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Friday, 26 May


Schon bemerkenswert, was in Bayern pltzlich geht, ... "IndyWatch Feed National"

Schon bemerkenswert, was in Bayern pltzlich geht, wenn es nicht um Maskenaffren korrupter CSU-Politiker oder rechtsextremistische NSU-Mordanschlge geht, wa?

Oder um Aserbaidschan-Korruption.

Oder um "Parteispenden".


Was it a good idea for Pastor Brian to go in the witness box? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Brian Houston outside court in. Sydney, Australia in December 2022.

I dont know why Brian didnt have a shave for court. Brian looks like a real dodgy crook here. Brians hair transplants are looking like long straightened grey-gelled pubic hairs. Myriad of Brians planted hairs are falling out.


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Thursday, 25 May


Ron DeSantis with another underwhelming announcement "IndyWatch Feed National"

What can we break next? Team DeSantis (@TeamDeSantis) May 24, 2023


Guardian of Freedom Alex Antic on government/bureaucracy's social-media censorship "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why did the Department of Home Affairs make 4,213 requests to social media companies to censor COVID-related matters? Who decides what is mis information or dis information in the bureaucracy/social media censorship industrial complex in Australia today? Watch as I question Senator Alex Antic (@SenatorAntic) May 24, 2023


Our reader Mr T's last electricity bill is clear - government 'green schemes' are pushing up prices "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why are my electricity bills increasing? There has been an overall increase in the cost of supplying electricity to our customers. This is largely due to the rising costs of wholesale electricity. There have also been increases in government green schemes and market charges.


Enormous building fire breaks out near Sydney's Central Station "IndyWatch Feed National"

BREAKING: A major fire has broken out in a building near Sydneys Central Station. The fire on Randall St in Surry Hills, near Sydneys Central Station, broke out before 4pm on Thursday. Follow updates: The Australian (@australian) May 25, 2023 A view from central station in Sydney...


Australias censorship-industrial-complex finally detailed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Censorship actions taken by the Department of Home Affairs over COVID-19 misinformation has finally been revealed, with exact details unveiled in a Australias censorship-industrial-complex finally detailed


Electricity price to increase by 20 - 25% this year - as set by Energy Regulator "IndyWatch Feed National"

From 1 July 2023 residential customers on standard retail plans will see price increases of 20.8% to 23.9% without controlled load, depending on their region, and between 19.6% to 24.9% with controlled load, depending on their region. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has today released its final determination for the...


The Chinese question and colonial capitalism in New Gold Mountain "IndyWatch Feed National"

SBSs New Gold Mountain sets out to recover the history of the Gold Rush from the marginalised perspective of Chinese settlers but instead reinforces the erasure of Indigenous sovereignty. Although celebrated for its multilingual script and diverse representation, the mini-TV series ignores how the settlement of Chinese migrants and their recruitment into colonial capitalism consolidates the ongoing displacement of First Nations peoples.

The post The Chinese question and colonial capitalism in New Gold Mountain appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Notes on America, Twitter, Royals, and WWIII "IndyWatch Feed National"


[Some emails from G5]

by G5

Twitter CEO

The concern is that Musk made a major error by appointing Linda Yaccarino as Twitter CEO. Two points:

Firstly, it appears he is pandering to a portion of leftoid buying audience.

Secondly, he always sits them on a platform that has a break-open slide to oblivion, and he controls the lever.

She is...


Another dummy spit performance from Hideous Lidia "IndyWatch Feed National"

Explosive scenes in senate estimates today. Read the full story: The Australian (@australian) May 24, 2023


The Australian Twitter Files - Senator Alex Antic "IndyWatch Feed National"

Why did the Department of Home Affairs make 4,213 requests to social media companies to censor COVID-related matters?

Who decides what is mis information or dis information in the bureaucracy/social media censorship industrial complex in Australia today?

Watch as I question the Department during Senate estimate about this incredible development confirming what many Australians already suspected.

