Government has an historic chance to exercise leadership and establish the Joint Statutory Committee on Defence to enhance Australias national security while providing increased parliamentary scrutiny of Defence.

In 1988, Prime Minister Bob Hawke created the Parliamentary Joint Committee on ASIO, rejecting the advice of the Hope Royal Commission not to enhance parliamentary oversight of the intelligence agencies. History has proved he was right to do so, and the Government is encouraged to emulate Prime Minister Hawkes example and act to strengthen national security and enhance the accountability of Defence to the Parliament.

The Committee is convinced that greater transparency and parliamentary consideration of the decision to commit forces to an armed conflict can and must occur, and commends this report, on this most serious of subjects, to the Government.

The Committees recommendations are to:

  • Reaffirm that decisions regarding armed conflict are fundamentally a prerogative of the Executive, w...


We've been through this before, just say no. "IndyWatch Feed National"

We have a good Constitution. Why separate one race when we're all equal now? Don't go backwards, vote no.


Gippslands stunning new winery restaurant and accommodation Carrajung Estate opens "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Gippslands brand new destination spot Carrajung Estate is set to launch today, on Friday March 31, when the restaurant doors will open, together with bookings for The Nest from 7 April onwards.

The Carrajung Estate is the new owners of the old Toms Cap winery, a 40ha property surrounded by the forests of the Strzelecki Ranges, the Ninety Mile Beach at Woodside, and the Tarra Bulga National Park, one of the four major cool-temperate rainforests regions in Victoria. 

Keep up with the latest food and booze news across the region here.

Delivering a stunning makeover across the property, the first phase of the new winery spot includes the launch of the restaurant and renovation of one of the cabins, The Nest, which can be booked through the Carrajung website. This cozy and intimate space has long been a favourite for guests, offering a perfect romantic getaway with views of the serene rolling hills, and now, with a full makeover, The Nest is more inviting and luxurious than ever. 


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WIN! Were giving away 10 double passes to see The Popes Exorcist starring Russell Crowe "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Inspired by the actual files of Father Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican (Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe), The Popes Exorcist follows Amorth as he investigates a young boys terrifying possession and ends up uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy the Vatican has desperately tried to keep hidden.

Directed by Julius Avery and starring Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, and Franco Nero, The Popes Exorcist is a historical horror thriller you need to see. 

Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment here.

To celebrate the films arrival, were giving 10 lucky Forte readers the chance to win a double pass each to The Popes Exorcist, which is screening in cinemas from April 6 2023. The double pass can be used nationwide at participating cinemas screening the flick throughout the duration of the films cinema season, excluding cinema discount days, public holidays and gold class sessions.

To be in the running, all you have to do is enter your name, email and postal address below (so the tickets can be mailed to you).

By entering, you agree to receive marketing collateral from Forte and competition partners. For more info, check out our privacy policy.

2023 CTMG. All Rights Reserved. 

The post WIN! Were giving away 10 double passes to see The Popes Exor...


Video of the Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition National Zoom Meeting 26th March 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

<p><div class= "field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"> <div class="field-items"> <div class="field-item even"> <p><img alt="" height="100" src= "" style= "float: left;" width="213">Video of speakers and informed discussion from a large Australian audience of activists re Australia's mounting involvement in US-NATO warmongering and costly and inappropriate weapons purchase. The Stop Aukus movement came out of a coalition of anti-war movements, notably IPAN, and features Australians who have never stopped being involved in our anti-war movement, and who have rich experience and knowledge to offer other Australians whose education, via media or schools, has been lacking. (Candobetter Ed.)</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><strong><span class= "yt-core-attributed-string yt-core-attributed-string--white-space-pre-wrap"> Were on the path to war. How can we stop it?</span></strong></p> <p><span class= "yt-core-attributed-string yt-core-attributed-string--white-space-pre-wrap"> This is a video of the Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition National Zoom Meeting Sunday 26th March,6.30pm AEDT. The Facilitator was Kellie Tranter is a lawyer and human rights activist who headed the IPAN Peoples Inquiry into the costs and consequences of Australias involvement in U.S wars and the alliance.</span></p> <p><span class= "yt-core-attributed-string yt-core-attributed-string--white-space-pre-wrap"> Implications of the government reports on Aukus, nuclear submarines, war powers reform & the Defence Strategic Review.

The recent government decision to spend $368 billion on acquisition of Nuclear Sumarines has made this meeting particularly current and of grave concern.


Dr Alison Broinowski AM: President, Australians for War Powers Reform. Formerly an Australian diplomat, Alison is the author or editor of 14 books about Australias dealings with the world, Asian countries in particular. Her PhD is in Asian Studies at ANU. She has researched and taught there, at Macquarie University, and at the University of Wollongong. Dr Alison Boinowski spoke on the implications of the Inquiry into War Powers Reform.</span></p> <p><span class= "yt-core-attributed-string yt-core-attributed-string--white-space-pre-wrap"> Brian Toohey was a columnist with th...</span></p> </div> </div> </div></span></p>


Poetry | Dog walking in the desert "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mparntwe | Alice Springs claypans Each time you walk take a bag for the rubbish, for the weeds. Stride out then confuse the dog as you stop over and over, like you are picking at treasure. You dig with the heel of your boot at the sea of three-corner-jack prickles and remind yourself next time to bring gloves.

The post Poetry | Dog walking in the desert appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Brian Tooheys address to the Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalitions national zoom meeting of 26th March,2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Nearly everything this government says about nuclear subs is ludicrous and highly damaging.

Despite Defence Minister Marles apparently saying Australia will not participate in a war over Taiwan, Hugh White (ex- Dep Head Defence) says US would never sell N subs to Australia without guarantees they will always be used in a US war. Reason is these subs are taken from of its line of battle, not additional ones from the production line. Once again, Australian sovereignty does not exist in the sense of being able to use US weapons how we want to do after buying them.

