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Thursday, 23 March


The Covert War on Old People "IndyWatch Feed National"

J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor

Decades ago some passing Melbourne Uni student wrote on a wall in Carlton, We are being farmed. The truth is simple but there is much cunning detail involved in the reality.

We are now seeing hyper-efficient human resource management being put into place. Old people are trouble so its out with them, and in with the new people, their reward for compliance is that they can come into Australia from anywhere to displace local Useless Eaters.

Hot desking is not just for offices, its a lifestyle now, nomadism is back in vogue so you are deployed here or there, for maximum effectiveness. Accommodation is available from web apps such as Stayz, which ad...


Ambassador Weirdo's first video: Anyone got the odds him losing his shit ? "IndyWatch Feed National" AmboRudd??? AmboWeirdo more like. Be nice if AmboWeirdo sticks. Here's AmboWeirdo's world premiere AmboWeirdo Launch video: Great first few days on the job meeting the @AusintheUS Embassy team. Kevin Rudd AC (@AmboRudd) March 22, 2023 Here's one of his earlier diplomatic triumphs. AmboWeirdo. Tell all your friends!...



Lining up the staff to clap you in front of the cameras. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Left will pull any trick. Getting public servants to act as extras for the ABC and press pals, and clap the Prime Minister walking from his referendum press conference ... Wow. Amazing how many Canberra media lemmings accepted this as reality. It's called a photo op. A taxpayer funded...


Afghanistan veteran Major Andy Cullen (Retd) and his message to the Chief of the Defence Force. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Retired @AustralianArmy Major and war veteran Andy Cullen's message for General Angus Campbell @CDF_Aust in response to the latter's PR war against his own: "How's recruitment in the ADF going at the moment? I'd be surprised if you could get *anyone* to sign up ..."#auspol Stuart McCarthy (@StuartMcCarthy_)...


Pauline Hanson with the disgraceful, divisive secret truth behind Albanese's voice "IndyWatch Feed National"

Thanks to Dave Simmons for the tip, he writes: LEAD????? THIS IS A LEAD Michael! Pauline Hanson has just disclosed a Federal Government Aboriginal group created an 11 point plan that was found in Woden Cafe in Canberra. This is explosive...


What is wrong with this woman? "IndyWatch Feed National"

What do you call a woman that acts like this? Meanwhile in Melbourne (@meanwhileinau) March 23, 2023


Permanent, constitutional change is not a job for blithering idiots and their 'feelings' "IndyWatch Feed National"

It's black letter, L.A.W. Binding law. In this case binding constitutional law with no idea about its future consequences. It creates two classes of Australians, based on race. It's wrong. It's a no from me.


Matt Walsh has quite the way with words. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The quintessence of etymological exactitude. Do you agree with Matt Walsh? Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis (@DrLoupis) March 22, 2023


Great to be in a country with good free broadband again! "IndyWatch Feed National"

This is the free instore broadband at a Thai cafe at Nay Yang beach, Phuket. Wifi is free, cappuccino about $2 - fast no hassle broadband, priceless.


Bus driver has sudden heart attack - 13YO boy grabs wheel and save busload of children "IndyWatch Feed National"

School bus driver suffers heart attack and 13-year-old gets behind the wheel and saves all children's lives Great Videos (@Enezator) March 22, 2023 Where was he when the Liberals needed him?


Why gender essentialism is a white supremacist ideology "IndyWatch Feed National"

The idea that these neo-Nazis are just cosplayers, attempt by numerous lone wolves and paramilitary groups to seize control of multiple countries, is too dangerous to seriously contemplate. The better question might be: why do so many anti-trans rights activists, who often see themselves as left-wing or self-describe as feminists, tolerate or downplay the presence of Nazis in their circles? And, just as importantly, why do neo-Nazis show up to support them?

The post Why gender essentialism is a white supremacist ideology appeared first on Overland literary journal.


TRT World interview on surging violence in Palestine and Israels Supreme Court "IndyWatch Feed National"

My interview with global broadcaster TRT World on rising violence in the West Bank and faux Western (and Israeli) concerns about the Supreme Court, a body thats rarely protected Palestinian rights.

The post TRT World interview on surging violence in Palestine and Israels Supreme Court appeared first on Antony Loewenstein.


Bring that US jury to Victoria, Australia. "IndyWatch Feed National"

A federal jury found an LAPD officer personally liable after a protester was shot in the face with a rubber bullet during a 2020 George Floyd protest. @DeMarcoReports shares his story.#GMA3 GMA3: What You Need To Know (@ABCGMA3) March 22, 2023


Tipping Points, Resets and an Unknown Future "IndyWatch Feed National"

Introduction by DM,

Earlier this week, my swimming friend was telling me about how she was trying to close her account and transfer money from the Commonwealth Bank (Australia) to another. She attempted to transfer the funds online, but a SCAM ALERT popped up preventing the transfer. The next day she went to her branch, waited for a long time, and just before closing time sat down with one of the bank staff to help her transfer the funds. At the end of a long process, the staffer said it was done and the funds transferred. But no, on checking her account days later the transfer had not gone through. She then went to the main city branch to get the transfer done. On arriving, she...


COVID Casualties Cooking Class "IndyWatch Feed National"


This posting is a COVID-19  Casualties Cooking Class that provided practical insight into how the people responsible for the harms they have caused, cook the books when concealing the deaths caused by the (State-sanctioned) bioterrorist activity that I refer to as COVID-GATE.

Please share this URL:


2020 BC Before Covid In the beginning, there were no casualties at all:



Xi and Putin meeting shows the world of western dominance is coming to an end "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The recent visit by Chinas Xi Jinping to Moscow and his meeting with Russias leader Vladimir Putin as an important event. On one side, it heralds a new level of the relationship between the two nations.  On the other, it marks a new chapter in the realignment of global politics and power, and this will effect all nation, including Australia.

Wisdom suggests that taking note of this and its implications is a very good idea.

There are two very different interpretations. One peddled by the United States and  its satellites is that China and Russia are trying to destroy the rules based order and take over the world, and they must be stopped. This has been broadcast loudly be most of the big corporate media in the nations where governments singing this song. They beat up about inevitable conflict and the prospect of war. In fact, its most zealous proponents are calling for war.

Just what it this rule based order? In reality it is a system where the West, principally the United States, position themselves as the custodians of civilisation, democracy, and freedom. Control over the rules and processes that administer economics, international trade, finance, politics, and military affairs was imposed.  

illustration by Chen Xia/GT

Since Bretton Woods system was put in place in 1944, global trade has been administered by institutions that serve it. The two most prominent ones are the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Gold and the U.S. Dollar were cemented as the medium for international exchange. Those who did not sign onto Bretton Woods, or excluded, were locked out of the global economy. To be included meant to come submit to demands of the United States.

Todays champions of the rules-based system are really calling for a continuation of this system and defending the interests of the dominant power.

There are echoes of nineteenth and twentieth century colonialism here. The existing rules system benefits some at the cost of others and preserves the right of a few to interfere in the concerns of others.

The meeting between Xi and Putin was one...


Bruce Lehrmanns own lawyer, Paul Svilans, has further exposed the Polices attempt to protect Lehrmann from criminal charges "IndyWatch Feed National"

Bruce Lehrmanns lawyer Paul Svilans filed an affidavit in his defamation case against Channel 10 and News Corp which shows further evidence of the Australian Federal Polices conspiracy to protect Bruce Lehrmann []


The Trump legal circus goes on and on "IndyWatch Feed National"

I have been avoiding much of the news about the possible indictments of Donald Trump because prosecutors offices tend to be pretty tight-lipped, so the constant speculation about if or when he will be indicted, by whom and for what, tends to be fact-free and thus of not much value. One might as well wait until something actually happens. But then last week Trump himself said that he expects to be indicted and also arrested on Tuesday by the Manhattan district attorney on the recommendation of the grand jury looking into his case and that caused a media frenzy. It is not clear if Trump had some inside source for this news or whether he was also guessing and simply trying to rally support in the event that he does get indicted soon.

Tuesday came and went with no indictment. Since the grand jury only meets on Mondays and Wednesday, that would make today the possible day. I do not how how the process works in detail but I would have thought that in complex, high-profile cases it would take at least a day or two after the grand jury ends its deliberations and delivers its verdict for the DA to prepare and file an indictment, so I would not expect anything today either.

Trump had called on his supporters to protest but according to news reports, police, media, and anti-Trump protestors outnumbered pro-Trump supporters outside the Manhattan DAs office on Tuesday. Some of the pro-Trump protestors even looked like they were not sincere supporters but performance artists. I can well understand his supporters being a little cautious this time around. Many of them are bitter that after they responded to his call to protest on January 6th 2021, he did not march with them to the Capitol as he had promised and for a short while even seemed to abandon them. The fact that so many of them have been prosecuted, convicted, and jailed, ruining their lives, must have a cooling effect on their passions.

So did Trump get wrong information? It is possible that the DA had planned to do something on Tuesday but deferred it in order to defuse any gathering of the Trump supporters. Or it is possible that Trump simply made up the story (he has absolutely no regard for the truth) in order to fund-raise. He has already sent out appeals to his followers. It is also possible that he wanted to shift attention to himself and away from the retreat being held in Florida by Republican members of Congress to plan their strategy. If so, it worked. Speaker Kevin McCarthy had to answer questions about the possible indictment instead of what his party was discussing.

Whatever his reasons, the discussion among the chattering classes...


The Indo-Pacificization of Asia: Implications for the Regional Order "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Indo-Pacific is a vast geographical region that encompasses the Indian Ocean and the western and central Pacific Oceans, including the many seas in Southeast Asia and Oceania. In a geopolitical context, the term only started to appear in the lexicon of geopolitics in the late 2010s. The late Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo first referred to the confluence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans in mid-2007, and the official use of Indo-Pacific first appeared in Australias 2013 Defense White Paper. Since then, the U.S., India, EU, and ASEAN have all published their respective visions and strategies for the Indo-Pacific. What drove the emergence of this vast super-region in the geopolitical discourse?


Mental Maps, the Far East, and the Asia-Pacific

Regions are social constructs that serve political agendas. Fundamentally, they are mental maps that revolve around power, shape identity, agenda setting, and sense of belonging as a stakeholder in a shared space. Regional identities form the basis for which a state perceives itself vis--vis others. A logical consequence of the dynamic nature of political agendas is that regional constructs are also dynamic, and subject to reflect the given state of international relations.

The contemporary Indo-Pacific construct is a relatively recent phenomenon. Previously, the term Far East was widely used. The term has mostly fallen out of popular use, due to its certain connotations with eurocentrism, colonialism, and cultural exoticism. The term was also initially used by Imperial Japan, but it later opted for East Asia in an attempt to create an alternative region order in the form of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Fast-forward to the late twentieth century, the Asia-Pacific emerged as a new regional construct with the worlds largest ocean the Pacific at its heart. What was previously seen as a geographical barrier is instead seen through the lens of connectivity, where shipping lanes and flight routes would bring the emerging economies of Asia closer to the developed markets of the U.S. This occurred in the context of the unipolar moment, where the United States emerged from the Cold War as the worlds sole superpower. It is within this unipolar framework that the U.S. was able to act as the security guarantor the regional order through hubs and spokes a series of bilateral security ties between the U.S. and its partners in Asia.

Institutions played a key role in upholding the regional order. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) perhaps best encapsulates the idea of an Asia-Pacific construct. Formed in 1989, APEC pr...

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Wednesday, 22 March


10 Best Transfer Paper in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

When it comes to finding the best transfer paper, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The type of paper you use will determine the quality of the transfer, so its important to choose wisely. There are two main types of transfer paper: photocopier paper and inkjet paper. Photocopier paper is cheaper but doesnt produce as high-quality transfers.

Inkjet paper is more expensive but produces better results. To get the best possible transfer, you need to use a high-quality piece of paper. This means that youll have to spend a bit more money on the paper itself. However, its worth it in the end because youll get better results.


Extremism leads to more extremism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Answers in Genesis isnt just that annoying collection of stupid people and con artists anymore theyre embracing hate and bigotry as fervently as they have ignorance, and its getting worse. Dan makes an interesting discovery while trying to track down the source of some recent hateful articles on the AiG website.

Whats curious is that AiG is trying to hide the source there are these articles that are currently anonymous, but the Wayback Machine reveals that they were initially posted under the byline Harry F. Sanders, III. Why is AiG actively trying to conceal the authorship? And further, Harry F. Sanders, III is itself a pseudonym for someone named Emory Moynagh (probably also a pseudonym) who had a YouTube channel (now deleted) called In His Image, where he was an extremist antisemitic conspiracy theorists. And now AiG is trying to launder his history while giving him a bigger platform to peddle that extremism. Also interesting: AiG is taking other creationist organizations know they are heretics and blasphemers. Ken Hams ego is totally in charge, I imagine he considers himself a modern-day patriarch who must chastise all those who deviate from his dogma.

This is a common problem in authoritarian worldviews, you know. Were witnessing a predictable acceleration as AiG fully embraces its cult nature. Its only going to get more feverish and vicious.

If youd rather not listen to a 14 minute video, heres the conclusion:

Ken Ham is going all-in on the culture war
And hes decided to go all-in against other YECs
Hes enlisted Harry F. Sanders, III/Emory Moynagh as the primary author of this series
Harry/Emory has a history of articulating extreme positions, including borderline incitements of violence, antisemitism, and conspiracies
This is dangerous and irresponsible, especially considering Ham and AiGs recent aggression towards the LGBT+ community and the trend of right-wing violence


10 Best Curtain Rings in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking for the best curtain rings to hold up your drapes, youve come to the right place. In this blog post, well share our top picks for the best curtain rings on the market. Well also provide a buyers guide to help you choose the right type of rings for your needs.


NSW Teachers Association - all talk - nowhere when needed "IndyWatch Feed National"

A NSW teacher is goaded by little shit kids in the classroom to the point of breaking. The teacher is stood down and charged with assault. Life rolls on for the little shits who video it and post it all over the internet. The local community stands up for the...


Paper co-authored by controversial Australian journalist earns expression of concern "IndyWatch Feed National"

Maryanne Demasi

One more paper co-authored by Australian health journalist Maryanne Demasi has earned an expression of concern for image duplication.

The move comes seven years after the journal Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) was first made aware of potential problems with a figure in Demasis paper that showed Western blots. It marks the third time one of the former researchers scientific publications has been officially flagged as concerning or retracted.