See video:


Everybody Knows, Part 17: Was the Thalidomide Tragedy Intentional? "IndyWatch Feed National"

(L) Dr Wm McBride, Photo: (C) skeleton of a rabbit, Photo: (R) Dr Doulas Keeping of Queensland(L) Dr Wm McBride, Photo: (C) skeleton of a rabbit, Photo: (R) Dr Doulas Keeping of Queensland

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

This article is not strictly related to this series subject, the upcoming trial of Dr Russell Pridgeon. My excuse for publishing it, is that a GumshoeNews Commenter complained that we had censored our own work on thalidomide. True, I did delete my 31 May 2021 article but am now re-running it. As you will see, it sheds odd light on the NSW Medical Council. For me as a law-trained person, one of the biggest discoveries about Pridgeons case was the shadowy role that a Medical Council can play in cancelling a license.

I agree with Russell that such councils make it possible for the government to remove any doctors registration good behavior no bar! And recall my...


Masons and the secret plan of Canberra "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Lodge St Andrew Queanbeyan No. 56s newly invested Worshipful Master and his officers/team for 1977.
POWER struggles, clandestine activities and conspiracy theories just another day in the nations

Not exactly, but in this tale theres no shortage of intrigue, political and otherwise, as well as things known and unknown: just one of the latter, that both Queanbeyan and Canberra have a long-standing association with the most obscure and arcane of organisations, Freemasonry. 

It may even surprise many to learn that the man dubbed the father of Canberra for helping ensure the new Federal Territory was sited alongside his hometown of Queanbeyan, John Gale, was a founding member of the brotherhood in this region.

The ancient craft, said to be linked to the Knights Templar themselves decimated on Friday the 13th, 1307 when King Philip IV of France condemned them rather than repay a debt owed and identified with fancy outfits, prestigious titles and an exclusively male membership, arrived on these shores with the First Fleet. In 1845, Sydney Lodge No.1 was instigated.



SILENCING YOUR VOICE "IndyWatch Feed National"


Did you know that in law, if it is approved by the national electorate, The Voice Referendum will constitutionally silence the voices of 96.8% of voters.

Posting short link:

THINK CAREFULLY ABOUT THIS FACT : The benefit to politicians is that they will only have the constitutional obligation to listen to 3.2% of voters.



Reminder: NSW Liberal Party made the right decision when it flushed Shayne Mallard. "IndyWatch Feed National"

Far left liberal Shayne Mallard was a waste of space in the NSW Parliament. He achieved very little other than being a factional number in snake Matt Keans power base. Perrottet did one good thing on the way out the door he helped flush Mallard. Mallard's childish crap on Twitter...


Labor MP spruiks 202324 budget "IndyWatch Feed National"

MPs Anthony Albanese and Justine Elliot. Photo Jeff Dawson.

Cost of living relief, investment towards net-zero and economic responsibility is how local federal Labor MP, Justine Elliot, has framed her partys first budget this term.

I know for our region thats vitally important, Elliot told BayFMs Community Newsroom last week.

The member for Richmond also took the opportunity to express outrage at the Greens refusal to support Labors Housing Australia Future Fund Bill 2023.

According to The Guardian, the Greens say they will not support it, unless the government offers substantial improvements, including $5B of direct spending on housing and a national rent freeze.

And overshadowing Labors budget was their commitment to implement the previous governments stage three tax cuts, which will give those earning over $200,000 per year a $9,000 windfall. 

Some of the nations top economists told The SMH (Nine) in 2022, the tax cuts were unaffordable and would drive inflation.

So, whats in the Labor governments federal budget for the people of the Richmond electorate?

A big component of Labors budget aims is strengthening Medicare through a whole range of initiatives, Elliot said, before describing the tripling of bulk-billing incentives as the...


Parliamentary Inquiry called into NSW Police "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sue Higginson MLC. Photo Tree Faerie.

Upper House NSW Greens MP and Lismore resident, Sue Higginson, says she tabled a notice of motion in NSW Parliament on Tuesday calling for a Parliamentary Inquiry into NSW Police, following the tasering of 95-year-old dementia patient, Clare Nowland last week.

Higginson, who is also the Greens spokesperson for Justice, said the inquiry should include the subsequent revelations of other incidents of police causing harm to elderly residents in aged care homes across the state.

Her motion comes days after the conviction of Sydney police officer, Ryan Barlow, for the assault of a 16-year-old First Nations boy, who was filmed hitting the ground, face first, with a leg sweep. 

Additionally, a report by the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) on Tuesday identifies a plethora of failings in matters of integrity and oversight in the NSW Pol...