Marles now says the nuclear subs are not for war, but to protect Australian merchant shipping. A leading a leading economist Percy Allan points out there 26,000 cargo ship movements to and from Australia each year. Nuclear subs have terrible maintenance problems and if we buy the expected three second hand Virginia Class attack subs from America, only one might  be operationally available at any time and probably none. One sub, let alone none, cant protect 26,000 cargo shipping movements, but mainstream journalists swallow this nonsense.

wanted to deploy the N subs off the Chinese coast to fire long-range cruise missiles into the mainland.  This represents a return to the Forward Defence doctrine that failed in Singapore in 1942, and later in Vietnam. Arthur Calwell gave a magnificent anti-war speech in 1965. He was fully vindicated when the Vietnamese won a war against a horrendously destructive  invasion that was a war crime. Now, Albanese effectively supports war.

With Labor now returning to the disastrous  Forward Defence doctrine, its worth remembering the Coalition defence minister in 1969 Allen Fairhall scrapped this doctrine and cut military spending by 5%, while there were still 7000 Aust troops in Vietnam. The Coalition then switched to the direct defence of Australia. Whitlam, Fraser, Hawke and Keating all embraced the defence of Australia, not forward defence. Keating also adopted a long sighted policy of seeking our security in Asia, not from it.

Howard reverted do Americas bidding in another war crime of aggression.

Australias best defence is its surrounded by water and long way from China or India. There is no evidence either is a threat. If this changes for the worse, the Def of Aust doctrine will come into its own.

Marles and Albanese will recklessly position nuclear subs off China. But thats where Chinas forces are concentrated.  Because Marles and Albanese would be playing to Chinas strengths, they would then be responsible for a disastrous military blunder when the subs are sunk. It would be much better...


Dark Mofo reveals 2023 program featuring Thundercat, a Winter Feast, motocross and nude solstice swim "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Featuring an impressive list of performers, including Thundercat, Ethel Cain, Sleaford Mods, Trentemller, HEALTH, Sonic Youths Lee Ranaldo, Laurel Halo, King Woman, Drab Majesty, Eartheater, Witch and Molchat Doma, Dark Mofo is back baby, commemorating 10 years of darkness.

Marking the festivals tenth iteration, Dark Mofo will run from June 8 to 22, showcasing a range of international acts across two huge weeks.

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Week one for music will see performances from visionary composer Max Richter (DEU), bass-playing extraordinaire Thundercat (USA), Witch (USA), Ethel Cain (USA), punk-rock icons Black Flag (USA), Drab Majesty (USA), Eartheater (USA), pioneering English electronic artists Squarepusher (GBR), Plaid (GBR), Deafheaven (USA), Zheani (AUS), Tasman Keith (AUS) and more.

Night Mass: Exstasia is the festivals epic late-night event, this year bigger than ever, taking over three city blocks where artworks, performances, cocktail lounges, punk theatre, cinema cabarets, clubs and junkyard raves will create a sprawling metropolis. The packed program will be announced soon.

Throughout the second week, the music program will feature the likes of Trentemller (DNK), King Woman (USA), Belarusian viral TikTok stars Molchat Doma (BLR), Drowning Horse (AUS), Extortion (AUS), Ironhawk (AUS), Caterina Barbieri presents Spirit Exit (ITA), Blackhaine (GBR), Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet: (DEU), Rainy Miller (GBR), Naarm/Melbourne post-punks RVG, and HEALTH (USA), while Hymns to the Dead returns with a brutal multi-band metal lineup, featuring Ddheimsgard (NOR), Uada (USA), Zuriaake (CHN), and Haunter (USA).

Borderlands also returns for week two, with three nights of electronic exploration featuring Carl Stone (USA/JPN), Rama Parwata (AUS/IDN), Lydian Dunbar (AUS), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) + Leah Singer (Contre Jour) (USA), Julia Reidy (AUS/DEU), Tujiko Noriko (FRA), Hiro Kone (USA), KMRU (KEN), and Hma Utku (TUR).

With a packed two-week schedule of events, Dark Mofo 2023 venues include the Odeon Theatre, In The Hanging Garden, Altar, Dark Park, Federation Concert Hall, Princes Wharf 1, MAC2, the Goods Shed, MyState Bank Arena, the Bahai Centre, Hobart Town Hall, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Tasmania, Good Grief Studios, Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart Library, and Long Beach in Sandy Bay.

Week one of the festival will also feature an opening ceremony called The Gathering that celebrates First Nations artists, including BARKAA, Tasman Keith, dameeeela, DENNI, MARLON X RULLA, Uncle Dougie Mansell, Katarnya Maynard, and Rob Braslin.



Asgeir is heading to New Zealand and Australia in May and June "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Icelandic singer-songwriter and musician Asgeir has announced his long-awaited 2023 New Zealand and Australian tour, bringing his acclaimed discography to the stage with headline dates in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth across May and June.

Asgeir New Zealand and Australian Tour

Tuesday, 30 May Hollywood Avondale, Auckland
Thursday, 1 June Melbourne Recital, Melbourne
Friday, 2 June City Recital Hall, Sydney
Saturday, 3 June Powerhouse, Brisbane
Sunday, 4 June Rechabite, Perth

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

At only 20 years of age, Asgeir released the fastest-selling debut album in Icelandic history Dyr i dauaogn / In The Silence. The album was made up of 10 tracks of soul-searching folk featuring lyrics penned by his father, Einar Georg Einarsson a retired school teacher and poet. Winner of the 2012 Album of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards, it sold so many copies that it is estimated one-tenth of the population in Iceland owns the album.

By the time the elegiac sounds of the albums 2014 re-release, titled In The Silence, were done rippling through the top 40 charts in the UK, France, Japan, Australia, Denmark and beyond, Asgeirs stardom had become truly international. The re-release included lyrics translated by acclaimed musician John Grant. Sell-out shows across the world beckoned, including two sold-out headline dates at the Sydney Opera House in January 2015.