Demasi, who earned her PhD from the University of Adelaide in 2004, has been in the news recently after she did a controversial interview with the lead author of a Cochrane review that cast doubt on face masks. She has drawn frequent rebuke over the past decade, beginning with a 2013 program in which her reporting questioned statins. She and her co-authors told us in 2018 that they believe her work as a journalist made her research a target of criticism.

Following a yearslong probe by the university int...


10 Best Cpu Cheap in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you are looking for the best cheap CPU, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is that you need to know what your needs are. Are you a casual user who only uses their computer for browsing the web and checking email? Or are you a power user who needs their computer for gaming, video editing, or other resource-intensive tasks? Once you know what your needs are, you can start looking at different CPUs to find the one that best suits your budget. There are a few different manufacturers of CPUs, but Intel and AMD are the two most popular. Intel CPUs tend to be more expensive, but they also tend to be more powerful. AMD CPUs are typically cheaper, but they can still offer good performance for most users.

If youre on a tight budget, an AMD CPU is probably your best bet. But if you can afford to spend a bit more, an Intel CPU will likely give you better performance. Once youve decided on a manufacturer, you need to choose a model. The model number will tell you how powerful the CPU is. The higher the number, the more powerful the CPU will be. However, dont get too hung up on model numbers.



Freaks vs Fanatics. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Who do you think is getting ready to win the long game?


Jury retires to consider their verdict in Malka Leifer sex abuse trial "IndyWatch Feed National"

Malka Leifer attending one of many hearings in Jerusalem about her extradition to Melbourne, Australia where the abuse of school kids occurred. She was their principal.



Always Wanting More "IndyWatch Feed National"

"Always wanting more" is an operational definition of "hedonism." This brief article is my "mea culpa." Inexplicably, I overlooked hedonism per se as a trait in my "psychoscope" of the evil superpower elite in America's corpocracy. This article seeks an answer to why our species is always wanting more.


PODCAST Edge Of The Blade With Nadine Sisterson "IndyWatch Feed National"

On tonights podcast show 22/03/23 i am joined by former AVN president Nadine Sisterson to catch up on all the latest and to discuss the mechanics behind what is happening right now in Australia.  Read More


Considerations for Expats Moving to Thailand "IndyWatch Feed National"

At some point in life, everyone fantasizes about packing everything up and moving abroad. But for many, fantasy is as far as it goes because moving abroad is quite a big change. Now, for the people who are ready for such a revolution, globetrotters in essence, Thailand might seem the perfect destination.

The Land of Smiles, the country of a thousand landscapes and exotic dishes, is famous for its hospitality. When choosing the country you want to live your life in, this is a key aspect and it can be the feature that helps you make the final decision. However, moving abroad is not an easy deal and the best way to approach it is by checking all the items in the aspects-to-consider-before-moving list. So, if you are considering Thailand as a place to live in, these are the things you should take into account.

Thailand is a highly popular destination among expats

Finding a home in Thailand will not be so hard, especially because it is full of other expats that are willing to help you in the search. Besides, the locals welcome hundreds of new visitors and foreigners who go there to live every year. Most new residents that are foreigners go from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia, so, even if you will eventually learn the language, you will find English-speaking people everywhere.

The bigger cities are the preferred destinations of foreign residents so, when looking for a house, consider Bangkok, Pattaya, or Chiang Mai, although islands like Koh Samui or Koh Tao are also popular choices for expats.

Plenty of landscapes and tourist places



Russia warns UK over decision to arm Ukraine with nuclear ammo "IndyWatch Feed National"

Press TV March 21.2023

Britain will be sending Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunition along with the Challenger tanks it is sending Ukraine. Click to enlarge

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns that Moscow will react to an earlier decision by the UK to arm Ukraine with ammunition containing depleted uranium.

Speaking in London on Monday, Britains Minister of State for Defense Annabel Goldie said some of the ammunition for the Challenger 2 battle tanks that Britain was sending to Ukraine included armor-piercing rounds, which contain depleted uranium.

The United Kingdomannounced not only the supply of tanks to Ukraine, but also shells with depleted uranium. If this happens, Russia will be forced to react, Putin told reporters in Moscow on Tuesday.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also cautioned that the British decision was moving Moscow and the West closer to the brink of nuclear collision.

Another step has been taken, and there are fewer and fewer left, he told reporters in remarks cited by domestic agencies.

Ammunition containing depleted uranium can pierce tanks and similar armor-plated vehicles due to the nuclear components density and other physical properties.

Naturally, Russia has something to answer this with, Shoigu added.

Russia started a military campaign in neighboring Ukraine last February to defend the pro-Russian population in the eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk against persecution by Kiev.

Ever since the beginning of the war, Western countries, led by the United States, have been slapping Russia with a slew of economic sanctions and pumping Ukraine full of advanced weapons, steps that Moscow says would only prolong the hostilities.

The Wests ongoing armament of Ukraine comes, although, Putin recently said he welcomed a Chinese proposal for mediation between Moscow and Kiev towards resolution of the now-year-long conflict.




Pips Podcast Guide: Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed National"

Looking for the next great podcast to binge-listen to? These 12 sustainably focused podcasts will do the trick!


End of an era: Bedrock to cease iconic Saturday night residency at Lambys "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Whether you were new to town or youre Geelong through and through, the iconic underground bar Lambys has been the place to go to throwback multiple Mario Karts, stick to the carpet, and dance the night away to the live band on a Saturday night.

After eight huge years of soundtracking our Saturday nights until the early hours, Bedrock is saying goodbye to the Lambys stage as they wrap up their iconic Saturday night residency in the coming weeks.

Indulge in a throwback with 30 things weve all done on a night out in Geelong here

Lambys Tavern shared the news to social media on March 14, indicating that the high-energy rock cover band Bedrock would perform for three more Saturday nights March 18, March 24 and April 1.

All great things must come to an end Lambs. After eight awesome years on the Lambys stage, we are gearing up to say our final goodbyes to BEDROCK as they wrap up their iconic Saturday night residency in the coming weeks, the post read.

Its bittersweet news for surebut you better believe these legends are ready to tear it up first and go out with a BANG!!

Over the next three Saturday nights, dont miss your chance to show the lads some love, have a boogie, sing along, cheers a bev and join us in giving them a proper Lambys send-off.


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Yeah Nah Pasaran! #155 w Jayne Persian on Ustae in Australia : March 23, 2023 "IndyWatch Feed National"

This week on Yeah Nah Pasaran! we talk to Jayne Persian [Twitter]. Jayne is an historian and the author of Beautiful Balts: From displaced persons to new Australians (NewSouth, 2017) and the co-editor with Evan Smith and Vashti Jane Continue reading


Victoria Police recruitment "IndyWatch Feed National"

Victoria Police are on a recruitment drive in 2023 for 500 new officers in 2 years...

A percentage of officers resigned during the pandemic, as they were not comfortable in assaulting the general population based on unlawful policies.

To obtain training of the calibre shown in the illustration above, being a wife basher helps tremendously.

Some officers think that it is acceptable to assault their wife because they are police officers, where they can and do get away with this heinous crime.



By The Glass is the stunning new European-influenced wine bar worth visiting in Armadale "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A venue thats all about embracing lifes simple pleasures, By The Glass is Armadales new go-to wine destination.

Practising what they preach and providing a space where guests can enjoy any of their expansive wine selections by the bottle or by the glass, this new Victorian spot is truly worth it, whether you live around the corner or youre making the dedicated trip to Melbourne. 

Keep up with the latest food and booze news across the region here.

Influenced by quintessential European concepts, of local bars found in the centre of every old city, By The Class is Cosy yet adventurous, featuring a variety of delectable drops, from your favourite Western Australian Chenin Blanc to an Argentinian Malbec. 

A stunning output from owners Ron Dhali and Gareth Yan two years in the making, the new sixty-eight-seater wine bar has several intimate spaces for you to enjoy depending on the occasion. The indoor dining seating and bar have been designed to create a dark and moody atmosphere with polished flooring, intimate lighting and a feature wall showcasing the eccentric collection of wine and spirits on offer.


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This stunning Ocean Grove retreat has been named the best self-contained accommodation in the entire country "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Tucked away in tranquil bushland, two very stunning studio cabins offer stylish, peaceful, cosy and relaxed accommodation in central Ocean Grove.

Owned by a fourth-generation Ocean Grove family, the quiet retreat The Woods has just taken out gold in the 2022 Australian Tourism Awards for the best Self-Contained Accommodation. Named as the top across the country, The Woods beat out the likes of WAs Tree Chalets and Tasmanias Villa Talia which came in at silver and bronze, respectively.

Keep up with the latest Victorian travel destinations, news and tips here

In peaceful bushland out in old Ocean Grove, a private driveway leads you into The Woods, where youll find our two cedar cabins

Set underneath the 100-year-old gum trees, here you can breathe in the beautifully landscaped garden which stands alongside the outdoor kitchen and barbecue, pizza oven, tennis court, firepit and golfing green. Pour yourself a drink and youll be laughing along with the kookaburras and cockatoos as the sun sets for another day on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.

Perfect for couples, girls weekends or a small family getaway, the beautiful cabins provide accommodation for up to four guests in Cabin Two (queen and two singles) or a couple in Cabin One (queen bed). Each space with its light and modern dcor, and cabins 20 metres apart, includes a simple kitchenette, ensuite bathroom and sitting area, along with a private outdoor bath and shower on the deck.




I told you So "IndyWatch Feed National"

For the life of me, I have stated the obvious that the Biden Administration has been pushing China and Russia together not to mention North Korea, Iran, and perhaps even Turkey. I cannot believe that I am so brilliant that none of these people in the White House understood the historical event that just took place. That leaves me with the only possible conclusion that they KNEW what they were doing, and that this was DELIBERATE with the intention of creating World War III.

They made it clear that Russia is willing to negotiate but the USA wants war not peace. All they need to do is honor the Minsk Agreement which they refuse to do. In addition, they expressed concern about the West effectively creating NATO in Asia and the AUKUS (Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and their plans to build nuclear submarines that would violate the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Russian and China came to an agreement concerning a comprehensive partnership in the energy sector. They also expressed concern for the American Neocons who have been pushing military-biological activities and demand full disclosure. They are furthermore pushing for the US to accelerate the elimination of its stockpile of chemical weapons, which the Neocons seem to be dragging their feet intentionally under the Biden Administration.

They also stressed that the United States is pushing Ukraine into this proxy war that they viewed as leading to an uncontrollable phase. Moreover, they have also pointed out that the United States and the UK are bypassing the UN Security Council and acting in a rogue manner. The Biden Administration has already divided the world economy. Now, China and Russia are moving to a joint security policy on food and energy which will include defense.

NATO is by no means a defensive organization. They violated the agreements of 1991 and moved Eastward to the border of Russia. In return, China and Russia have called on NATO to strictly observe the defensive nature of their organization and respect the foreign sovereignty of nations, which they have not. Aside from the fact that they invited Russia to join in 1991 which led to the Gorbachev coup, the need for Russia to be the evil empire has been vital. Without an enemy, NATO serves no purpose.

They have also expressed concern that the United States has clearly intensified...


Australiana: Designing a Nation is Bendigos latest major exhibition surveying the iconography of Australiana in art and design "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

This month, Bendigo Art Gallery has seen the arrival of a brand-new major exhibition exploring the iconography of Australiana through history to the present day.

Running from March 18 through to June 25, Australiana: Designing a Nation will feature more than 200 artists and designers curated in a special partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria.

Stay up to date with whats happening within the regions art scene here

Encompassing the rich expressions of culture and connection to Country of First Nations artists and designers, to explorations of national and personal identity by others, Australiana illuminates a local vernacular. Through the use of native materials and motifs, playful remixes of popular culture, and incisive reflections on nationalistic sentiment, the visual language of Australiana celebratesand interrogateswho we are.

Presented exclusively at Bendigo Art Gallery, this expansive exhibition showcases works by over 200 artists and designers, including many Australian masterpieces. Spanning the visual and decorative arts as well as photography, illustration, furniture, jewellery, moving image and fashion, this exhibition charts Australias social and popular cultural history.

As part of Australiana: Designing a Nation, artist Kenny Pittock has created an activity zone at the Gallery. The installation features commissioned artworks 100 Ice-creams, a large-scale Rainbow Paddle-pop mural and a range of fun activities designed to get the whole family connecting over the playful nostalgia of ice-cream.

Kennys 100 Ice-creams prompts visitors to share their favourite ice-cream-themed memories (such as family politics associated with sharing a Neapolitan tub!) and invites children and their carers to get inventive by imagining new ice-cream flavours through video and drawing exercises.

A selection of contemporary Australian artists will also be featured, with highlights including the likes of Ken Done, Paul McCann, leading contemporary First Nations artist Tony Albert and renowned fashion house Romance was Born.

Australiana: Designing a Nation is on at Bendigo Art Gallery, 42 View Street, Bendigo from 18 March to 25 June 2023. Entry is free. 

For more information, visit: for details.

The post...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

China Urges US to Stop Politicizing COVID Origins-tracing After Bill Signed

By GT staff reporters

Mar 21, 2023 10:11 PM

Cartoon produced by Xinhua shows US President Joe Biden turning to the intelligence community for a COVID-19 virus origins story. Photo: Xinhua

China on Tuesday urged the US to stop politicizing the COVID-19 origins-tracing in strong opposition to US President Joe Biden's signing of a bill that requires the so-called declassification of information related to COVID-19 origins-tracing which hypes up "lab-leak" hypothesis without any evidence. 

Wang Wenbin, spokesperson from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, expressed China's strong dissatisfaction at Tuesday's press briefing over the bill saying it severely distorts facts, fabricates false infomation, hypes up "lab-leak theory" without any evidence, and smears and attacks China. 

The legislation - the COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023 - passed by the US Senate and House earlier this month and Biden signed the bill into law on Monday.

"My Administration will continue to review all classified information relating to COVID-19's origins, including potential links to the Wuhan Institute of Virology," Biden claimed in a statement released by the White House. 

Wang condemned the US for not making any responsible moves, except making irresponsible remarks on the World Health Organization works in tracing origins and repressing scientists who uphold consciencee in answeing a question asked by the Global Times reporter.

Politicizing the COVID-19 origins-tracing will only hinder global tracing and scientific cooperation, divide global solidarity in the fight against COVID-19, and undermine the global health governance mechanism, Wang warned, urging the US to stop politicizing origins-tracing and respond to reasonable concerns from the international community, including sharing their suspected cases, open up Fort Detricks and other bio-labs, Wang noted.