Stella Assange came to Australia to demand justice for her husband "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editorial opinion

On Monday 22 May Stella Assange held a press conference at the Press Club in Canberra. She had come to Australia to confront Untied State President Joe Biden and call on the Australian government to act to help free her husband, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from prison and stop his extradition to the United States.

She said: My visit here was originally prompted by the official visit by President Biden and the Quad summit. After it was cancelled, I decided to come anyway. I did not want to lose an opportunity to speak to you. Because we are now in the endgame. Julian needs his freedom urgently and Australia plays a critical role in securing his release.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Australian Parliamentary Friends of Julian Assange, who have created a political environment in which support for Julian goes beyond party-political affiliation.I wish to thank the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, as well as the leader of the opposition Peter Dutton, for putting that position on the record, that Julian should be released so that he can come home.

But above all I would like to thank the overwhelming dedication of the Australian people, who have brought about a sea change in awareness and solidarity for Julians plight. This unity in support for my husband is a source of enormous encouragement for our family. It nurtures Julians ability to continue on.

The reality is that to regain his freedom, Julian needs the support of his home country. This is a political case, and it needs a political solution.

The groundswell of Australian support for Assanges freedom has been overwhelming. The most recent Ipsos poll published...


Frank Houston pedophile founder of Hillsong Sir Francis Rock Spider speaks from Hades "IndyWatch Feed National"

Frank Houston cartoon

Frank Houston, Founder of Hillsong, Sir Francis Rock Spider speaks from Hades. Still pulling the strings at Hillsong. Rock spider is jail slang for pedophiles. The origin of the term Rock Spider for pedophiles is Western Australian. See Rock Spider in Urban Dictionary for the very dark meanings of the term.



The Fight To Free Julian Assange, with Kevin Gosztola "IndyWatch Feed National"

The MintPress podcast The Watchdog, hosted by British-Iraqi hip hop artist Lowkey, closely examines organizations about which it is in the public interest to know including intelligence, lobby, and special interest groups influencing policies that infringe on free speech and target dissent. The Watchdog goes against the grain by casting a light on stories largely ignored by the mainstream, corporate media.

It is now over four years ago that Julian Assange was spirited away from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and detained in Belmarshs maximum security prison. Being locked in a tiny concrete room for more than 1500 days has taken a serious toll on the Australian publisher; reports from this week suggest that his health is deteriorating by the minute.

One man who has covered the Wikileaks co-founders case closer than almost anyone is Kevin Gosztola. Gosztola is an American journalist, the managing editor of Shadowproof and co-hosts the Unauthorized Disclosure Podcast with Rania Khalek. He is the author of the new book Guilty of Journalism: The Political Case against Julian Assange. Today, he joins Watchdog host Lowkey to talk all things WikiLeaks, Assange, leaks and cybersecurity.

The U.S. government has always been hostile to leakers revealing embarrassing or compromising information about its actions. But Gosztola states that the Central Intelligence Agencys gloves came off in 2017 as it ramped up its attacks on Assange. By 2017, CIA Director Mike Pompeo had labeled WikiLeaks as a hostile non-state intelligence service and began turning the screw. For Gosztola, the CIAs response was a symptom of the agencys insecurity; And so at that point, the CIA probably feels they are threatened, their whole regime of pursuing the global war on terrorism is in jeopardy as a result of WikiLeaks, he told Lowkey.

It is often forgotten how much incredible, extraordinary information WikiLeaks provided the world. This included the Guantnamo prison manuals, which showed that the U.S. Army hid prisoners from Red Cross inspectors and illegally held captives in solitary confinement to soften them up for interrogation.


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Wednesday, 24 May


INTERVIEW: Peter Conway Racism and Rockets "IndyWatch Feed National"

Can music bring this generation together and heal the rifts of a divided society?

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 22, 2023, Patrick talks with UK singer, songwriter and recording artist, Peter Conway, about his new single, Racism and Rockets, and his intention and inspiration for the creating this new track, and also highlighting some of the real challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, including the culture wars and the controversy over identity politics. He also addresses the burning issues which have arisen in the wake of the global pandemic hysteria and the growing concerns over injuries and fatalities resulting from the experimental jab roll-out. With so much political division in todays society, can music help bring this generation together and heal the rifts of a divided society? All this and more. Listen:

More from Peter Conway:

Also stream or download his new song Racism and Rockets here: Racism and Rockets

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):



Visits of Justice: Stella Assanges Plea to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

It certainly got the tongues wagging, the keyboards pressed, and the intellectually dead aroused at least for a time. Given how many of those in the Australian press and media stable have been, for the most part, unconcerned, and in some cases celebratory, regarding the prosecution of Julian Assange, it was strikingly poignant to have his wife, Stella, present at the centre of Australias press epicentre: the National Press Club in Canberra.