In 2017 Asgeir returned with the daringly electronic album Afterglow, ambitiously balancing icy electronic shades of Bon Iver, James Blake and Anohni with soul, R&B and even gospel influences from different eras and places. February 2020 saw the release of Asgeirs third album, Bury The Moon or Satt, to give the record its Icelandic title, at times a bruising, achingly personal experience, with shades of endless isolation. In 2021 Asgeir released a stripped-back and intimate EP The Sky is Painted Gray Today, marking something of a return to the artists deep roots.

His 2022 fourth studio album, Time On My Hands, sees Asgeir in a state of self-reflection and experimentation, having spent much of the last few years in his home and in the studio deeply engrossed in writing, recording, translating and producing. On this album, hes entered new realms of composition, sensitively layering acoustics with electronics and brass. As with some of his previous work, most notably 2017s Afterglow and 2020s Bury The Moon, Asgeir plays with euphoric and choral elements of electronic...


The Snuts announce their debut headline Australian tour this August "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Scottish rockers The Snuts are bringing their rapturous live show back to Australia to headline for the very first time.

Hitting the road with promoter Frontier Touring, The Snuts begin their tour in Melbourne at the Corner Hotel on Saturday 12 August. Heading north to Brisbane, the band will then play The Zoo on Sunday 13 August, before finishing with a Sydney gig at Manning Bar on Monday 14 August.

The Snuts Australian Tour

Saturday 12 August
Corner Hotel | Melbourne, VIC

Sunday 13 August
The Zoo | Brisbane, QLD

Monday 14 August
Manning Bar | Sydney, NSW

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Jack Cochrane (vocals and guitar), Joe McGillveray (guitar), Callum 29 Wilson (bass) and Jordan Joko Mackay (drums) formed the band when in school and draw influences from the likes of the Libertines and Arctic Monkeys.

The Snuts debut album W.L. stormed the charts in 2021, making them the first Scottish band in 14 years to release a debut #1 album. They releasedtheir sophomore albumBurn The Empire to rave reviews in September 2022. Produced by collaboratorsDetonateand Clarence Coffee Jr [Dua Lipa, Years & Years], the album which claimed another Top 3 for the band continues their evolutionboth sonically and lyrically, with NME describing it as A fearless evolution.

Infectious, euphoric, heartfelt and packed to the brim withhooks,...


From today, you can take the V/Line anywhere in Victoria for less than $10 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Victorians can now experience cheaper fares on V/Line train trips in a move championed by the Victorian Labour Government, with the regional fare cap now in effect to make regional public transport fares fair.

The cost of a daily ticket on the entire regional Victorian network is now capped at the same prices as metropolitan daily fares currently $9.20 for a full fare or $4.60 for a concession. On a weekend or public holiday, daily fares are capped at $6.70 and currently just $3.35 for concession.

Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment here.

That means more money in regional Victorians pockets, and more opportunities for families in Melbourne and visitors to the state to explore everything Victoria has to offer. It also ensures families living in rural and regional Victoria can visit loved ones, and access health and education services in other regional cities and in Melbourne.

For those who take long-distance V/Line journeys, the regional fare cap can save people more than $40 for each and every one-way journey on the regional public transport network.

From late March, V/Line fares for regional Victoria will be capped to metro prices


The cap also applies to interstate travel within 60 kilometres of the Victorian border, as well as Albury, Merimbula, Deniliquin and Mt Gambier, to ensure those living in border communities in New South Wales and South Australia benefit as well. The fare cap applies to all PTV regional buses, town buses and V/Line trains and coaches.

The Labor Government is continuing to boost the public transport network across regional Victoria, running more trains, more often investing nearly $1.5 billion in 59 new VLocity trains since 2014, which has created around 500 jobs.

Since 2014, an extra 800 V/Line train services have also been added with a record 2,200 regional train services now operating every week. Almost 200 extra weekend services are set to be added to the V/Line timetable from 2024 with a further order of 23 VLocity trains to meet the demands of a growing network.

For more information or to p...


Dictator Mark McGowan is taking Western Australia back to Covid by handing cops sweeping new powers "IndyWatch Feed National"

READ MORE AT DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA  Insidious way Mark McGowan is taking Western Australia back...


That 'trans' bloke shot and killed 6 people, 3 of them little children. "IndyWatch Feed National"

KJP: "Our hearts go out to the trans community, as they are under attack right now." (@townhallcom) March 30, 2023


Missy Higgins leads the Deni Ute Musters all-Australian lineup for 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Deni Ute Muster has announced its all-Australian lineup featuring some of the countrys biggest names in country and pop music for its event later this year, taking place Friday, 29 September and Saturday, 30 September 2023.

The Deni Ute Muster is one of the most popular bucket list events in Australia and attracts close to 20,000 people of all ages to celebrate music, mateship and, of course, the iconic ute. A Deni favourite, Lee Kernaghan, leads the lineup alongside the likes of Deni first-timers Missy Higgins, James Johnston, Casey Barnes, The Whitlams Black Stump Band and Deniliquins very own Zara Lindeman.

Other acts include Jessica Mauboy, Travis Collins, Catherine Britt, Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole, Andrew Swift, Jayne Denham, and John Williamson, among many others.

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.


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Market Talk March 30, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"



Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Thursday that he was committed to opening up and reforming the worlds second-largest economy, seeking to win over foreign investors even as trade and geopolitical tensions with the West loom large. Li, who spoke alongside the prime ministers of Malaysia, Singapore and Spain, earlier this week told a group of foreign executives, including Apple Incs Tim Cook, at a summit in Beijing that China was unswervingly committed to opening up. Those COVID curbs were abruptly dropped in December, and Li said on Thursday there were signs a recovery was starting to take hold.