Topics related to COVID-19 are hyperpolitical in the US, not purely scientif...


Theres a Geelong Elvis Festival happening this year, bringing Gracelands best to regional Victoria "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>The legendary <a href= "">Elvis Presley</a> is the undisputed King of Rock and Roll. One of the most iconic public figures of the 20th century, Elvis left a unique and indelible mark on the American music landscape that endures to this day. From rock and roll, pop, country, and rockabilly, to gospel, blues, and R&B, the singer did it all during his 20+ years of making music, as nobody else before him or since.</p> <p>In honour of the King, Geelong will this year be getting its very own Elvis Festival.</p> <p><b><i>Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region <a href= "">here</a>. </i></b></p> <blockquote class="wp-embedded-content"> <p><a href= ""> Long Live The King: Elvis Presley and the 1968 Comeback Special that changed everything </a></p> </blockquote> <p>From the producers of the beloved Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth & Queensland Elvis Festivals, the Geelong Elvis Festival will head to the regional city for the very first time.

Taking place across two days in August, this four-concert international event will feature some truly incredible superstar Elvis tribute artists direct from Memphis and Graceland.

While specific details have not yet been announced, the Geelong Elvis Festival said that bringing Gracelands best to Geelong is our goal, and its happening this August and local talent would be considered as special guests if possible.</p> <p>More info coming soon but keen Elvis fans can register their interest via <a class= "x1i10hfl xjbqb8w x6umtig x1b1mbwd xaqea5y xav7gou x9f619 x1ypdohk xt0psk2 xe8uvvx xdj266r x11i5rnm xat24cr x1mh8g0r xexx8yu x4uap5 x18d9i69 xkhd6sd x16tdsg8 x1hl2dhg xggy1nq x1a2a7pz xt0b8zv x1fey0fg" href= "" rel="nofollow noopener" tabindex="0" target= "_blank"></a></p> <p><strong>Until then, keep up to date with the latest via the Facebook page <a href= "">here</a>. </strong></p> <p>The post...</p>


Soros Taking Down America "IndyWatch Feed National"

Alvan Bragg in his vendetta against Donald Trump is clearly not just abusing his power, but he is attempting to interfere in the presidential election of 2024 by harassing Trump and trying to make him so toxic that nobody will donate to him. While I personally thought that Trump had fallen too far to be a viable candidate, at this point, this has all had the opposite effect.  We have to come to the realization that Washington DC is so toxic itself, on both sides, that perhaps we need Donald Trump to actually kick ass. Will anyone else be effective in DC as a president from here on out? The answer is absolutely no way. And BTW, even if Trump is indicted and found guilty, he can still be president. A felony does not preclude you from being president.

Bragg is trying to claim that Trump used his own funds that he put into his campaign to pay the hooker and that makes it illegal. Bill Clinton did the same to pay $850,000 to Jones to settle a public lawsuit after an election but before any reelection no less Hillarys run for president.  Trump won against Stormy Daniels that he never had an affair with her and she eventually admitted that whereas Clinton did have an affair with Jones. All of this is absolutely desperate interference in the 2024 election.

What deeply offends me is that Bragg is tainted with the worst possible funding George Soros the man who wants to destroy the very economic system that enabled him to make billions. As ...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.25 AUD


Win tickets to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, plus an overnight stay for two at Adina on Queen Street "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Theres no happier place to be than Melbourne in April, when comedians hit the stages of venues across the city and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival takes over town, delivering a whole month of belly-aching laughter to comedy lovers, locals and tourists alike.

Hailed as one of the top three largest comedy festivals in the world, the beloved comedy extravaganza returns from 29 March to 23 April, taking flight through a host of internationals, newcomers, local talent and staple events such as The Gala, Opening Night Comedy Allstars Supershow, Upfront, The (Very) Big Laugh Out and Comedy Club for Kids. From free family entertainment to show-stopping performances from comedy trailblazers, there really is a show for everyone at this years Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Now with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival just around the corner, weve got a cracker of a giveaway to pass on to one of our comedy-loving readers.

Prepare your stomach muscles comedy lovers, you could win:

  • 2 x tickets to New Order (UK) featuring Featuring Chloe Petts, Huge Davies and Rob Auton on 15 April
  • 2 x tickets to The Festival Club (Comedy Bonanza) on 15 April
  • 1 x night accommodation for two people on Saturday 15 April at Adina on Queen Street

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here

Whether youre in need of something to impress that special someone in your life, youre wanting to take your bestie out for a night, or you just want to treat your mum to comedy and a night in the city, this giveaway is the ticket.

After youve spent the day exploring the beautiful city, the lucky competition winner will kick off the evening with some of the most exciting and original performers on the UK scene at the Melbourne International Comedy Festivals New Order. With a hand-picked lineup, this years show is looking stronger than ever! Hitting the stage are three of the most trendsetting comics in the biz that everyones talking about in the utterly confident, revelatory and funny Chloe Petts, Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Nominee Huge Davies and whimsical genius and award-winning stand-up poet Rob Aut...


What Really Happens When We Die? A Shocking Revelation "IndyWatch Feed National"

Death is a topic that most people dont like to think about, let alone discuss. But as the saying goes, death is the great equalizer, and its something that we will all experience at some point. While there are many theories about what happens when we die, the truth is that no one knows for sure. However, recent research and personal accounts from those who have had near-death experiences have shed new light on this topic, and the revelations may shock you.

According to a study conducted by the University of Southampton in the UK, consciousness can continue to exist for several minutes after the body has died. The study, which analyzed more than 2,000 cases of cardiac arrest patients, found that nearly 40% of those who were resuscitated reported some level of awareness during the time that they were clinically dead.

One of the most interesting aspects of the study is that many of the patients reported similar experiences, regardless of whether they believed in an afterlife or not. Many described feeling as though they were floating above their body, watching as doctors tried to revive them. Others reported feelings of peace and tranquility, and some even said that they saw a bright light or a tunnel.

While its impossible to say for sure what these experiences mean, they do suggest that consciousness may be separate from the physical body and that it can continue to exist after death.

Another fascinating aspect of the study is that some of the patients reported hearing conversations that were taking place in the room while they were clinically dead. This suggests that hearing may be one of the last senses to go when we die, and that we may be more aware of our surroundings than we realize.

Of course, there are still many unanswered questions about what happens when we die. Some people believe in an afterlife, while others believe that death is simply the end. However, the research into near-death experiences suggests that there may be more to death than we previously thought.

Regardless of what happens when we die, its important to remember that death is a natural part of life. While it can be scary to think about, its also a reminder to live our lives to the fullest and to cherish the time that we have with our loved ones. So, whether we go on to a new plane of existence or simply fade away, we can take comfort in the fact that we will all experience death together, and that its simply a part of the cycle of life.


Viral comedy champion Nats What I Reckon is bringing his new show Yeah, Righto to Geelong this month "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Viral comedy champion, rock musician, mental health advocate and award-winning, best-selling author Nats What I Reckon is heading around the country with his new Yeah Righto tour this year and Geelong just so happens to be on the itinerary for an epically entertaining evening of piss-taking on March 30.

Kicking off in Adelaide earlier this month for Fringe Festival, the tour will see Nat bring his brand-new comedy show to audiences in Melbourne, Geelong, Manjimup, Perth, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Auckland in March through to May this year.

Keep up with the latest in local events here.

Making videos as Nats What I Reckon for a decade now, Nats hilarious social commentary has amassed a quickly growing, dedicated audience of millions along the way.

While taking the playful and thorough piss out of everything from trade shows and tattoo events to burnout festivals and exploring Area 51, its his no-nonsense cooking segments that brought comfort to the masses during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Waging war against processed food after observing that pasta jar-sauce shelves had been picked clean by hoarders but fresh produce sections were full and untouched, Nat launched a no-nonsense instructional video on one of his tried and true pasta sauce recipes. With his classic, sweary style and signature cheery spin and whistle the clip immediately went to a new level of viral for Nat and for good reason, they are absolutely hilarious. Highlights include the End Of Days Bolognese, Carbo-Rona Sauce, and Wham Bam Thank You Lamb and have even managed to get the tick of approval from A-List fans including Dave Grohl and Yael Stone.

With his hilarious social commentary, good-natured piss-taking and honest conversation about mental health, Nats since gone on to performing live at sold out tours and comedy festivals, published three books, a board game and a podcast, and clocked up over four million online followers and hundreds of millions of views on this wild ride he is on.

Come find out what the sweary rocknroll comedian has been up to with his brand-new show.

Book in early champs!

Nats What I Reckon will head to the Sphinx Hotel in North Geelong on 30 March. Tickets go on sale on Fri 24 March, 2023. Head here for more info. 

The post...


Strong culture and strong youth will help Close the Gap "IndyWatch Feed National"

BRIDGET Cama believes its time to take a different approach to Close the Gap. 

Ms Cama co-chairs the Uluru Youth Dialogue and spoke at the launch of the 2023 Close the Gap campaign in Sydney. 

Australians know that the gap exists between Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australians, she said. 

Government-implemented initiatives, policies and laws imposed on us and our communities to address or manage First Nations affairs have not worked. 

They continue to fail us because at every stage we are shut out of the decision-making processes. 

The Close the Gap campaign represents more than 50 organisations who, since 2006, have advocated for Aboriginal and Torres Strait


Voice is on track "IndyWatch Feed National"

FEDERAL Minister for Indigenous Australians Linda Burney says the referendum for an 

Indigenous voice to parliament is on track, despite having not yet released a question. 

Speaking from South Australias parliament house, Ms Burney said the referendum would be held by the end of the year. 

We are doing the work that is needed to get this voice right. I can assure you that the voice is on track, she said. 

We are taking our time, consulting and being very deliberate to make sure this voice is the voice that people are asking for.

Both the referendum working group, which includes a cross-section of representatives from First Nations communities across Australia and the engagement group, which also includes representatives from Indigenous organisations, met in Adelaide last week. 

The federal government has said it will introduce legislation by the end of the next parliamentary sitting on March 30. Working group member Thomas Mayor said meaningful recognition of First Nations people in the constitution was long overdue. 

We are doing a lot of hard work to reach a set of words we can take to the Australian people to see our nation become


Standing at Solidarity Park "IndyWatch Feed National"

In 1997, in response to anti-union legislation, 30,000 unionists marched on WA Parliament, and were ignored. On May Day, directly across the road from Parliament, aka Bullshit Castle, a site was pegged and legally claimed by unionists using the Mining Act. Remarkably, Solidarity Park is now Heritage Protected. The site is not just historic though, its alive. We ought to keep it overflowing with our movements.

The post Standing at Solidarity Park appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Yours Truly on the local FM radio station "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

As a result of the local greenies making an appearance on our local Huon FM radio station, the southernmost station in the nation, and talking the usual nonsense youd expect from energy blind greenies, I offered to set the record straight and they accepted. And theyre igoing to have me back.


The War Drive Against China "IndyWatch Feed National"

When will this hate-filled nonsense stop? Surveillance balloons treated like evocations of Satan and his card-carrying followers; other innumerable unidentified phenomena that, nonetheless, remain attributable in origin, despite their designation; and then the issue of spying cranes. In the meantime, there has been much finger pointing on the culprit of COVID-19 and the global pandemic. Behold the China Threat, the Sino Monster, the Yellow Terror.

In this atmosphere, the hawkish disposition of media outlets in a number of countries in shrieking for war is becoming palpable. The Fairfax press in Australia gave a less than admirable example of this in their absurd Red Alert series, crowned by crowing warmongers warning Australia to get ready for the imminent confrontation. The publications were timed to soften the public for the inevitable, scandalous and possibly even treasonous announcement that the Australian government would be spending A$368 billion in local currency on needless submarines against a garishly dressed-up threat backed by ill-motivated allies.

For days, the Australian press demonstrated a zombie-like adherence to the war line that had been fed by deskbound generals no doubt suffering from piles and deranged civilian strategists desperate to justify their supper. It is a line that always assumes the virtue of war; that going into battle, much like US President Theodore Roosevelt thought, will always outdo the tedium of peace in a haze of phosphorescent glory. It is only in the morgues and the crowded cemeteries that we find a worthy patriotism. Go out and kill, you noble sons and daughters. Do your nation proud, however stupidly.

The desperation of such a measure is also a reflection of how public opinion rejects the war drive. In a 2022 poll by the Lowy Institute think tank, 51% of Australians said they preferred their country to remain neutral in a conflict between the US and China over Taiwan. This was not a bad return, given the repetitious insistence by various Australian government ministers that joining a war with the United States over Taiwan was simply assumed.

In the US, the Wall Street Journal was also doing much the same thing, plumping for great power competitions that can only end badly, rather than great power cooperation which, when it goes well, spares us the body bags, the funerals and the flag fluttering.

The introductory note of...


NSW Labor publishes its lousy, bullshit attempt at filthy smear in individual dirt files. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Comrade, Theres something seriously wrong in the Liberal and National Parties. Weve been conducting some in-depth research on their candidates over recent weeks and what weve uncovered is alarming. Many of their candidates have a history of anti-vax conspiracies, climate denialism, misogyny, homophobia, and rorting. Its become clear that...


The beloved Mothers Day Classic announces its return to Geelong this May "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift this year? Why not spend the day supporting thousands of Aussie mums struggling with breast cancer.

Australias biggest fun run and walk for breast cancer research, the Women in Super Mothers Day Classic, has announced its return for 2023, taking place in more than 70 locations nationwide where participants can celebrate, honour and raise vital funds for those impacted by breast cancer.

In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Western Sydney (Parramatta Park), Darwin, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hobart, Geelong and Perth, the major Mothers Day Classic events will return bigger and better than ever.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here


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We all live in a magic submarine "IndyWatch Feed National"

Morrisons dream, brought to you by the ALP and a mere 368 billion dollars.

Several commentators have remarked that, while the mainstream media is locked in furious agreement with the government over AUKUS and the trillion dollar submarines (a guess at the final price tag), social and independent media are telling quite a different tale.

The whole scheme originates with Morrison, which should ring alarm bells (did he secretly install Hillsong cultists in the defence department?), and they ring louder when we consider that the USA doesnt have the political stability to promise support through the next two or three decades. A president called Trump or DeSantis would likely disable the treaty with budget cuts or dismantle it outright. Similarly the UK government has no political strength, no social capital, and it has no economic stability either.