For those familiar with the ongoing prosecution of the WikiLeaks founder by the United States via the extradition processes of the United Kingdom, a brutal carnivalesque endeavour that continues to blight that legal system, there is not much to be said. Stella had to get her point across to a pack of the uninitiated most of them, anyway and state the obvious fact that her husband is facing gloomy prospects across the pond for spilling the beans on the US National Security State. Once the doors open to such a prosecution on US soil, bets are off on the subject of publishing national security information in the public interest. For the first time in US legal history, a journalist, defamed and harassed, will be conveyed into the bowels of a carceral state so revolting it makes Belmarsh look like a modest retreat.

The method, however, lay in the personal touch, one that draws out Assange as the dedicated, loving, and intellectually stimulated everyman. There is talk about the fledging rainbow lorikeet that her husband reared when he was on Magnetic Island off the coast of Townsville in Queensland. Remembering the chestnut coated mare which he would ride when he stayed in the Northern Rivers. There was also surfing in Byron Bay in his teens, and beekeeping in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria.

Stellas agenda is clear, direct, and powerful. There is no time for frills. She knows that the realm of ideas has little truck with the breakfasting, lunching and dining journalists who titter across Canberra and offer the rest of Australia information of an embarrassingly poor quality. It was important to keep matters simple.

The adopted technique, then, is uncomplicated: focus on the man in prison, in captivity, and suffering because of it. I can tell you exactly what Julian is doing right now....


What Can a Gun-Toting Church Tell Us About Conservatives? "IndyWatch Feed National"

In recognition of the first anniversary of the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, we are reprinting this story written in 2018 by a member of our Mentor-Apprentice Program

The story of a Pennsylvania church blessing AR-15s made the rounds on traditional and social media last week. The ceremony at the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary ministry in rural Newfoundland, PA, was widely ridiculed as bizarre and out of touch, but once you take away some of the theatrics, how different are these worshippers really from millions of Americans and the NRA?


The answer, it turns out, is not that much.


WhoWhatWhy went to Newfoundland twice last week, attended the gun-blessing ceremony and saw some things that the rest of the media seems to have missed.


First, it is interesting that this event took place in Pennsylvania. Exactly 10 years ago, presidential candidate Barack Obama told a private gathering in the Keystone State that parts of its residents were bitter. He added that it is not surprising that rural Pennsylvanians cling to their guns, or religion, or antipathy to people who arent like them or anti-immigrant or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Obama took a lot of heat when the comments leaked. In hindsight, however, he basically pinpointed the sentiment that made Donald Trump his successor and that was on display at the Newfoundland church.

The response to Obamas remark was so dramatic that he was forced to publicly defend himself during a CNN town hall and, predictably, the GOP used his words as a talking point for years, tossing it as red meat to a base thats fueled by weapons-toting, faith-based voters.

Even four years later, vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan made mention of the remarks during campaign rallies.

Anybody witnessing the AR-15 blessing ceremony at the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary ministry in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, FL, would have a hard time walking away with a different conclusion from Obamas.

While the groups beliefs may seem extreme to most, they are not as uncommon as one might think.

Rev. Hyung Jin (Sean) Moon, the youngest son of Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon known for his mass wedding ceremonies in New York Citys Times Square took the stage accompanied by his wife Yeon Ah Lee Moon and carrying a gold-plated assault rifle, readying himself for another mass marriage ceremony.



95 YO grandmother dies after being allegedly Tasered by NSW Police. "IndyWatch Feed National"

A great-grandmother has died a week after she was allegedly Tasered by a police officer in a NSW Snowy Mountains aged care facility. Clare Nowland, 95, passed away surrounded by family in Cooma Hospital just after 7pm on Wednesday, less than an hour after police confirmed charges had been laid...