The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today:

  • NIKKEI 225 decreased 100.85 points or -0.36% to 27,782.93
  • Shanghai increased 21.19 points or 0.65% to 3,261.25
  • Hang Seng increased 116.73 points or 0.58% to 20,309.13
  • ASX 200 increased 72.00 points or 1.02% to 7,122.30
  • Kospi increased 9.24 points or 0.38% to 2,453.16
  • SENSEX closed
  • Nifty50 closed



The major Asian currency markets had a mixed day today:

  • AUDUSD increased 0.00280 or 0.42% to 0.67112
  • NZDUSD increased 0.00420 or 0.67% to 0.62648
  • USDJPY decreased 0.215 or -0.16% to 132.625
  • USDCNY decreased 0.02030 or -0.29% to 6.87437


Precious Metals:

  • Gold increased 17.61 USD/t oz. or 0.90% to 1,981.65
  • Silver increased 0.575 USD/t. oz or 2.46% to 23.925


Some economic news from last night:

New Zealand:

Building Consents (MoM) (Feb) decreased from -5.2% to -9.0%

ANZ Business Confidence (Mar) decreased from -43.3 to -43.4





European Central Bank interest rates will likely have to rise further to contain inflation, policymakers said on Wednesday, but at least one outspoken conservative floated the idea of a slowdown in the pace of increases. The ECB has raised rates by a combined 350 basis points since July but offered no guidance for its next meeting on May 4, arguing that recent financial market tension could upend any plan. Slovak central ba...


EPAs Internal Watchdog to Investigate Agencys Response to East Palestine Train Derailment "IndyWatch Feed National"

Residents of East Palestine, Ohio, have criticized the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its response to the derailment of a Norfolk Southern train that released toxins including vinyl chloride a plastic production chemical linked to liver cancer into the towns environment. 

Now, the EPAs internal watchdog said it would investigate the agencys handling of the disaster. 

As part of this inquiry, we will conduct interviews, gather data, and analyze a variety of issues, including hazardous waste disposal, air and water monitoring, soil and sediment sampling, and risk communication, the EPA Office of Inspector General (OIG) said in an announcement Monday. 

An agency spokesperson did not tell The Guardian why it chose to investigate. However, the EPA has faced many criticisms for how it conducted testing following the incident to make sure the derailment site and surrounding area were really safe for residents. 

There are too many unanswered questions and conflicting information, Kyla Bennett of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, who used to work as an EPA scientist, told The Guardian. The IG can get to the bottom of how decisions were made to conduct testing the way they were and whether that was sufficient.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the government response to the derailment involved testing for dioxins. These are a type of toxic and persistent chemical present in Agent Orange, Stephen Lester of the Center for Health, Environment & Justice explained in an opinion column for The Guardian. 

Dioxin is not deliberately manufactured. It is the unintended byproduct of indus...


House Republicans subpoena Blinken to hand over sensitive government doc related to Afghan withdrawal "IndyWatch Feed National"

For some reason Blinken has refused to provide the Dissent Cable from U.S. officials in Afghanistan reportedly warning of the grave risk that the government there would collapse, that is, until a subpoena was issued. Finally, the move may give Americans some much-needed answers about Bidens humiliating and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. House Republicans Subpoena Blinken []


The Shady Past of Keir Starmer, with Oliver Eagleton "IndyWatch Feed National"

From hotshot lawyer to head of the Crown Prosecution Services (CPS), Keir Starmer is perhaps not the first person many would associate with the British Labour Party. But the partys shift in ideological stance under former Prime Minister Tony Blair opened the door for the highly polished Starmer to become the leader.

Joining Lowkey on todays episode of The Watchdog is Oliver Eagleton, author and assistant editor of the journal, The New Left Review. Eagleton knows Starmer well; his 2022 biography, The Starmer Project: a Journey to the Right, forensically dissects both Starmers background and his rapid ascension to the top of the party and details the Labour Partys ideological shift from social democracy to neoliberalism.

Today, Eagleton highlights the 60-year-old politicians questionable relationship with Washington during his time as Director of Public Prosecutions, stating:

Starmer developed a close relationship with the Obama administrationhe went over to Washington and had a series of meetings with Eric Holder, head of the DOJ [Department of Justice] who, at the time, is the guy most famous for developing the legal infrastructure around the Obama administrations drone program.

Starmer has played a key role in the prosecution of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange. As head of the CPS, he used every weapon in his arsenal to keep the Australian publisher in the country and under constant surveillance, even threatening Swedish prosecutors who wished to drop their charges against him the entire pretense underwriting Assanges detention.

Swedish prosecutors had grown tired of the case, [it was]consuming a lot of resources, and they want to drop it. Again, the CPS intervenes and says no, no, no, you must keep the case going, Eagleton told Lowkey; The exact form of words that they used were: dont you dare get cold feet.

Eagleton was unimpressed by Starmers political history or his ideological consistency. He is just sort of a political chameleon or a blank canvas, and he can sort tack right or tack left, depending on who he is listening to at that moment, he said. What we do know is that the leader of the Labour Party pushed for tougher sentences for a whole range of crimes and demanded more police presence in working-class communities.

Before wrapping up, Oliver Eagleton makes a fundamental distinction between Keir Starmer and Tony Blair as leaders of the Labour Party.

Many have compared Starmer, both in outlook and in tone, to Tony Blair. Yet Eagleton says that this is, if anything, unfair to...


9 Best Goalkeeper Jersey in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every year, millions of people watch football matches and support their favourite teams. One of the most important players on the pitch is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the last line of defence and is responsible for keeping the ball out of the net. There are many different types of goalkeeper jerseys available on the market.

However, not all of them are created equal. Some are made from better quality materials and offer more protection than others. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best goalkeeper jerseys on the market.