But somehow most members of the major parties, and mainstream journalists, with a few honourable exceptions, have swallowed whole the colonial Anglosphere will save us from the Chinese bullshit, and tumbled over each other to affirm what a brilliant act of statesmanship Albanese has performed.

It is by no means sure that this is what the electorate believes, and notably two former prime ministers have criticised the scheme, but the difference between them and Albanese is that Keating...


The Rions are heading out on a national Australian tour in May and June "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Racking up some 10 million streams worldwide, going back-to-back in consecutive Hottest 100 countdowns and drawn praise from the likes of even the most unlikely of fans in Avatars Sam Worthington, Sydney school friends The Rions are on the rise, sharing their first taste of new music for 2023 with their latest single Scary Movies.

To celebrate the release, the band are heading back on tour this May stopping off in  Meanjin/Brisbanes The Brightside, Tarndanya/Adelaides Jive, Boorloo/Perths Amplifier, Naarm/Melbournes The Evelyn Hotel and Eora/Sydneys The Lansdowne Hotel.

The Rions National Tour

Fri 12 May  The Brightside  Meanjin/Brisbane
Fri 19 May  Jive  tarndanya/Adelaide
Sat 20 May  Amplifier  Boorloo/Perth
Sat 27 May  The Evelyn Hotel  Naarm/Melbourne
Fri 02 Jun  The Lansdowne Hotel  Eora/Sydney

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First forming back in high school where they took to talent shows encouraged by their music teacher Mr. Stone (father to Northern Beaches musical royalty Angus & Julia), Noah Blockley, Harley Wilson, Asher McLean, and Tom Partington went on to upload their single Night Light to triple j Unearthed. It was from there that the band went on to take out the winning prize for Unearthed High in 2021 which catapulted them to national recognition. The win built on the momentum of debut singles Sadie, Halfway Out and  Head Still Hurts, followed by ...


Voting guide to preferencing in the NSW lower house "IndyWatch Feed National"

The NSW election, to be held on Saturday March 25, uses optional preferencing in both houses of parliament which means that many votes will be unwittingly exhausted and wasted.

Click here for our handy upper house voting guide.

Last week, The Echo covered the importance of continuing preferencing in the upper house (the Legislative Council), to ensure not only the party with majority support wins, but to give a chance to minor party and independent candidates.

Now, lets turn to preferencing in the lower house (the Legislative Assembly).

There is little chance locally for minor party or independent party candidates to be elected to the lower house. Only the major parties, ie Labor, the Greens and the Liberal/Nationals Coalition, are likely to have successful candidates locally.

In the Ballina electorate (Byron and Ballina Shires), we elect a candidate to represent us in NSW Parliament.

The Greens Tamara Smith has held the seat for two terms, and has won with preferences from Labor and the minors.

If you do not preference properly, there is a chance the Nationals Party candidate could win, as the Nationals will almost certainly be ahead on the primary vote before preferences are counted.



Can we fix our failing food systems? Agroecology has answers "IndyWatch Feed National"

Overproduction of cash crops, vast monocultures of chemical-dependent grains and massive animal agriculture operations are putting major stress not just on U.S. farmland where theyre contributing to soil erosion, groundwater depletion and climate change but these practices are also impacting areas such as the Brazilian Cerrado, where more than half the huge savanna has been converted to soy. Compounding these issues is the fact that roughly a third of all food produced in the U.S. is wasted, a statistic that also bears out globally. As the 2023 growing season begins in the Northern Hemisphere, author and food journalist Tom Philpott whose most recent book, Perilous Bounty: The Looming Collapse of American Farming and How We Can Prevent It, details these problems joins the Mongabay Newscast to talk about the most problematic practices, how they permeate the worlds food systems and how techniques like agroecology and agroforestry could change the game and provide a way out. Listen here: Agroecology is a sustainable agriculture practice based on Indigenous and traditional methods of growing food that can address most of the aforementioned challenges while slowing the biodiversity crisis, according to the IPCCs 2022 report. Its methods can increase the nutrient profile of soils, protect it from erosion and provide a more diversified set of crops for farmers to sell. The question is, why dont we do it? Philpott, who nowadays dives into these topics as a research associate for the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, says quarterlyThis article was originally published on Mongabay


Lizzo announces Australian headline tour for July "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Straight off the back of being announced as a Splendour in the Grass headliner, four times GRAMMY Award-winner, Emmy Award-winner, songwriter, rapper, flautist and singer Lizzo has now announced shell be bringing The Special Tour 2023 to Australia and New Zealand this July for a series of headline shows.

The tour commences at Perths RAC Arena on July 14, followed by Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne on July 17, Sydneys Qudos Bank Arena on July 23 and concluding at Aucklands Spark Arena on Wednesday July 26 with special guest Tkay Maidza appearing for all shows.

Lizzo The Special Tour 2023 Australian Dates





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Every once in a while, an artist changes not only music, but culture as well. Lizzo has done both, shifting the sound, soul, and spirit of popular music and culture with a series of definitive history-making smashes. Along the way, she has collected numerous awards, topped the Billboard Hot 100 at #1 twice, picked up over a dozen gold and platinum certifications, sold out tours, and appeared in blockbuster films.

Lizzos hugely adored second full-length offering Special is her biggest, boldest, and brightest revolution thus far: bursting with chunky disco-funk beats designed to make you move. Specials spirited, charismatic anthems are her most adventurous yet. The album saw Lizzo receive 4 nominations at the 65th Annual GRAMMY Awards recently, with monumental lead single About Damn Time taking out the coveted title of Record Of The Year.

Hailed by Rolling Stone as the most unabashedly joyous, sonically diverse, and emotionally profound album put out by a major label since Beyonces Lemonade, Lizzos SPECIAL debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 album chart, and #1 on the Pop Albums chart.

Lizzo first took over with her 2019 debut album, CUZ I LOVE YOU. It bowed at #4 on the Billboard Top 200, reached platinum status, graced countless critical year-end lists, and spawned Tempo [feat. Missy Elliott] (platinum), Juice (2x-platinum), Good As Hell (4x-platinum), and Truth Hurts (9x-platinum).

Truth Hurts raced to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and dominated the chart for seven weeks, making history as the longest running #1 by a solo female rap artist ever. Speaking to its impact, Rolling Stone even touted it among its coveted 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.

At the GRAMMY Awards, Truth Hurts...


Homeless koala house hunting in Manly "IndyWatch Feed National"

Blinky settled into a big Norfolk Island pine on the foreshore in Manly. Photo supplied

As the trees continue to fall at the hands of the NSW governments Forestry Corporation in Yarret State Forest, Blinky the koala has had to abandon his home, it had been chopped down, and seek a new place to live. 

Police calling Blinky about his housing situation in Manly. Photo supplied

Yarratt is high-quality koala habitat but Blinky has had to move on. He travelled down the exceptionally high-quality road (if only we had such good roads in places like Main Arm!) made by NSW Forestry Corporation who received $60 million of NSW Flood Recovery money.

It certainly made it easier to access the trees that my family and I were liv...


Queensland cops have some explaining to do over death of Steven Harrison "IndyWatch Feed National"

Reports by the Toowoomba Chronicle revealed Harrison was highly respected in the local community.


PEOPLE in the town of Warwick and others across Australia are wondering why police used a sonic torture device and strobe lights against the political adviser and constitutional historian Steven Harrison, found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. Read More


We Conspiracy Theorists Were Wrong about Nine-Eleven "IndyWatch Feed National"

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Today, by the grace of God, I turned 76. For some time, Ive been hoping it would all end soon, but now I find that I wish I were 16.

So what brought this on?  This new desire for youth? Its all thanks to a scientist named Judy Wood. You may have heard of her as a kook that came up with a far-fetched theory as to the means by which New Yorks World Trade Center towers were attacked on...


The three big questions Australias leaders must answer about the AUKUS deal "IndyWatch Feed National"

Former foreign minister (1988 to 1996) under a Labor government, Gareth Evans questions the wisdom of the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal. This comes from the viewpoint of some who favours the alliance with the United States. Even so, he sees significant problems in this deal, which are enough to question the wisdom of going along with it. His words ae important. Evans joins a growing list, including Paul Keating, Kim Carr, Bob Carr, and Peter Garrett. They add to the growing tide of opposition. This has been confirmed by the latest Essential poll. This article was published as an opinion[piece in The Guardian (21 March 2023).

Love Paul Keating or loathe him, admire or abhor his invective, he has raised questions about the AUKUS deal which are hugely important for Australias future and demand much more compelling answers than we have so far received from government ministers past or present.

The big three for me are whether, for all the hype, the submarines we are buying are really fit for purpose; whether an Australian flag on them really means we retain full sovereign agency in their use; and if it does not, whether that loss of agency is a price worth paying for the US security insurance we think we might be buying.

On any read of Australias defence needs focusing on potential adversaries capability, not presumed intent a very strong submarine fleet is a crucial component, along with air, missile and cyber power. And there is no question as to the greater capability of nuclear-powered submarines when it comes to speed of movement, time on distant station and probably though this is contested detectability. They are a hugely effective asset.

Only one is paying. Our bloke: Pa...


Natural Building Australia: Building For A Sustainable Future "IndyWatch Feed National"

Something exciting is happening for the natural building industry around Australia.


Andrews-the-Virtuous flying the 'Trans' flag outside Victoria's Parliament House "IndyWatch Feed National"

The "Transgender Pride Flag"was created by American 'trans woman' Monica Helms in 1999. The designer describes it thus: The stripes at the top and bottom are light blue, the traditional color for baby boys. The stripes next to them are pink, the traditional color for baby girls. The stripe in...


This Has Got to Stop "IndyWatch Feed National"

"As the evidence mounts of an even broader censorship effort by the Biden administration, the Democrats' attacks have become more unhinged and unscrupulous. After shredding any fealty to free speech, they now are attacking journalists, demanding their sources and claiming their reporting is a public threat." Jonathan Turley And it will stop because, as the old wag Herb Stein laid down in his law years ago: Things that can't go on, stop. Which raises the question: which things? And the answer is the things Western Civ is doing in its attempted suicide: inciting war, recklessly running up debt, persecuting its own citizens and stealing their liberties, subjecting them to medical malfeasance, destroying their goods production and food-growing capabilities, and subjecting the public to incessant mind-fuckery in a campaign to falsify and disfigure reality. A consortium of public and corporate bureaucracies has institutionalized the falsification of reality under the pretense of saving...


China Has No War Plans "IndyWatch Feed National"

 Between the United States and China, who is likely to win the competition for global power and influence in this century?



Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sooner or later the mob work you out.


Registering at Yesplay: How to Get Started with Online Sports Betting "IndyWatch Feed National"



YesPlay is one of the most coveted bookies in the Rainbow Nation (South Africa). The reason is not far-fetched. The sportsbook can accept multiple wagers on top events. They can also pay massive winnings. In any case, the bookie has passed muster. As of now, it has over 500,000 users.

The sportsbook furnishes several spectra of wagers. It also delivers the best sweepstakes globally. Theres also an excellent real-time service with a generous selection of games. However, only registered users are qualified to enjoy the fruits of the platform. In this discourse, we will put you through the grind. These include how to register an account at YesPlay, the benefits of yes play registration, and the like.

Steps to Register an Account at Yesplay

YesPlay registration is like a walk in the park. You must ascertain the mobile number that can receive your registration code. In this case, filling out a question sheet or survey form is imperative. If you want to register with YesPlay bet, here are some things to peruse:

  • Ascertain the email address.
  • Ascertain the mobile number.
  • Produce a password.
  • Select your gender.
  • Select your country of residence.
  • Input your date of birth.
  • Choose the secret question and provide an answer to it.
  • Look out for the promo code (if theres any).
  • Comply with relevant rules.

Lets look at the YesPlay registration guideline:

  • Navigate through the pinnacle of the website. You will see the registration icon in red.
  • Tap the registration icon. It will lead you to the sign-up platform.
  • You can sign up via three options. These include Facebook, Apple, or Gmail accounts. ItsRegistering through these methods is easier because you dont need to input fresh details.


  • You can also register through a sign-up form where you input fresh details. Such details include your phone number, name, and many others.


After registration, you will need to reload the platform. You can achieve this by inputting your sign-in and password again. You can start placing wagers after registration.

Verifying Your Account

Its not enough to register with YesPlay. FICA verification is a significant aspect of YesPlay. It typically occurs duri...


Poccums Law: the blueprint to fix the Andrews governments discriminatory bail laws "IndyWatch Feed National"

The family of Veronica Marie Nelson, a strong Gunditjmara, Dja Dja Wurrung, Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta woman who passed away in custody, are calling on the Andrews Government to implement urgent changes to the state's bail laws and have asked that these reforms are referred to as Poccums Law.

Poccum was the nickname Veronica received from her family; as a child they took Veronica out to see a possum in the tree, and she would pronounce possum as poccum.

Thousands of people continue to be funnelled into Victorias prisons following knee-jerk amendments to Victorias bail laws. Since 2018 the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in prison has almost doubled, and right now a staggering 41.9% of people in prison are unsentenced and awaiting a court hearing or trial.

Victorias bail laws destroy families and communities and put peoples lives at risk. They have led to a soaring prison population, even though Victorias crime rates have flat-lined.

The Coronial Inquest into Veronica Nelsons passing labeled the bail laws a complete and unmitigated disaster. The Coroner found that the bail laws discriminate against Aboriginal people, are incompatible with Victorias Human Rights Charter, and should be changed urgently.

56 organisations in the legal, human rights and health sectors, including the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, Robinson Gill Lawyers, Dhadjowa Foundation and the Human Rights Law Centre, support the familys calls and urge the Victorian government to immediately implement Poccums Law by:

  1. Removing the presumption against bail.

  2. Granting access to bail unless the prosecution shows that there is a specific and immediate risk to the safety of another person; a serious risk of interfering with a witness; or a demonstrable risk that the person will flee the jurisdiction.

  3. Explicitly requiring that a person must not be remanded for an offence that is unlikely to result in a sentence of imprisonment.

  4. Removing all bail offences (committing an indictable offence while on bail, breaching bail conditions and failure to answer bail).

Learn more about Poccum's Law here

Quote from Aunty Donna Nelson, Veronicas mother

My Poccums pleas for help must be heard by all lawmakers to correct a bail system that is broken.

I want these reforms to be made in honour of my daughter, Veronica, so lawmakers can always be reminded of how cruel and inhumane prison can be to our mob.

Any reform falling short of our demands will not be supported by me, and cannot have my Poccums name associated with it.

The Victorian Government has an opp.....


Mountain-Dwelling Species Losing Habitats Rapidly, Study Finds "IndyWatch Feed National"

Mountain forests are important habitats for many species, but a new study has found that habitat loss in these areas has been rapidly accelerating since 2000. In that time, more than 78.1 million hectares (approximately 193 million acres) of mountain forests have been lost, equaling an area greater than the size of Texas.

A team of scientists from Leeds University in the UK and the Southern University of Science and Technology in China studied changes in mountain forests annually from 2001 to 2018, analyzing losses and gains in tree cover. 

The researchers estimated a rate of change and compared the changes across varying elevations. They also compared changes in different types of mountain forests, including boreal, temperate and tropical forests. The tropical forests had the most loss and quickest rate of loss, but this type of forest also had the fastest tree regrowth rate.

Overall, mountain forest loss increased 50% in 2010 to 2018 compared to 2001 to 2009. From 2010 to 2018, mountain forest loss accelerated to about 5.2 million hectares per year, primarily due to logging. Other factors that contributed to forest loss included wildfires, slash-and-burn cultivation and agricultural expansion.

Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and Australia experienced significant mountain forest loss, while the authors observed less forest loss in North America and Oceania.

More than 85% of mammals, birds and amphibians live in mountainous areas, meaning widespread forest loss could impact biodiversity.

Knowledge of the dynamics of forest loss along elevation gradients worldwide is crucial for understanding how and where the amount of forested area available for forest species will change as they shift in response to warming, the authors wrote, as reported by ScienceDaily.

While the authors found less forest loss in protected areas compared to unprotected areas, these protected areas were still impacted by shifting cultivation, agriculture and commercial forestry. 

The study authors noted that protected areas need to be established in large enough zones to allow natural movements and sufficient space for ranging species, to best protect...


ABC's Sarah Ferguson grills Russian ambassador to Australia on Ukraine and alleged war-crimes - partial transcript "IndyWatch Feed National"

In her interview with the Russian ambassador to Australia, 7.30 Report 21 March 2023,  , I think that Sarah Ferguson failed to give her audience adequate information about the nature of the International Criminal Court, and the fact that neither the US nor Russia are signatories. The US has threatened members of the ICC in ways that would make them fearful of incurring US displeasure.[1] This makes the court unreliable in disputes involving the United States, which the Ukraine conflict clearly does. She also failed to explain how the United States is able to exert pressure on the UN, although this is clear in voting patterns during controversies, which reflect dependencies and fear. Sarah Ferguson did not give the credit due from a professional journalist to the Ukraine-Russia conflict having two sides. She seems to be engaged in a propaganda effort that aimed to consolidate Australias support for US-NATO involvement in Ukraine.

Sarah Ferguson was the caricature of an authoritarian headmistress dealing with a pupil from the wrong side of town who had been reported as a bully by the child of wealthy and influential parents. Clearly the odious child was there to be quelled by an avalanche of accusations framed as insults, and to learn that no-one was interested in his side of the story.

Sarah: For only the third time with the International Criminal Court, a serving president has been targeted by an arrest warrant. The ICC has found Russian President Vladimir Putin criminally responsible for war-crimes, specifically the deportation of Ukrainian children from occupied areas of Ukraine. Separately, a UN-backed inquiry did its own report today, detailing war-crimes by Russian troops during the war. Dr Alexi Palovski is the Kremlins ambassador to Australia. I spoke to him before the arrest warrant was made public.

Sarah: Ambassador Pavlovski, welcome to 7.30.

Ambassador: Good day.

Saras first question takes the form of a ridiculous insult: Ambassador, youre here in Australia, enjoying the benefits of a free and open society, how do you live with yourself, representing the repressive, dictatorial Putin regime?

The ambassador laughs.

Sara notes, You find that funny.

Ambassador: What I find funny is your way to start an interview.

Sarah says, Pretty straight question, with a self-satisfied grin on her face. [Ill teach you to stand up to the protegs of rich Americans, you execrable little slav!]

Ambassador: I never had proble...


UK to Hand Depleted Uranium Ammunition to Kiev Alongside Challenger 2 Tanks: Deputy Defense Minister "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sputnik 21.03.2023

The British government will give Ukraine radioactive depleted uranium ammunition for the tanks it has promised the Kiev regime.

Alongside our granting of a squadron of Challenger 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine, we will be providing ammunition including armour piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium. Such rounds are highly effective in defeating modern tanks and armoured vehicles, Deputy Defence Minister Annabel Goldie said in an answer to a Parliamentary question on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunaks government has already pledged 14 of its Challenger 2 main battle tanks (MBTs) to Volodymyr Zelenskys regime in Kiev. The tanks have been out of production for over 20 years and only 227 remain in service with the British army.


10 Best Safety Locker in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you are looking for the best safety locker, you have come to the right place. Here at The Safe House, we offer a wide range of safes to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a small safe to keep your valuables in or a large safe to store your firearms in, we have the perfect solution for you.


Always Wanting More "IndyWatch Feed National"

Always wanting more is an operational definition of hedonism. This brief article is my mea culpa. Inexplicably, I overlooked hedonism per se as a trait in my psychoscope of the evil superpower elite in Americas corpocracy.1 In my defense, I did briefly allude to greed as an outgrowth of ambition.

Why Always Wanting More?

The ancient Greek poet Ovid had an answer, the Goddess of Plenty. Americas power elite are like Erysichthon, the greedy timber merchant in Ovids ancient tale. Erysichthon cuts down a sacred tree, angering Ceres, the Goddess of Plenty. She condemns him to eat everything in sight including himself after all else had been consumed.

Well, thanks Ovid, but Id like several other sources to chime in with their explanations, not that I expect them to be anymore edifying than you explanation.

The Journalists Answer

I always rely on good journalism as a source for my writings. Guess what I found? A handbook on hedonism, no less! Its a step-by-step guide to gluttony. The author is a New York Times best-selling author.2 I bet it is a best seller among Americas super rich!

The Philosophers Answer

While there must be millions of PhD philosophers on our planet who think for a living, trying to find them on the Internet is a chore. The first one I stumbled upon was a philosophers article entitled The Feels Good Theory of Pleasure.3 In order to read it I would have had to pay $39.95 for a PDF copy! Had I stumbled upon a case of the greedy writing about greed?

The Psychoanalysts Answer

Whom better to turn to than the guru of psychoanalys...


Hillsong and The Houstons alleged tax fraud and dishonesty criminal offences "IndyWatch Feed National"

March 22, 2023

Hillsong and The Houstons alleged tax fraud and dishonesty criminal offences

Tax evasion (also known as tax fraud) involves illegally reducing or eliminating tax liability. This may involve fraud by lying to the Australian Taxation Office.

The Criminal Code is expected to provide an integrated and coherent statement of the major offences against Commonwealth law. 

The maximum penalty is ten years in prison.

Main offences

  • s.134.1(1) Criminal Codedishonestly obtaining Commonwealth property
  • s.134.2(1) Criminal Codeobtain financial advantage by deception
  • s.135.4(3) Criminal Codedishonestly cause a loss to the Commonwealth.


Main offences

  • s.134.1(1) Criminal Codedishonestly obtaining Commonwealth property
  • s.134.2(1) Criminal Codeobtain financial advantage by deception
  • s.135.4(3) Criminal Codedishonestly cause a loss to the Commonwealth.


The maximum penalty for offences against sections 134.1(1), 134.2(1) and 135.4(3) of the Criminal Code is 10 years imprisonment.




10 Best Face Powder in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

For those who want to look their best, face powder is a must. But with so many on the market, how do you choose the best one for you? Here are some tips to help you find the best face powder for your needs.


The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has confirmed it is investigating concerns raised about Hillsong Church "IndyWatch Feed National"

March 22, 2023

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission has confirmed it is investigating concerns raised about Hillsong Church. It is unusual for the ACNC to announce who it is investigating. This does not bode well for Hillsong or the Houstons.



10 Best Cleaning Tools in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Cleaning can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, it can be much easier. In this blog post, we will share with you some of the best cleaning tools that will make your life easier. From vacuums to mops, we have got you covered.


The cricketing phenomenon "IndyWatch Feed National"

The South African bowler, Kagiso Rabada, is arguably one of the best to play test cricket, and could retire as South Africas highest wicket-taker if the country plays more red-ball cricket.

England vs. South Africa at Oval, London, 2017. Image credit Kotomi Creations via Flickr CC BY-NC 2.0.

Years ago, Adam Gilchrist, the legendary Australian wicketkeeper and former captain of Australias national team, was asked about his favorite moment on a cricket field. Gilchrist didnt pick landmark innings or Test match victories. Instead, he described something more intimate. His favorite moment, he said, was the fraction of a second when the ball made contact with the middle of his bat, and he and only he, out of all the people at the ground and all of the viewers on television, knew the connection was sweet and perfect.

For Kagiso Rabada, that moment is when the ball leaves the hand and it feels just right. In that fraction of a second, he alone knows that the ball is traveling at the perfect speed and will land on the exact spot, perfect line and length, that he is after. Darts players are familiar with this feeling. You know as soon as the arrow takes flight whether it is headed where you want it to go or if it has gone rogue.

The earliest Rabada can remember having that feeling was in 2009. St. Stithians, his high school north of Johannesburg, was struggling to take the last wicket in a timed match. Rabada put his hand up, his captain threw the ball to him and with his first delivery of the over, Rabada sent the stumps cartwheeling.

In 2009, Rabada was 14 years old and he alone knew as the ball left his hand that he had bowled a good nut. The ball went through the batters defense and disrupted the woodwork before the rest of his teammates knew it. It was around this time that he decided that he wanted to be an international cricketer. He wanted to experience this joy more times. So, all the other sports he took part in at St. Stithians took a back seat. His focus was on becoming the best bowler he could be.

Six years later, on November 5 2015, Rabada made his Test debut in a dust bowl in Mohale in Punjab, India. If there is anyone that knows how to blunt world-class pace attacks, its Indian pitch curators. Indian curators are South African, England, Australian New...

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10 Best Home Security in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Home security is one of the most important things to consider when protecting your home. There are a lot of different ways to secure your home, and the best way is going to vary depending on your specific needs. However, there are a few things that are universal when it comes to home security. In this blog post, well go over some of the best ways to secure your home so that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your home is safe and protected.


Alternative Solutions to the Banking Crisis - #SolutionsWatch "IndyWatch Feed National"

Ellen Brown, frequent Corbett Report guest and author of The Web of Debt and Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age, joins us to discuss her latest articles on the bank runs that are leading us toward the event horizon of the quadrillion dollar derivative black hole.


10 Best Boxing Kit in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

There are many different types of boxing kits available on the market, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best boxing kits available, to help you make an informed decision.


10 Best Pool Toys in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you have a pool, you know how important it is to have the best pool toys. Not only do they keep your kids entertained for hours, but they also help them stay safe in the water. From floaties to noodles, there are plenty of great pool toys out there. In this blog post, well show you some of the best pool toys for both kids and adults.


Senators Had Questions for the Maker of a Rent-Setting Algorithm. The Answers Were Alarming. "IndyWatch Feed National"

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as theyre published.

After a ProPublica investigation last year, a group of senators demanded answers from a real estate tech company that helps landlords set rents across the country.

The investigation revealed how some of the nations biggest landlords share proprietary information with RealPage, a Texas company whose software uses the data to recommend rent prices for available units. Legal experts say the arrangement may facilitate cartel-like behavior among landlords, who could use the software to coordinate pricing.

Now, RealPage has responded to questions from Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tina Smith and Ed Markey. The companys answers, the lawmakers said, revealed alarming new details.

In a letter to the Department of Justice, the senators said RealPage did not provide all the information they had asked for last November, but the answers the company did give raise concerns that its YieldStar software may play a role in driving rent inflation in some of the countrys biggest markets.

YieldStar has been most prevalent in some of the regions most heavily targeted by corporate buyers and with the highest rent increases, the senators wrote.

The legislators said that publicly available information shows the software is used in pricing more than 4 million units, representing about 8% of all rental units nationwide. RealPage has so many clients it has access to tr...


SVB contagion: Australia reportedly asks banks to report on crypto "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australias prudential regulator has reportedly told banks to improve reporting on crypto assets and provide daily updates.


10 Best Ipad Mount in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If youre looking for the best iPad mount, youve come to the right place. In this blog post, well show you the top 5 iPad mounts that are currently available on the market. Well also provide a buyers guide to help you choose the right mount for your needs.


10 Best Antenna Car in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you are looking for the best antenna car, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best antenna cars on the market today. We will also provide a buyers guide to help you choose the right antenna car for your needs.


Like nails down a blackboard. "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Australian people voted for action on climate change, and its what the Parliament should deliver by passing the Government's Safeguard Mechanism reforms, which will reduce emissions by 205 million tonnes by 2030. Chris Bowen (@Bowenchris) March 21, 2023


The Sequel: Bragg & Stormys Excellent Adventure (2023) "IndyWatch Feed National"

DA Bragg pushes through through the swamp (Bragg pic sourced from NYpost)

Some commentary on the possibility of Trump being arrested through the actions of DA Alvin Bragg. The title is a parody of the 1989 movie Bill & Teds Excellent Adventures. It is about 3.00 am in New York now on Tuesday am.

by G5

[Email 19 March 2023]

State-sponsored, induced, psychotic self-harm, on the altar of psychopathic-driven, patho...


Why do you have to be a celebrity leftist to lead the Australian Republic Movement? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Australian Republic Movement Announces Appointment of Co-Chairs Nova Peris OAM and Craig Foster AM 21.3.2023 A Special General Meeting held by the Australian Republic Movement this week resolved to change the ARM Constitution and for the first time in 32 years, adopt female and male Co-Chairs. As such, the Australian...


100 Years of Wonder: Disney On Ice is touring Australia once again this June and July "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Its the wonder we all grew up with from the utter joy of Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the intergalactic adventures of Buzz Lightyear and Woody and the epic tale of Elsa and Anna in Frozen, to the bravery of Moana and the magical worlds of The Little MermaidBeauty and the Beast, Aladdin and more.

In 2023 this wonder will be celebrated as Disney on Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder comes to Australia in a stunning six-city tour taking in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Newcastle over June and July.

Disney On Ice presents 100 Years of Wonder Australian Tour

Perth 15-18 June RAC Arena  *returning for the first time in four years!!              