Do tiger-dense habitats also help save carbon stock? Its complicated "IndyWatch Feed National"

KATHMANDU In 2012, when wildlife biologist Kanchan Thapa visited Chitwan National Park, a stronghold of the Bengal tiger in Nepal, a colleague asked him a question: How much carbon can we save if we save one tiger? It was an interesting question for Thapa, linking the two pressing issues of biodiversity loss and climate change, and stayed with him for a long time. I wanted to find an answer to the question and to look at the relation between carbon stock and tiger habitat, Thapa told Mongabay. In a newly published study, Thapa and colleagues attempted to find an answer. In short: its what Thapa called a simple calculation thats also a complicated trade-off. And while the researchers found some interesting correlations, they note that more data and studies are needed to get a clearer picture. A grassland in Nepal. Image by Abhaya Raj Joshi for Mongabay. Their initial idea was to fit tigers with GPS collars to observe their movements through different types of habitats, including forests made up predominantly of the sal trees that are emblematic of this part of Nepal. For each of these habitats, they could then calculate the above-ground biomass carbon stock the amount of carbon stored in vegetation such as trees, shrubs and grasses above the surface. However that wasnt possible as we didnt have enough carbon data for the entire tiger habitat in Nepal, Thapa said. So for the study, Thapa and his team decided to focus on 97 plots ofThis article was originally published on Mongabay


10 Best Round Cake Tin in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking for the best round cake tin, look no further! In this blog post, well tell you everything you need to know about finding the perfect cake tin for your baking needs. Well also share some tips on how to use your cake tin to get the best results.


The Four Types of Play of Roger Caillois: From Competition to Chance, from Mimicry to Vertigo "IndyWatch Feed National"

What are the differences in the psychological states between playing in a baseball game, playing with crossword puzzles, entering the lottery, watching a puppet show or rolling down a hill? Is play limited to recreation or are playful elements a necessary part of working in society? What are the conditions under which play becomes corrupt? Caillois' great model of the four kinds of play reveals some very provocative answers.


10 Best Pet Enclosure in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you have an animal that you love, then you want to make sure that they have the best possible life. This means giving them a safe and comfortable home, which includes having the right enclosure. In this blog post, we will look at some of the best pet enclosures on the market, so that you can make sure your beloved pet has everything they need.


10 Best Cricket Guard in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Cricket is a sport that is played between two teams of eleven players each. The game is played with a bat and ball and the object of the game is to score runs by hitting the ball with the bat and then running between the wickets. The fielding team tries to stop the batting team from scoring runs by getting them out. There are a number of ways to get a batsman out and one of them is for the bowler to bowl the ball at the batsmans legs so that it hits the stumps and he is given out lbw (leg before wicket). The batsman can also be caught out if he hits the ball in the air and it is caught by one of the fielders. The batsman can also be run out if he fails to reach his crease before the wicket-keeper or one of the fielders knocks down the stumps. A good cricket guard helps protect the batsmans leg from being hit by the ball, as well as providing some padding in case he does get hit. There are a few different types of cricket guards available on the market, so its important to choose one that suits your needs.

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10 Best Shirt Vest in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Are you looking for a shirt vest that will make you look your best? If so, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be discussing the best shirt vests for men. We will be considering various factors such as style, comfort, and price. By the end of this blog post, you should have a good idea of which shirt vest is right for you.


10 Best Ring Piercing in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking to get a new piercing, you may be wondering where to start. There are many different types of piercings, and it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. If youre drawn to rings, then a ring piercing may be the perfect choice for you. In this blog post, well discuss everything you need to know about ring piercings, including the best places to get them done. Well also share some tips on how to care for your new piercing so that it heals quickly and without complications.


10 Best Cot Pillow Case in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking for the best cot pillow case, youve come to the right place. In this blog post, well share our top picks for the best cot pillow cases, as well as some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs.


10 Best Hot Air Gun in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

When it comes to hot air guns, you want something that is going to get the job done quickly and efficiently. You also want something that is going to be easy to use and that wont take up too much space. Here are some of the best hot air guns on the market.


10 Best Clamp Clips in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

There are a lot of different types of clamp clips out there, and it can be tough to know which ones are the best. Thats why weve put together a list of the best clamp clips, so you can make an informed decision when youre shopping for your next set.


Iranian press review: Concerns rise over Iran-Azerbaijan military confrontation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Iranian press review: Concerns rise over Iran-Azerbaijan military confrontation

Meanwhile, the public demands answers about the 2022 protests' death toll, and conservative ayatollah compares unveiled women to coronavirus
MEE correspondent Thu, 03/30/2023 - 10:36
Iranian soldiers mark the anniversary of the outbreak of the 1980-1988 war with Iraq, in Tehran on 22 September 2022 (AFP)

Azerbaijan border tensions

Iran's army, Artesh, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) forces have increased their military presence on the country's northwestern borders as tensions rise between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

On 23 March, local media released an unconfirmed video of fighter jets manoeuvring in the sky, saying that Iranian F4 and F14 fighter jets flew close to the border with Azerbaijan to warn Baku about any new military operation in the breakaway province of Nagorno-Karabakh, a region populated mainly by ethnic Armenians but claimed by Azerbaijan.

That same day, Fars news agency reported that Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, the commander of the IRGC ground forces, visited the troops guarding Iran's borders with its two northwestern neighbours, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Meanwhile, Iranian analysts began speculating about Tehran's potential response to a new military confrontation between Baku and Yerevan over Nagorno-Karabakh.



Easter has nearly arrived, heres where to get hot cross buns across the Geelong region "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Is there anything better than starting your morning by waking up to the smell of delicious hot cross buns warming in the oven? Nothing quite beats that aroma of spices and fruit mixed with the fluffy dough that only a hot cross bun offers.

With Easter rolling around at high speed this year, theres a slew of small businesses and local bakers in town lovingly whipping up batches of the perfect creations for our eating pleasure. To help you consume as many as possible before they disappear for another year (cue the tears), heres where you can find Geelongs best hot cross buns right now.

Go forth, and indulge.


Nestled inconspicuously amongst the Shannon Avenue shopping village is Funk, a little oasis for lovers of baked goods, paired with a well-kept garden from the family behind Botanical Brew.

This year FUNK are bringing back their sensational Sourdough hot cross buns for Easter. These buns of joy are vegan and made with organic flour, sultanas, spices and a mandarin glaze. Purchase in-store or place an order with the team at FUNK stat.

Address: 152 Shannon Avenue, Geelong West


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The Australian Ballet is coming to Geelong in July "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Some of the Australian Ballets finest dancers will be visiting Geelong for a special ballet exhibition for three shows only this coming July, in celebration of their 60th anniversary.