Adelaide 23-25 June Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Melbourne 28 June 2 July Rod Laver Arena *the perfect school holiday adventure!                    

Brisbane 6-9 July Brisbane Entertainment Centre *the perfect school holiday adventure!

Sydney 12-16 July Qudos Bank Arena *the perfect school holiday adventure!                    

Newcastle 20-23 July Newcastle Entertainment Centre

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here.


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Reducing Water Usage Around the Home "IndyWatch Feed National"

Since most of us are used to having access to clean water, we tend to take it for granted. We dont think twice about leaving the tap on or taking a really long shower. More concerningly, some of us dont even think about the financial and environmental consequences of wasting water on a daily basis.

If we want to save money and preserve this natural resource, we need to be more efficient with our use of water.

Luckily, there are many ways to reduce water usage. Even the smallest change can have a big impact on reducing your overall water consumption.

In this blog post, well explore some of the best ways to save water.

  1. Install Low-flow Faucets and Showerheads
    Installing low-flow faucets and showerheads is one of the most effective ways to reduce water usage. Low-flow faucet aerators limit the amount of water being used by around 2 to 4 litres per minute.

    This can help you save a significant amount of water with everyday tasks like washing dishes, brushing your teeth, and taking a shower.

  2. Use a Dishwasher
    You should also consider using your dishwasher more often as opposed to always washing your dishes by hand. Not only will this make the process easier and quicker, but it can also help you reduce water usage significantly.

    Dishwashers typically use one-eighth of an average kitchen taps flow rate, meaning theyre much more efficient when it comes to conserving water. Additionally, dishwashers are also better at killing germs than hand washing since they produce hotter water, which helps to effectively sanitise your dishes. So, the next time your kitchen is full of dirty dishes and cutlery, go for the dishwasher instead of the sponge.

  3. Turn Off the Tap When Youre Not Using It
    Kitchen Renovations MelbourneEach time you brushyour teeth, shave, or shower, think about the amount of water youre wasting. Do you have the tap on full blast while you scrub those pearly whites? Do you leave the shower on for too long while its heating up? All these seemingly harmless habits can waste a lot of water over a long period of time. Wasting heated water is also a significant concern as it can add to your utility bills and increase your personal carbon emissions.



5 Most Common Problems with Removal Companies "IndyWatch Feed National"

Moving homes in the near future? If so, one of the first things on your checklist should be to find a reputable, trustworthy removalist company to help make your move as smooth and easy as possible.

Unfortunately, theres a fair share of removalists out there that you have to watch out for. But, as long as you do your research, you should be able to avoid some of the common problems associated with moving. What are these problems? Lets break them down below.

Missing Items

No matter how organised you are with packing and labelling your boxes, if you and your movers arent on the same page then theres a very strong chance that youll end up losing or at least temporarily misplacing some items.

Moving days are almost always chaotic and stressful, so you might not even realise something is missing until days later. All this time having passed can make finding your items incredibly difficult, especially if you were working with movers who were unprofessional or untrustworthy.

Reliable Removalists will safeguard all of your possessions big and small and have a tried and tested plan in place to move everything safely and securely. To achieve this, theyll need to be organised, experienced and have strong communication skills, all important attributes of a good removalist.

Damaged Possessions

One of the most common moving-day problems is damaged furniture and smaller items, with inexperienced movers dropping, scratching or bumping your furniture or boxes around and leaving them tattered or even broken.

As long as you take the time to research your moving company before you hire them, you shouldnt run into this issue. There are even many removalists who specialise in moving fragile, high-value items such as pianos and antiques. You can also protect your most valuable items by working with a removalist company that offers storage solutions, so that you can keep these items out of the way during the mess and stress of moving day.

Insufficient Space

Removalists Eastern Suburbs Melbourne

Some moving companies dont do appraisals before moving day, or dont put in the effort to properly...

16:39 customer accused of $7M spending spree granted bail "IndyWatch Feed National"

The judge said that imprisonment wasnt necessary because Jatinder Singh couldnt flee Australia without his Indian passport.


You can pick your own sunflowers at this picture-perfect farm near Ballarat "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Theres just something about sunflowers, isnt there? Bright and wholesome, sunflowers radiate a cheeriness that positively lifts spirits and makes you feel pretty darn great.

Hailed as one of regional Victorias most popular rural experiences, the truly wonderful Sunflower Farm located in Dunnstown (near Ballarat) has reopened, featuring over 200,000 sunflowers blooming across its land ready to be picked and brought home.

Sunflower picking dates this week

5pm 8pm Wed March 22nd Twilight Special
10am 4pm Thurs March 23rd
10am 4pm Fri March 24th
10am 4pm Sat March 25th (unless picked out)
10am 4pm Sun March 26th (unless picked out)

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eX-detainee Refugees who arrived by boat in Australia strongly condemn the UK governments proposed adoption of Australias neo-fascist, anti-refugee stop the boats blue-print "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

RISE: Refugees, Survivors and eX-detainees is the first not-for-profit Refugee and Asylum seeker organisation in Australia to be governed by eX-detainee Refugees. We were founded in 2010 by an eX-detainee who was held hostage in both offshore and onshore detention camps after arriving by boat to Australia to seek asylum.

We eX-detainee Refugees from RISE who were detained upon arrival by boat in so-called Australia are alarmed by the UK governments proposed stop the boats bill.  We cannot call it a mere coincidence that the current British ruling political party is touting these xenophobic policies while at the same time employing white supremacist Australian election campaign managers who have a long history of using anti-refugee wedge tactics to win elections in Australia at the cost of human life. Former Australian Prime Minister and current advisor to the UK government, Tony Abbott, has demonstrated an eagerness to spread this neo-fascist model in a past statement, saying that Europe is facing a peaceful invasion of asylum seekers while urging European leaders to secure their borders with Australian-style policies to avoid losing control as they risk losing their character. Australia is notorious for creating the modern blueprint of refugee detention torture and refugee boat turn back policies over decades to whip up xenophobic, white supremacist sentiments for votes. Many of us eX-detainee refugees are permanently disabled, and many of our community members have lost their lives on land and sea due to these murderous policies.

According to our experiences in Australia, the stop the boats and boat turns back policy has caused a permanent blockade of the right to seek asylum in Australia by boat. Persecuted refugees have no choice but to make perilous journeys, traversing both land and sea to seek refuge and safe haven. Australia undermines this wholeheartedly and turns refugee boats back into the arms of persecutors without any accountability. The Australian government implements this final solution against refugees by brazenly participating in joint military operations and espionage activities with military dictatorships and war criminals and funding corrupt government officials in the Asia Pacific to stop people smuggling and save deaths at sea. We, eX-detainees in Australia, call on UK-based rights supporters and politicians to stop more crimes against humanity by blockin...


Portrait: Back to Back Theatres participatory photographic exhibition arrives at Geelong Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Arriving at Geelong Gallery this month, Back to Back Theatres Portrait is a participatory photographic exhibition with works facilitated by Tamara Searle and photographer  Gemma-Rose Turnbull with students from Geelongs own Nelson Park and  Barwon Valley schools. 

This long-term project was created with a foundation of self-determination, in which existing photographic representations of disability, age, gender, and sexuality were challenged, allowing each of the students to reflect on and express their unique identities.  

Stay up to date with whats happening within the regions art scene here

In the creation of Portrait, Searle and Turnbull (and their collaborators) offered a safe space where young women from both schools could openly, and authentically question their diverse identities and analyse photographic forms of representation. 

These formative discussions, and the preferences and personalities of the young women, informed the processes and outcomes for each of the incredible and inspiring 17 portraits on display.

The photographs are presented in collaboration with the participants, who share a strong belief in the necessity and powerfulness of self-representation by teenage women living with disability.  




Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00002 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 4.20 AUD


ABC catastrophists warn "this time for sure" time is running out on climate change "IndyWatch Feed National"

The world's climate scientists have issued what one expert said is a "final warning" before global warming exceeds 1.5 degrees Celsius. Key points: The IPCC says it's "unequivocal" that climate is changing as a result of human activity At present, between 3.3 and 3.6 billion people are living in places...


The magical Unicorn Festival is coming back to Ballarats Kryal Castle for the school holidays "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A magical way to spend the Easter School Holidays, the much-adored Unicorn Festival is returning to Kryal  Castle from Friday 7th April until Saturday 22nd April.

After selling out in 2022, the festival will again see Australias only medieval adventure park come alive with magical creatures, enchanting performances and interactive crafts and activities.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here.

During each day, visitors of all ages are encouraged to wear their best unicorn-inspired costumes to join in the fun as they take part in a range of unicorn-themed activities and entertainment. Not only can young ones meet and interact with unicorn characters, but they can also enjoy rides on real-life unicorns (well, kinda). 

Other activities include magical makeovers at the face painting and unicorn hair stalls, making personalised circlets, learning dazzling dances at the Maypole, and even learning to cast spells and brew potions. From exploring the fantasy kingdom with the unicorn walk-through to hearing a mystical tale at the unicorn shadow puppet show, all are sure to be immersed in this world of fantastical fun.  


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Seventeen bits and pieces that do not add up "IndyWatch Feed National"

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The traditional theory of human evolution is predicated around humans having an ancient chimp/ape ancestry. Way back a chimp-like mummy and daddy had children that were genetically so different, of particular concern is the suturing on the skull exclusive to hominids. All apes and monkeys have no sutures, but instead a rigid sagittal keel that runs across the top of the skull which means that their skull size remains static. But the inconsistencies do not stop there, by our count there are at least another seventeen genetic/skeletal/facial/muscular points of difference that challenge any shared ancestry.

                Granted be it ever so improbable, there could be an infinitesimal chance these two non-sutured parents carried a genetic abnormality that gave rise to suturing, but it just doesnt end there. By our count there are seventeen other distinct genetic deviations from every ape/monkey norm, and just the sheer volume of these contradictions leads on to one inescapable conclusion: our ancestry and that of the monkeys/apes have nothing in common. It just did not happen, simply because it just isnt one species of apes but every animal on this planet that obeys the same rules of evolution and genesis. While we break all the ru...</p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </section> </div> </div> </div>


Top Arts 2023 returns to the NGV, showcasing the talent of Victorias emerging creatives "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Top Arts 2023 returns to The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia for its 29th year, showcasing the talent of Victorias emerging creatives who have excelled in VCE art subjects.

Top Arts 2023 celebrates the creativity, vision and commitment of 38 emerging artists and designers from across the state who have used art to bring their passions and concerns into sharp focus. The exhibition showcases works that are provocative and introspective, spanning themes of cultural and gender identity, vulnerability, society and nature.

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Direct from Belmont High School, Geelong, Arthur Foulkes stoneware of Shoulder to shoulder, Skull to skull and Cardboard box 2022 explores the inextricable link between consumerism in modern life and the influence of peers.

Cardboard Box encapsulates our contemporary culture of consumption. The figures on the pot each display a unique interaction with the box symbolic of the variety of beliefs around the society we live in and its capitalist dogmas, Foulkes says.

Shoulder to shoulder. Skull to Skull examines peer influence and the association between those who surround us, their attitudes, ideas, opinions and the impact they have on our mind. The mens, bodies are connected uniting them as a singular entity, that think, behave, and believe under the influence of the other.




NSW Labor leader Minns's electric campaign bus runs out of battery. "IndyWatch Feed National"

From the Sydney Morning Herald Senior Labor MPs on board the zero-emissions campaign bus on Tuesday include Penny Sharpe and Rose Jackson, with the latter playing DJ (Harry Styles so far dominating the morning playlist). The bus was back on the road about 11.30am, but travelling media and Labor staff...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

International Red Cross Says 2 Kidnapped Staff Freed in Mali


OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) Two aid workers with the International Committee of the Red Cross were freed in Mali on Monday, the organization announced.

The staff members were released unharmed but the organization would not disclose the employees identities or the circumstances of the abduction.

We are relieved to find our colleagues safe and sound. They will be reunited with their families as soon as possible, said Antoine Grand, head of the ICRC in Mali. The staff were kidnapped earlier this month in the countrys north between the towns of Gao and Kidal, part of the country riddled by jihadi violence linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group thats killed thousands in the last 10 years.

The ICRC said it has been operating in Malis north region for more than 30 years and said it will continue its humanitarian work in the country.

Jihadi groups have been abducting hostages for ransom as a way to fund their operations and expand their presence. There is no indication that ICRC paid a ransom for the release of their employees.

At least 25 foreigners and untold numbers of locals have been kidnapped in the Sahel the vast, semi-arid expanse below the Sahara Desert since 2015, according to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project. Several foreigners remain captive according to the organization, including Rev. Hans-Joachim Lohre, a German priest kidnapped in Malis capital Bamako in November.

Others still detained include Australian doctor Ken Elliott and Romanian national Iulian Ghergut, who was abducted from a mine in Burkina Faso and has been held since 2015.

The kidnapping of humanitarian staff by armed groups is usually done to interrogate them and make sure the aid group is doing is what they say theyre doing.

Violent extremist groups engage in kidnappings for several reasons, and is very much based on local realities and needs, as well as the level of influence they have...


Unlocking the Secrets: Filmmaker and comedian Pauly Fenech is coming to Geelong this week "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

For lovers of all things film, filmmaking and more, the Geelong Waterfront Film is bringing Pauly Fenech to Geelong for one evening only. 

Heading to Geelongs Wharf Shed on Friday, 24 March, Pauly will be sharing tips on filming on a micro-budget, with skeleton crews using limited props as part of the Geelong Waterfront Films Unlocking The Secrets professional development series. 

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Mneskin announce first-ever Australian headline tour for 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Following sold-out shows across the globe, rock phenoms Mneskin have announced their first-ever headline tour of Australia as they bring their RUSH! World Tour to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide this November.

Bringing their raucous live set and phenomenal production, the tour will hit Australia in November, kicking off in Brisbane at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 20, before moving through Sydney to play Hordern Pavilion on November 22, Margaret Court Arena on November 23 and finishing up in Adelaide at Adelaide Entertainment Centre on November 24.

RUSH! World Tour 2023

November 20, 2023 Brisbane, QLD BCEC
November 22, 2023 Sydney, NSW Hordern Pavilion
November 23, 2023 Melbourne, VIC Margaret Court Arena
November 25, 2023 Adelaide, SA AEC Theatre

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On what it means to take their raucous live set to Australia, Mneskin enthuse, We cant wait to come to Australia, it will be the first time for all of us so were pretty much curious about everything, especially the crowd. It feels crazy to finally be able to meet our fans there!

Armed with a 2023 Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, Mneskins RUSH! world tour will see them headline arenas across the US and Canada, including a landmark show at New Yorks historic Madison Square Garden. Theyll be crossing continents to rock their way around South America, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, the UK and Ireland.

The RUSH! World Tour will follow on from Mneskins ongoing LOUD KIDS World Tour which continues to see them sell out shows globally and play to over 500,000 fans. With over twenty sold out shows still to come on their current tour, and Australias first stop Brisbane marking their twentieth show on the RUSH! tour, there is no denying we are in for an absolute treat when this iconic act heads down under. Notorious for their stomping live show, its no secret the band love winning over new audiences, with Mneskin firing up,

We want to thank our fans in Australia, we are coming for you! Expect fire, stage smashings and lots of sweat!

The full throttle Mneskin live show has already travelled to over 25 countries between Europe, North America, South America and Japan in 2022, saw the band go back to their beloved Rome for an extra special sold out show at the historic Circo Massimo with 70,000 tickets sold, and between headline shows the band dominated festival stages around the world including Coach...


India asks 68 countries to renegotiate ISDS in bilateral investment treaties "IndyWatch Feed National"

March 21, 2023: The Times of India has reported that India issued termination notices to 68 countries for Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) with a request to renegotiate on the basis of the model agreement formulated in 2015.

These 68 BITs were based on a 1993 model which had been amended in 2003. Alarmed at actions taken against it using the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provision in these BITs, the Indian government developed a new model for investment treaties in 2015. India has a further six BITs under the old model, but these are not yet open for a notice of termination. There are two BITs negotiated since 2015, on the new model, and these are in force.

Minister of State for External Affairs Rajkumar Ranjan Singh said the government has signed a host country agreement with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) for establishing a regional office in India. His Ministry is now working with the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), the PCA and other agencies to develop their capacity to manage international arbitration challenges.

Under the 2015 model, the controversial Most Favoured Nation clause was removed, and the scope of National Treatment and Fair and Equitable Treatment clauses is considerably narrowed.

Although ISDS which allows investors to initiate international arbitration against states and thereby bypass domestic courts entirely has been retained, access to ISDS comes only after the exhaustion of the relevant domestic courts for the resolution of an investment dispute.

The 2015 model provides an exhaustive list of economic, environmental and social measures which are exempt under the treaty. This includes taxation, intellectual property rights and measures to protect macroeconomic stability.

The current move to terminate 68 BITs follows a 2016 attempt to terminate 57 BITs. The India-Australia BIT was terminated by India on March 23, 2017, but it has an extraordinary grandfather clause that means its provisions apply to investments made before that date for another 15 years. The Indian Adani coal company threatened to use ISDS to sue the Australian government if its investments made before the termination were harmed by government regulation.

The Interim Australia India Economic Partnership Agreement signed in 2022 did not have an Investment Chapter and so did not contain ISDS. AFTINET is...


Frankstons Big Picture Fest is back and bigger than ever "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>From Monday 20 March to Sunday 26 March, Frankston City Council in conjunction with The Big Picture Fest will commemorate emerging and established artists who, over the course of the week, will bring vibrancy and life into the urban landscape.</p> <p>The festival has become a highlight in the cultural calendar both on the Mornington Peninsula and for art-lovers across the state. With a lineup of exhibitions, installations, and performances, the festival guarantees an immersive and engaging experience for patrons of all ages. As anticipation builds for the event, locals and visitors alike are eager to discover the electrifying new murals that will be displayed in this years festival edition.</p> <p class="p1"><b><i>Stay up to date with whats happening within the regions art scene </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>. </i></b></p> <p>Beginning in 2018, Big Picture Fest has annually brought both international and local street-art connoisseurs to the suburb. In its 6th year, the epic lineup of artists includes <a href= "">Mistery</a>, <a href="">Smug One</a>, <a href= "">Sofles,</a> <a href="">Katherine Gailer,</a> <a href= "">Maria Pena</a>, <a href= "">Hard Thirteen (Indo)</a>, <a href= "">Olana Janfa (Norway)</a> <a href= "">& Abbey Rich  just to name a few. <a href= "">Download the map</a> to find the nine sites.</p> <p><img alt="" class="alignnone wp-image-303854" height="417" src= "" width="591"></p> <p>Nine new artworks are being made during the course of the festival, so patrons will also have the opportunity to see the streets come to life first-hand and maybe even meet the artists behind it all.</p> <p>There are a few ways that patrons can experience the festival. You can take a self-guided around the festival at your own pace. Or, you can opt for a more immersive experience and book a free guided Stree...</p>


Australian powerhouse The Amity Affliction announce national tour "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The national run will begin at the bands hometown Brisbane at Fortitude Music Hall before heading to Sydneys Hordern Pavilion, Adelaides Hindley Street Music Hall, Melbournes Forum and wrapping up at Perths Metro City. This 2023 tour marks two decades since the band formed in 2003.

Since emerging in 2008 with their debut Severed Ties, Australian powerhouse The Amity Affliction have consistently delivered. Theyve clocked four No. 1 records, earned multiple Gold and Platinum certifications in their home country and enjoyed a string of Top 30-charting albums on Billboard.

The Amity Affliction: Australian 2023 Tour

  • Fortitude Music Hall, Brisbane: Thursday Oct 19
  • Hordern Pavilion, Sydney: Saturday Oct 21
  • Hindley Street Music Hall, Adelaide: Tuesday Oct 24
  • Forum, Melbourne: Thursday Oct 26
  • Metro City, Perth: Saturday Oct 28

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Theyve also received critical accolades from Rolling Stone, Alternative Press, The Noise, and more. Throughout their career, The Amity Affliction have remained a featured attraction on some of the biggest festivals in the world from Download UK, Reading and Leeds, Vans Warped Tour, Rock am Ring, Rock im park, Graspop, Sonic Temple, Welcome to Rockville, Hellfest, Slam Dunk, Jera on Air, and more!

The band has sold out countless headline treks and have hit the road with everyone from A Day to Remember to Motionless in White to Silverstein to Sum 41 to Beartooth to PVRIS. New material is expected in 2023. Their latest single I See Dead People, released in February, is their fastest streaming single. The band now has crossed the 1 billion stream mark worldwide.

Tickets go on sale 12pm Friday March 24. My Live Nation members can secure tickets early during the Live Nation presale at 12pm Thursday March 23.

For complete tour and ticket information, visit:

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New Swabia (Neuschwabenland) "IndyWatch Feed National"

J.G. Olsen / Financial Expositor

Fascinatingly, many Useless Eaters seem more au fait with the monetary aspects of the Great Reset than they do the Depopulation Agenda by Experimental Lethal Injections.

All over the world now, the winds of monetary change are felt to be rising.

Countries presently interested in joining the BRICS grouping include: Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Iran, and the front-runner, (formerly French) Algeria.

They are dissatisfied with the USD hegemony...


Link "IndyWatch Feed National"

Abuser cop: Senior Constable Nathan Black

Abuser cop: Timothy Trautsch

  • Two western Sydney pigs charged with assaulting naked woman
  • The pigs, Nathan Black and Timothy Trautsch have been stood down 
  • Both pigs will face Penrith Court next month 


What We Know About Irvo Otieno and the 10 People Charged in His Death "IndyWatch Feed National"

From CNN: Three of the 10 people facing murder charges in the death last week of a 28-year-old Black man at a Virginia mental health facility were security guards at the hospital who watched and then participated in the fatal smothering, the prosecutor told CNN Friday.

The victims family wants answers as to how a promising musician having what they called a mental health crisis ended with him dying and why no one stood up for him and kept him from being killed.

The county prosecutor said seven law enforcement deputies, joined by the hospital workers, smothered him to death while restraining him.

Ive never seen anything like this, Commonwealths Attorney Ann Cabell Baskervill said, referring to unreleased video that shows the mans death.

Baskervill said the hospital security guards passively watched the alleged smothering but eventually joined in and piled on top of the victim along with the deputies . . .

What are attorneys saying?

Family attorneys say Otieno posed no threat to the deputies.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who is working on behalf o...


This years Harmony Day faces new challenges in combating hate "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

Today 21 March is world Harmony Day and the big day in a week of activities, where we celebrate the gifts brought to all of us by people from diverse Backgrounds. This year the theme is everyone belongs. Harmony Day origin can be traced back to south Africa, where on this date in 1960, police fired live ammunition into a crowd of black people in a black township called Sharpeville, who were demanding the abolition of the pass laws. These laws had taken away their right of freedom of movement. Sixty-nine unarmed people were killed. Images of what happened reverberated around a shocked world.

Photo from The Journalist context matters: Burying the Sharpeville dead.

The killing became known as the Sharpeville Massacre. It gave rise to the global anti-Apartheid movement, and this contributed hugely to the advancing the cause against racial intolerance everywhere.

Less than a decade later the United Nations proclaimed March 21 the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Intolerance still exists in some quarters. It is usually often more subtle than it once was. The fact that it exists shows the cause not yet completely won. at the same time, there are good reasons to celebrate the achievements.

Australia is a good example. The diversity of peoples is building a new nation with a unique and exiting multicultural culture.  We are much better off for it. Hasnt this change brought about a greater depth and variety of what we eat, enriched overall culture and lives?

I remember what it was like when I first arrived in this country as a youngster. Because of my surname, I was called a Dago. This meant Italian. Although not Italian, I know something of what the Italians went through. I know how intolerance invited derision and sometimes violence. Italians were accused of being a threat to the Australian way of life.

Those who still feel threatened and insist multiculturalism is a policy thrust on them, dont yet realise that the term is only a description for what Australia has been since the arrival of the First fleet. The emergence of a multicultural identity can be traced back to the goldfields on the 1850s and the Eureka upris...


Millions of Fish Dead in Australia River Following Low Oxygen Levels, High Temperatures "IndyWatch Feed National"

In Menindee, New South Wales, millions of dead fish have been found in the Darling River. Local authorities and scientists say the die-off event is likely due to high temperatures and low oxygen levels as water from recent floods recedes.

The dead fish are primarily bony herring, or bony bream, and also include murray cod, carp, golden perch and silver perch.

These fish deaths are related to low oxygen levels in the water (hypoxia) as flood waters recede, the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries posted on Facebook. Significant volumes of fish including Carp and Bony Herring, nutrients and organic matter from the floodplain are being concentrated back into the river channel.

According to the Department of Primary Industries, the area has experienced widespread flooding. As the flood waters recede, oxygen in the water depletes. The situation is worsened by a local heat wave, which causes fish to require more oxygen, but the warmer water holds less oxygen.

The department noted that bony herring population tends to boom during floods and often then sees significant decrease as flood waters recede, especially as this species is more vulnerable to low oxygen levels and high temperatures. Similar incidents happened in 2018 and 2019, Reuters reported, where thousands of fish died from extreme temperature changes and poor water quality.

The region has been dealing with high temperatures and flooding, and residents are now grappling with the sight and smell of dead fish in the local river.

Weve just sort of started to clean up, and then this has happened, and thats sort of youre walking around in a dried-up mess and then youre smelling this putrid smell. Its a terrible smell and horrible to see all those dead fish, said local resident Jan Dening, as reported by NBC News.

Locals are also concerned about potential health impacts of the dead fish in the river.

The stink was terrible. I nearly had to put a mask on, local nature photographer Geoff Looney told NBC News. I was worried about my own health. That water right in the top comes down to our...


Donald Trump Drives His MAGA Base Down Tyranny Road( How to Destroy Democracy Brick by Brick)....And How Cleta Mitchell is the key to Proving Trump's Georgia Election Interference Crimes "IndyWatch Feed National"

Written by Grant G

Dictatorships, third world countries, tyrannies and the death of America are Donald J Trump's latest refrains on Truth Social, which get repeated widely on Twitter, Facebook, along with many other social media sites......Donald Trump is now calling on his supporters, on Republicans and anyone else to protest in the streets over his impending soft arrest(surrendering in person to an indictment regardless of the severity of the charge).

Trump wants the country to rage and protest in the streets over the fact he has to answer for crimes, for his crimes, albeit crimes(The Stormy Daniels affair and hush money cover-up) that are very minor in the scheme of things.

Donald Trump is getting his MAGA base all frothy and threatening over these minor criminal charges against him, a crime he is 100% guilty of, he had the tryst, cheated on Melania, with Stormy, he had Michael Cohen pay off Stormy to keep her silent, then Trump through financial accounting tricks used donated campaign funds to pay the hush money, he ran the payments through the Trump organization and even claimed it as a tax deductible business expense....

That is the crime for which he must answer to next week, in person. 

An indictment means, for Trump,  a quick pre-arranged arrest and, just as quick, a prearranged release from custody....Trial date(s)and appearance dates scheduled.....These crimes, even when Trump is found guilty will not result in ANY prison time and still Trump deems this action as grounds for mass protests and mayhem in the streets......(gimmee a fucking break, oh the humanity, Trump having to answer for crimes, fucking snowflake)

 Here is what Trump has bleated in the last few hours....(The all caps are Trump's doing)



10 Best Talking Toy in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

In this blog post, we will be discussing the best talking toy for your child. This is a great topic for parents who are looking for a toy that will help their child develop communication skills. We will be looking at different features of talking toys and how they can benefit your child.


10 Best Camping Towel in Australia (2023) [Top Picks] "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

If you are an avid camper, then you know how important it is to have a good camping towel. A good camping towel can make all the difference in your camping experience. There are a lot of different towels on the market, so it can be tough to choose the right one. Thats why weve put together a list of the best camping towels, to help you make the right decision.


It's Good To Be Mean To War Propagandists - Caitlin Johnstone "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sydney Morning Herald editor Bevan Shields has published an article titled "We are not above criticism but these attacks go too far", tearfully rending his garments over criticisms his paper's three-part war-with-China propaganda series "Red Alert" has received from former Prime Minister Paul Keating and from ABC's Media Watch.----The whole article is Shields moaning about the way Keating raked Australian war propagandists

Monday, 20 March


Statement from Victorian Liberal MP Moira Deeming. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

PRESS RELEASE MOIRA DEEMING LIBERAL MP WESTERN METROPOLITAN REGION Personal statement: I have been informed that there will be a vote in the Liberal Party room to determine whether I should be allowed to remain or be expelled from the Parliamentary Party. Let me clear I have done...