Arriving in Geelong from 28 July 30 July, the visit comes as one stop on an exciting ballet tour of Victoria and New South Wales, and, showcasing a range of dance both classic and contemporary, the program includes not just one, but three different ballets: excerpts from The Sleeping Beauty Act III, The Vow by Jason Jervies, and an exclusive new work by award-winning choreographer Stephanie Lake, commissioned specifically for this event.

Stay up to date with whats happening within the regions art scene here

For 60 years The Australian Ballet has toured the country bringing exquisite productions to communities that might otherwise never get the opportunity to attend live ballet performances, says the Australian Ballets Executive Director, Lissa Twomey. Since 1980 when the tour became a regular part of the companys yearly programming, The Australian Ballet has delivered over 800 performances in 71 locations, travelling approximately 10,000 kilometres each year.

A collaboration with the Australian Ballet School, the tour hopes to foster an appreciation and understanding of ballet for a wider audience, not just the performance itself but all aspects of its formation and the skilled artists who make it happen.

In addition to the regular dance exhibition, the event also brings the free activity Class on Tour, which offers a unique, behind-the-scenes peek into the daily lives of the dancers as they learn and perfect their technique in preparation for a performance.

Taking The Australian Ballet on tour is a vital link to audiences around the country, says Artistic Director, David Hallberg. Many of our dancers careers were cultivated in dance schools across the nation and we hope our performances will inspire kids in Australia to explore dance with The Australian Ballet.



Expect the unexpected at 24, the brand-new free 24-hour festival coming to Werribee in May "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Next month Melbournes southwest destination Werribee will be transformed into a wonderland of art, live music and more with a brand-new 24-hour festival. 

Dubbed 24, this free, all-ages arts festival, presented by Wyndham City, will see Chirnside Park (home of the VFL Werribee Tigers) in central Werribee become a hub of never-ending entertainment, where every hour brings something new to enjoy. Playing on the idea of time itself, 24 will feature a number of durational live art works, created in real time along with a time inspired cinema program.  

The action kicks off at 6pm, on Saturday 6 May and will run through to 6pm, Sunday 7 May, with the opportunity to stay up through the night, or drop in across the twenty-four hours.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here.

From dusk the park will be buzzing with a fantastic lineup of live music and dance on the Riverside Stage, a live action painting project turning an old car into a dazzling neon artwork, and tunes from the alluring UKI a giant, robotic insect on wheels with its own DJ deck (previously seen at Burning Man and at White Night Melbourne).

Celebrating music and dance from around the world, reflective of the diverse multicultural community that makes up Melbournes west, the Riverside Stage will feature Ethiopian roots, reggae and dancehall singer-songwriter Nhatty Man, Master of the kora, Amadou Suso & Friends Band, Wurundjeri female dance group Djirri Djirri, and hip hop artist NOMAD, among others. A real treat will be a performance from supergroup, Halo Vocal Ensemble (Melbourne Music Week, Melbourne International Jazz Festival) reinterpreting classics from RnB royalty and many more. 

As dusk fades to dark, the park will take on a magical glow with a garden maze of 400 illuminated flowers and soundscape crafted entirely from recycled plastics known as Imaginary Botanicals along with Chromatica, a giant kaleidoscope that transforms the classic childhood toy into a large-scale interactive experience, both from The Indirect Object.



OKX plans Australian expansion, citing huge appetite for crypto "IndyWatch Feed National"

The exchanges chief marketing officer believes Australians are above the curve when it comes to crypto education and interest.


Designed by musicians, Muzikboxx is the new all-in-one music management app for music teachers "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Music teachers can now do more of what they love with Muzikboxx, the brand-new app designed to help music teachers manage their students so they can focus on what they love doing: being musicians!

The brainchild of master musician and entrepreneur Monica Rouvellas, the all-in-one subscription platform allows teachers to invoice, receive payments, schedule lessons, communicate with students and more. Aiming to make music education more accessible than ever before, students are also able to access a growing network of music teachers specific to their needs at the click of a button.

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

The benefits of learning music are indisputable, says Rouvellas.

Studies show that studying music can improve brain function in children, enhance language and mathematical skills, and improve memory, attention and concentration. Its also a lot of fun! My goal for Muzikboxx is to make music education accessible for everyone no matter where they live, what level theyre at or what their schedule is like.


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Birds of Tokyo to perform live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra this September "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Titled Birdsongs, the tour will see the band perform with five different symphony orchestras across Australia. The Melbourne Orchestra will join Birds of Tokyo for a series of electrifying concerts at Hamer Hall on September 21, 22 and 23.

Birds of Tokyo with Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

  • September 21 Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne
  • September 22 Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne
  • September 23 Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Birds of Tokyo have cemented their place as Australias most successful contemporary rock band, captivating the hearts of music fans with three chart-topping albums and captivating live performances. Their sweeping and dynamic songs are a powerful match for a full symphony orchestra, creating a unique concert experience that is not to be missed.


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Yarrawonga pub The Terminus opens new beer garden "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

In the town of Yarrawonga, the Terminus has been an iconic local venue, serving great food and hosting a range of exciting events, and as of March 2023, they have even more space to entertain with the unveiling of their new beer garden, The Stables.

Finally opening its barn doors in mid-March, the Stables is an outdoor space protected from the weather under a rustic pergola. Complete with leafy green surroundings, the area is huge, with high, low, and picnic tables for a capacity of as many as 375 people. Sports fans can watch their favorite team on a central mega screen dedicated to all the live games, and theres even a playground for kids to let off some steam.

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In addition to the usual menu that patrons may already know, the kitchen is introducing a few new dishes too, including a large snack menu for grazing. The Stables also comes with a fully stocked bar to keep the drinks flowing, serving wine, beer, cocktails, and spirits.

The Terminus Yarrawonga is an iconic pub and we look forward to it being a family-friendly activity hub for everyone, says Senior Operations Manager Mitch Harris.



Iconic Australian duo Bachelor Girl are performing a special show in Bannockburn this May "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Iconic Australian band Bachelor Girl, featuring Tania Doko and James Roche, is heading to the Bannockburn Railway Hotel in May.