This weeks nuclear news "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

A bit of good news Sir David Attenborough urges people to unite to save nature in crisis

Premiere of this so timely movie 

The Road to War new film premiering in Australia is just so very timely  as Australia is currently foremost in nuclear news.

World premiere   Melbourne at 6.30pm on 22 March at the Nova in Carlton.  Then in Hobart on 23 March (not 24th as stated in trailer) at the State Cinema .    Q & A panel with Bradbury and special guest, Bob Brown. Capri Theatre in Adelaide 29 March. Other cities and regional centres yet to be announced.        

Christina notesAustralias splendid nuclear submarine goat rodeo funny, but its really serious.    Isnt it wonderful how the men in opposing political parties can unite in hate and belligerence? Nuclear wastes 30 years away. So -no problem for present decision-makers  happily superannuated when the shit hits the fan.

AUSTRALIA.What the nuclear-powered submarine deal really means. Editorial...


Victoria Police covering up child abuse in Mildura? "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Victoria Police have been covering up crimes of people in positions of authority, especially their 'bosses' you know those in government, since their inception in 1853.

NEVER forget that the colonys criminals (albeit better behaved ones), instead of 'honourable' people, were recruited by the government to become police officers, where they have evolved into a more formidable (criminal) force.

Today its very difficult to get an officer charged by our corrupt legal system.

Even if the police get caught by the serfs committing criminal offences, their brethren in the judicature will exonerate them of any alleged wrong-doing.

Those who arent are the scapegoats, only for display purposes to give the serfs the illusion that justice exists.

It seems that police have been covering for Monseigneur Day from Mildura with regards to child abuse.

As the saying goes: We investigated ourselves and found we did nothing wrong.

Heres Deputy Commissioner of the day, Neil OLoughlin to the rescue.

See pdf:


Australian Banking Associations cost of living inquiry reveals bank pressure "IndyWatch Feed National"

An analysis of the rising inflation and concurrent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank proved that more than 186 banks in the U.S. are at risk of a similar shutdown if depositors decide to withdraw all funds.


Gold Rock 3550 is Bendigos newest rock music festival celebrating homegrown talent "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

With famous, authentic heritage attractions and world-class gastronomic delights, the regional city of Bendigo is about to become an electrifying hub for music lovers this April with a brand-new rock music festival, Gold Rock 3550.

The inaugural celebration of independent Bendigo homegrown and affiliated bands and artists, Gold Rock 3550 will take over Handle Bar in Bendigo on Saturday, 1 April featuring a smorgasbord of great music both local and further afield.

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Queenscliff Music Festival 2023 early bird tickets are on sale now "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fresh from announcing its expansion into four days in 2023, the music jewel of the Bellarine the Queenscliff Music Festival have released its early bird tickets, which are on sale now to the general public.

Subscriber pre-sale tickets are already sold-out, as in previous years, so run, dont walk if you want to secure tickets to the 25th QMF festival.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here

Taking over the Queenscliff foreshore from November 23-26 2023, there are currently three-day early-bird tickets available for $269+bf, granting access to all three days of the iconic festival; the early-bird three-day youth tickets for 14-17-year-olds wanting to attend for $134+bf, $25 kids tickets for those aged 1-13, alongside the special Thursday passes.

Thursday tickets are sold separately at the time of purchase, so for punters that would like to come for all four days of QMF, buying your usual three-day ticket is recommended PLUS a Thursday ticket. You can always come back and purchase your Thursday ticket separately later too. The Thursday Night program will operate exclusively in existing venues throughout town, outside of the main festival arena, including the Queenscliff Brewhouse, the Queenscliff Town Hall, the Queenscliff Uniting Church and a couple more venues to be confirmed in the coming months.


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Two huge headliner changes for Groovin The Moo festival "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Groovin the Moo have revealed that two headlining acts will no longer be performing at this years festival. Omar Apollo and Skepta have unfortunately cancelled their Australian tours, with GTM instead announcing Genesis Owusu and Nothing But Thieves as their replacements.

Genesis Owusu and Nothing But Thieves will perform at six beaut regions around the country, joining the likes of Denzel Curry, lord of the bangers Fatboy Slim, Eliza Rose, Ball Park Music, Skegss, LUUDE, Ocean Alley and Amy Shark, among others, on the GTM festival lineups.

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

English five-piece Nothing But Thieves are a huge addition to the festival lineup, with the band gaining international recognition for their unique sound and electric live performances. With the recent announcement of their fourth album, Dead Club City, the band is set to take Australia by storm with their upcoming tour. Their blend of fresh sounds and internationally acclaimed chilling live sets will be showcased in show rooms across Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, as well as at the appearances at Groovin The Moo Festival.

Genesis Owusus appearance comes off the back of a huge 2022 for the performer, having delivered huge sets at the likes of Spilt Milk, Lost Paradise and Falls Festival, plus his own national tour, as well as being the big winner at the 2022 AIR Awards in Adelaide, the annual ceremony that recognizes the best in Australias independent music community.

Groovin The Moo Tour Diary 2023

Wayville, SA  Friday 21 April (School Holidays)

Adelaide Showground

Kaurna Country, Wayville, SA

Maitland, NSW  Saturday 22 April

Maitland Showground

Wonnarua Country, Maitland, NSW

Canberra, ACT  Sunday 23 April

Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)

Ngambri and Ngunnawal Country, Mitchell, ACT

Bendigo, VIC  Saturday 29 April

Bendigos Prince of Wales Showgrounds

Dja Dja Wurrung Country, Bendigo, VIC

Sunshine Coast, QLD   Sunday 30 April (Long Weekend)

Kawana Sports Western Precinct

Kabi Kabi and Jinibara Country, Warana, QLD

Bunbury, WA  Saturday 6 May

Hay Park

Wardandi Noongar Country, Bunbury, WA

Tickets to all GTM shows are on sale now. Head here for more info. 

The post...


1927 announce massive 39-date Australian tour celebrating 35 years of timeless hits and touring "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Australian rock band 1927 hit the road in 2023 with a mammoth national tour that will see them crisscrossing Australia as they bring their Next Generation 23 tour to fans and music lovers.

Starting in Perth in April, 1927 will play 39 shows through until September, hitting up places like Brisbane, Hobart, Warragul, Sale, Ballarat, Newcastle, Dubbo, Mildura, Townsville and Adelaide, among many other spots across the country.

1927 Victorian Tour Dates

03.06   THE WEDGE Sale, VIC
09.06   CAPITAL THEATRE Bendigo, VIC
16.06   PALMS AT CROWN Melbourne, VIC
28.07   LIGHTHOUSE THEATRE Warrnambool, VIC
29.07   HORSHAM TOWN HALL Horsham, VIC

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Posie Parker, you cant hide. Youve got Nazis on your side. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Huh. That was interesting. Having previously blessed Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide with her presence, the fifth leg of Posie Parkers publicity tour took place in Melbourne on the steps of the Victorian Parliament on Saturday. Along with a posse Continue reading


You idiot, no way this passes the pub test. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Heres Victorian Opposition leader John Pesutto saying Moira Deeming will be sacked from the Liberal Party because she has an association with people who promote Nazi views. Its a slur that is equally outrageous and false. He looks stressed. @MoiraDeemingMP John Ruddick (@JohnRuddick2) March 19, 2023


Sarah McLeod announces One Electric Lady East Coast solo tour "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fresh from a national tour with revered rock band The Superjesus to promote their new single Money (Were Only In It For Love), Sarah McLeod is bringing back to the stage an updated reprise of her successful 2021 show One Electric Lady which sees her performing with her dual output guitar.

The shows kick off in June with three shows in Queensland, followed by Adelaide, two dates in Victoria and will then end with four shows across NSW, wrapping the tour in Newcastle at Lizottes on Sunday 25th June.

One Electric Lady Tour

Thurs 1st June Imperial Hotel, Eumundi QLD

Fri 2nd June Jindalee Hotel, Brisbane QLD

Sat 3rd June The Royal Hotel, Nundah QLD

Sat 10th June The Grace Emily, Adelaide SA

Thurs 15th June Sooki Lounge, Belgrave VIC

Fri 16th June The Workers Club, Fitzroy VIC

Thurs 22nd June The Brass Monkey, Cronulla NSW

Fri 23rd June The Vanguard, Sydney NSW

Sat 24th June The Heritage Hotel, Bulli NSW

Sun 25th June Lizottes, Newcastle NSW

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Ross Noble brings his solo stand-up tour Jibber Jabber Jamboree to Geelong "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

English stand-up comedian and actor Ross Noble, best known for being runner-up in The Celebrity Apprentice in 2021, is bringing his 21st solo stand-up tour Jibber Jabber Jamboree to Geelong in 2023.

Presented by A-List Entertainment, The international star will take to The Geelong Arts Centre on Friday, 1 September 2023.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here.

To celebrate his 21st milestone, Noble invites audiences to join him for an evening on the sort of inspired nonsense that has cemented his place as the supreme master of stream of conscious freewheeling stand-up.

This is your chance to see Noble live on stage in his natural habitat.

Whats this about? What will we learn? How will it change the world? There are all pointless questions to ask when Noble is off on one of his tangents.

Grab a ticket and come and enjoy the ride!

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 22 March at 9am and can be purchased here

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Echuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival reveals lineup for its 2023 edition "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>Featuring the cream of the Australian Blues music scene and renowned as one of the longest-running and most important events on the blues festival calendar, The Winter Blues Festival has announced its return for 2023 this July, bringing along an impressive lineup of Australias best artists.</p> <p>Now in its 24th year, the free festival has gone from humble beginnings as a one-Sunday-afternoon event in a pub with a handful of bands to being a festival that sprawls across 4 days, in 20-plus venues around the town of Echuca, Victoria.</p> <p>The festival has now announced its first round of artists for 2023, a list that contains some festival favourites and some new artists to discover. Theres something for the die-hard blues fans, but also music thats perfect to accompany a relaxing weekend with a few drinks, some good food, and some good friends. Check it out below.</p> <h3>Winter Blues Festival First artist announce (in alphabetical order):</h3> <p>19-Twenty<br> Anna Scionti<br> Cass Eager<br> Catfish Voodoo<br> Creek<br> The Detonators<br> Doc Halibut<br> Dom Turner & The Rural Blues Project
Electric Blues Collective
Fiona Boyes
Frank Sultana
Hat Fitz & Cara
Jesse Redwing
Lloyd Spiegel
Owen Campbell
Sweet Felicia and The Honeytones

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews </i></b><a href= ""><span class= "s2"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a></p> <p>Along with the continued success of the Winter Blues Festival has come huge economic and cultural benefits for the local and regional community. As 20,000 punters make the annual pilgrimage to Echuca Moama from all over Australia, its hard to believe that the last weekend in July was once the quietest weekend of the year for tourism in the historic port town.</p> <p>As always, the Wrap Party on Sunday night will return as a ticketed fund-raising event featuring the cream of the festival, ticket sales soon to be announced.</p> <p>The Winter Blues Festival was set up by the community for the community and is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on funding from local businesses and grants funding to keep going.</p> <p><strong>There is no better way than spending a winters weekend at The Echuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival from July 27 30 2023. Find out more <a href= "">here</a>. </strong></p> <p>The post <a href= "" rel="nofollow">Echuca-Moama Winter Blues Festival reveals lineup for its 2023 edition</a> appeared first on <a href= "" rel="nofollow">Forte Magazine</a>.</...


A weekend Filipino food and culture fiesta comes to Melbourne this April "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

One of Melbourne Food & Wine Festivals most treasured pillars, Special Events, returns this for the first time in four years.

From north to south, east to west, big-ticket fine dining to low-key and well-loved, the Special Events program takes in everything we love about eating in Melbourne and spins it into a red-hot edit of one-off menus and sure-fire good times. Its the heart and soul of the Festival, and a highlight promises to be Seafood, Stars and Stories at Seafarers a Filipino barrio fiesta by the sea presented by The Entree.Pinays.

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UNIFY Gathering announces new touring festival series UNIFY Off The Record for 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The good humans behind beloved Gippsland heavy music festival Unify Gathering have announced its returns with Unify Off The Record 2023, a series of small club shows across five states.

Hitting Mackay, Adelaide, Wollongong, Hobart and Frankston, Unify Off The Record 2023 features a diverse lineup of Australias premiere heavy acts including ARIA chart topping Northlane, Thy Art Is Murder, Thornhill, Make Them Suffer, Teenage Joans, In Hearts Wake, Alpha Wolf, Ocean Grove, Yours Truly, Void Of Vision, Redhook and more.

The NSW, VIC and SA legs will be run like miniature festivals with 8-10 band lineups, and all five events will include pop-up stores, artist signings and workshops before and after doors, with the aim to bring as much of UNIFY on the road as is possible.

UNIFY Off The Record

May 20 Seabreeze, Mackay QLD
w/ Thornhill, Void Of Vision, Young Lions, Wildheart, Arcade Stories

May 26 Hindley St Music Hall, Adelaide SA
w/ Teenage Joans, Thornhill, Ocean Grove, Yours Truly
The Beautiful Monument, Alt, The Last Martyr, Wildheart

May 27 Uni Bar, Wollongong NSW
w/ Thy Art Is Murder, Make Them Suffer, Ocean Grove
Yours Truly, Fit For An Autopsy, Bloom
Banks Arcade, Reliqa, Alienist, Raised As Wolves

June 1 Odeon Theatre, Hobart TAS
w/ Alpha Wolf, In Hearts Wake, Void Of Vision
Redhook, Offset Vision

June 2 The Pier, Frankston VIC
w/ Northlane, In Hearts Wake, Make The Suffer
Redhook, Fit For An Autopsy, Ocean Sleeper
Mirrors, Chasing Ghosts, Banks Arcade, Future Static

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K-pop phenoms TWICE are heading to Australia with their world tour "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

International K-Pop sensations TWICE have announced the Australian leg of their global outing 5TH WORLD TOUR READY TO BE.

The worldwide run will come to Sydneys Qudos Bank Arena on May 3 and Melbournes Rod Laver Arena on May 6 with TWICE promising to bring their signature high-energy performance and a robust setlist of their chart-topping hits.

TWICE Australian Tour 2023



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Formed under K-pop powerhouse JYP Entertainment in 2015, TWICE comprised of members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu is one of the best-selling K-pop girl groups of all time. Since their debut, the group has sold over 10 million albums, received nearly 6 billion streams on Spotify, performed on programs such as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and GMA3, and has been nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards. In March 2023, they will be honored with the Breakthrough Artist award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards.


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