Bringing along their brand new feel-good single Calling Out Your Name, the beloved duo will perform a monster show at the Railway on Friday, May 26 featuring all their iconic hits from the years gone by.

Bachelor Girl at Bannockburn

  • Bachelor Girl performing at the Bannockburn Railway Hotel on Friday, May 26
  • Bringing along hits such as Buses & Trains, Permission To Shine, and new single Calling Out Your Name
  • Reserved seating and general admission tickets available

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In 1992, Tania Doko and James Roche formed Bachelor Girl and the duo became one of the most loved Australian acts of the 1990s and early 2000s, enjoying Australian and international success in Asia, Scandinavia and the US (including signing with the legendary Clive Davis at Arista Records).

Electrifying the Australian music scene, they topped the charts with their debut double platinum-selling single Buses and Trains from their ARIA Award-winning debut album Waiting for the Day which was also certified double platinum. The album also spawned hits Treat Me Good, Lucky Me and Permission to Shine.

Buses and Trains, which has now surpassed over 25 million streams, was a huge hit internationally and solidified Bachelor Girl as an important part of Australian music history.

After a brief hiatus to pursue their individual musical paths as writers and producers for outside artists in Sweden and the UK, Tania and James reunited to release their socially conscious single Speak, in 2018.

With their hit-studded and dynamic live set, Bachelor Girl have secured impressive support slots including international heavyweights Eurythmics and The Goo Goo Dolls. More recently, the band has special guested on widely popular festival gigs such as Day on the Green (with John Farnham, Daryl Braithwaite), the Red Hot Summer tour, and can also add Icehouse to the list of iconic acts they have toured with.

2023 spearheads a significant year for the duo the 25th anniversary of their iconic debut single and album, also culminating with a new album release and celebratory tour dates, to be announced soon.

We are off to a cracking and lu...


Kryal Castle, Australias only medieval theme park, becomes home to new dog-friendly BIG4 Holiday Park "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Its official: the iconic regional medieval theme park, Kryal Castle, has become home to a brand-new BIG4 Holiday Park, set to officially swing open its doors to guests on  Friday 7 April.  

The closest Ballarat-based BIG4 caravan park to Melbourne, BIG4 Kryal Castle Holiday Park will expand the attractions current accommodation offerings to include 57 powered campsites, 16 one-bedroom cabins and four two-story luxury loft tiny homes which each sleep up to four people, with the height and modern furnishings offering a grand open feel. 

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A huge new dog-friendly caravan park is coming to Ballarats Kryal Castle

With all campsites positioned close to amenities and facilities, the holiday park is poised to be the perfect destination for entertaining families with a games room with Xbox consoles and bean bags, a playground for the kids, and a stunning lounge-style deck overlooking the Ballarat Cityscape. Better yet, pooches big and small are also welcome to take up residence, because we all know theyre family too. 

For the  first month of opening, guests will receive 50% off entry to the theme park, enjoying all the medieval fun on offer  including jousting tournaments, archery, quirky characters, Knight School, and magical potions.  

Only a 15-minute drive from the Ballarat town centre, the holiday park will help to fulfil the demand for greater accommodation in the area and will seek to boost tourism to pre-Covid levels. With bookings open now, the holiday parks opening in April comes at the perfect time with a plethora of events hosted at Kryal castle including the Unicorn  Festival from 7th-21st April and Smashing Pum...


Alfa Mist returns to Australia this May and June "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>From East London, British pianist, rapper and producer Alfa Mist makes his Sydney Opera House debut with his distinctive urban soundscapes that fuse hip-hop, soul and contemporary jazz this year, followed by headline shows in Adelaide and Melbourne.</p> <h3>Alfa Mist Australian Tour</h3> <p>Weds May 31st 2023 Vivid LIVE, Sydney Opera House<br> Fri June 2nd 2023, Adelaide Burnside Ballroom<br> Sat June 3rd 2023, Melbourne Croxton Bandroom</p> <p><b><i>Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s2"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>.</i></b></p> <p>Theres no denying that there is something distinctively London about the multi-faceted, Alfa Mist. Born and raised in East London, this artist, producer and label founder, has encountered an interesting introduction to music. A musical pallet refined by his explorations in Grime, Neo-Soul and Jazz, serving as the basis for his meditative sound.</p> <p>The perplexing depth of Alfas music pays homage to his unceasing work ethic and ability to feel. His origins of sampling started in the shadows of Black Star, Madlib & J Dilla. Nowadays hes traversing luscious, big-band work ethic swing and head-nodding boom-bap rhythms. His career has been fruitful, instantly selling out his debut US shows and collaborating with artists such as Tom Misch and Jordan Rakei. Alongside these, Alfa Mist, headlined Londons, Barbican in 2021.</p> <p>Following Alfa Mists acclaimed first record in 2015, Nocturne, a string of successes have followed. He returns with the highly anticipated release of his sixth album, Variables, set to come out on the 21st of April. Alfa explains the album as more uptempo and influenced by the freedom of returning to gigs. Four singles have already been released, BC, 4th of Feb (Stay Awake), Aged Eyes and Apho.</p> <p>The intense energy of Alfas five-piece band allows space for the crowd to hang on to the end of every note. Reflective and deeply poetic lyrics amongst sultry lights and smooth chord progressions. All of which can be expected when Alfa Mist returns to Australia to play at the Sydney Opera House, with local legends, Ella Haber & Swooping. Followed by headline shows in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Pre-sale tickets on sale Thursday, 30 March, general public tickets on sale Friday, 31 March here. </strong></p> <p>The post <a href= "" rel="nofollow">Alfa Mist returns to Australia this May and June</a> appeared first on <a href="" rel= "nofollow">Forte Magazine</a>.</p>


Ocean Is at Stake at International Seabed Authority Negotiations Over Deep-Sea Mining "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week in Kingston, Jamaica, the United Nations International Seabed Authority (ISA) is conducting a second week of negotiations that could shape the future of the deep ocean

In 2021, the Pacific nation of Nauru triggered something called the two-year rule, which gives the ISA until July 9 to establish regulations to govern the controversial practice of deep-sea mining. This 28th session, which launched March 16 and concludes Friday, is the bodys penultimate meeting before that deadline. 

The ocean is at stake, University of California, Santa Barbara deep-sea biologist Dr. Diva Amon, who is representing the Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative in Kingston, told EcoWatch. 

But beyond the looming threat of commercial mining, something else was different about these negotiations. Influential civil society groups including Greenpeace, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, the Pew Charitable Trusts and WWF have given up their seats to a large coalition of Indigenous Pacific activists who have come to share their vision of the high seas, a vision that contrasts the nationalist perspective that they are nobodys land.

What we want to express is that we dont view this as nobodys land because it is part of our country, Hawaiian Indigenous speaker and activist Solomon Kahoohalahala told EcoWatch. This is where we have lived and thrived and have inhabited the largest area of ocean and islands on planet Earth. 

Part of Our Country

Kahoohalahala hails from the Hawaiian island of Lnai, where he has worked to establish marine conservation areas and to protect native dry land forest. He has also joined efforts to protect Hawaiian marine biodiversity as a whole as part of the Maui Nui Makkai network and the

Native Hawaiian Cultural Working Group that championed the expansion of Papahnaumokukea Marine National Monument into the worlds largest Marine Protected Area under then-President Barack Obama. In addition to his advocacy against deep-sea mining, he is also now campaigning for the expansion of the Pacific and Remote Islands National Mon...


RFK, Jr. Calls on DOT Secretary Buttigieg to Investigate Spike in Airline Near-Misses Caused by Pilot Health Emergencies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. today called on U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg to investigate the spike in near-misses and narrowly averted airline accidents resulting from pilots incapacitated by health emergencies since 2021, coinciding with the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the U.S.

In a letter to Buttigieg, Kennedy wrote:

Secretary Buttigieg, the safety of pilots, cabin crew, airline passengers, and the general public is not and never has been a partisan issue. Everything contained within this letter pertains to fundamental issues of public health and safety, which you, the DOT, the FAA, and the Biden Administration profess to uphold and to protect.

The changes to FAA guidelines and the lack of publicly available evidence on which these changes rest, along with the increasing number of incidents involving the incapacitation or vaccine-related injury of pilots, are highly concerning.

A Childrens Health Defense (CHD) analysis of raw data obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) determined there was a marked increase, on a per-flight basis, in medical emergency-related flight diversions in both 2021 and 2022, compared to 2019 and prior years, Kennedy said.

Similarly, there was a marked increase in medical emergency diversions on a per-passenger basis in 2021 compared to 2019 and prior years, while the 2022 figure is higher than those for 2018 and 2019, indicating an increase in medical emergencies occurring in the air, when adjusted for the reduced number of flights and passengers in the 2021 and 2022 calendar years compared to the pre-2020 period.

Kennedy said the FAA violated its own guidelines by recommending COVID-19 vaccines authorized for emergency use for pilots, contrary to the agencys policy of prohibiting pilots from taking any medical product that has been on the market for less than 12 months.

Kennedys 13-page letter citing 69 sources detailed evidence the FAA loosened medical restrictions for conditions such as myocarditis and Guillain-Barr Syndrome, both documented adverse events related to COVID-19 vaccines.

The letter outlines 12 questions Kennedy said Buttigieg and the FAA need to answer for the American public and demands a thorough investigation into whether COVID-19 vaccines may be endangering pilots, flight crews and the public.

# # #

Childrens Health Defense is a 5...


Meeting between the Interstellar Commonwealth representatives and the Angry Astronaut described as productive (Fiction) "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Reporter X

Addressing the interstellar media, YouTube personality, the Angry Astronaut, and the Interstellar Commonwealth, both described their meeting as productive.

Im glad we had this talk, said AA. Im now open to the possibility that aliens dont want to destroy humanity.

Representative Zoklo replied, If we wanted to destroy humanity, why would help build your Internet?

I dont know. Maybe to distract us from your planet destroying missiles?

As you can see, we still have a way to go.

Bolingbrook Mayor Mary Alexander-Basta arranged the meeting after watching AAs video accusing the Commonwealth of building Alien Death Stars. 

I know some people are desperate for clicks and subscribers, but this video went too far. His reckless speculation threatened decades of negotiations to bring humanity into the Commonwealth. The Illuminati wanted to make Mr. Angry disappear. I persuaded them to let Mr. Angry meet our visitors and learn the truth.

Representative Liko insisted that the facility orbiting HD139139 manufactures luxury planets, not planet killers. There are solar systems that dont have planets in the habitable zone. Instead of building a base on a hostile world, some civilizations buy planets and orbit them in the habitable zone. Sure, its more expensive than terraforming or shifting a planets orbit, but its a status symbol. Like how your ultra-rich humans build oversized and overpowered boats instead of buying for rowboats.

AA replied, Yeah, maybe they just want to help us make love instead of war. That would be great. But what if its a trap? What if theyre distracting us with their toys while a moon-sized object hurls towards us at 99% the speed of light? We wouldnt see it until it was too late! Then they could take over our solar system! I have more to say about this, but first! I see that my YouTube Interstellar channel only has 99 billion subscribers. If reach 100 billion subscribers, I wont get mind-wiped. So if you want me to have more conversations with these allegedly friendly aliens, hit the like button and SUBSCRIBE!

Your solar system isnt that special, said Liko. And the Martian Colonies have claimed Earth as their property. They can protect your planet from any sub-light speed threat. Not that we want to destroy Earth. We want to be your friends.

Maybe. Maybe not. But until I get a definitive answer, I urge every human to STAY ANGRY ABOUT SPACE!

Fortunately, said Alexander-Basta, we have some...

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SWAMPED: Australia to get 650,000 MIGRANTS in 2 years "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Tuesday in Melbourne. READ MORE AT XYZ Australia is about to get infinity chinks: Australia...

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