Ron DeSantis gearing up. "IndyWatch Feed National"

America is worth the fight... Every. Single. Time. Casey DeSantis (@CaseyDeSantis) May 23, 2023


Life with Googles Pixel 7a: An iPhone user goes Android "IndyWatch Feed National"

Googles newest phone is a bargain, and switching has some clear benefits. But heres why Im going back to my iPhone Profor now.

When people ask me if I use an iPhone or an Android smartphone, my reflexive answer is both. But the truth is that the last Android phone I used as a daily driver was a Google Pixel 3 back in 2019. Later that year, I replaced it with an iPhone 11 Pro, which gave way to the iPhone 13 Pro that I currently own. Denying that Im an iPhone user would be silly.

Read Full Story


NSW quits, Victoria hits "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Its been a big week for property tax. On Sunday we learned the new NSW government was extending stamp duty concessions for first home buyers and will introduce legislation this week to scrap the former governments opt-in stamp duty to land tax scheme. We dont think thatll do much for first home buyers theyll []


Four Pillars launches Bloody Shiraz and Bloody Pinot Noir Gins, announces first-ever Bloody Midwinter Gin Festival "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

With winter all but officially here, its time to embrace life in the longer, cooler evenings with cosy conversations, multiple layers and indulging in a good shot or two of gin yes gin. While the icy breeze makes many turns to cosy options like red wine and whisky, gin lovers can now have the best of both worlds thanks to Yarra Valley-based distillery Four Pillars and their life-changing Limited Edition Bloody Shiraz Gin, back for 2023, and for the first time, a Bloody Pinot Noir Gin.

To celebrate the new release of the Bloody Shiraz Gin, Bloody Pinot Noir Gin and World Gin Day (10 June), Four Pillars are hosting a calendar full of bloody goodness with the inaugural Bloody Midwinter Gin Fest, a line-up of gin-fuelled events that will run over eight weeks and three states from 1 June to 30 July 2023. 

Keep up with the latest food and booze news across the region here.


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Mulita BBQ are bringing a Texas Barbecue Pop-Up to Austins Winery this winter "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

While we might still be hurting from the loss of a permanent Mulita BBQ outpost in North Geelong and their mouth-watering menu of American BBQ with fresh and vibrant Mexican influences, the team have still managed to delight the region since, hitting up various locations on weekends with their trusty food truck.

Now they beloved BBQ business is set to pump the breaks, setting up at Austins Winery for a month-long pop-up residency from Fridays to Sundays.

Keep up with the latest local food and booze news here.

Kicking off on 9 June and running until 2 July, Mulita BBQ will be serving an incredibly delicious BBQ menu for all the locals, tourists and wine-lovers visiting Austins Wines new drinking destinations, located on Austins family-owned vineyard in Sutherlands Creek. Having only opened in the last year, this only adds to the excitement for anyone checking out the stunning new venue.

Operating each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, youll be able to tuck into Mulitas quality barbecue offerings, including Central Texas Brisket, Pork Ribs, Herb Buttered Chicken, Smoked Sausage and Free Range Pulled Pork, all sliced to order and priced per 200gm. Youll also be able to load up on their famed sides, including Southern Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Mac N Cheese, brisket beans and rustic cut fries, as well as fresh sliced white bread, sauces and pickles for a real authentic experience.

There is also some vegetarian options, like smoked portobello mushrooms and Texas-style BBQ jackfruit, the most flavoursome and drool-worthy chopped brisket and pulled pork burgers, and a kids menu.

Simply order your food, throw down a rug, grab a glass of wine, and your weekend is looking pretty damn fine if you ask us.

Theres plenty of inside seating and outdoor space available at the venue, with Austins Wines transforming one of the propertys original shearing sheds into a state-of-the-art facility complete with an original ceiling and a large bar area for wine tastings with sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. Complete with timber bar tops, a huge custom bar light and elegant decor,  its a sleek space from the inside out where everything has been considered, to the point of terracotta tiles being used in the bathrooms to represent the rich terroir of the  Moorabool Valley.


It might be chilly, but Texas BBQ and loca...


During pandemic, Tim Scott embraced masks and Fauci. Will it impact his run for president? "IndyWatch Feed National"

During pandemic, Tim Scott embraced masks and Fauci. Will it impact his run for president? --Sen. Tim Scott encouraged people to join a 30-day mask challenge during the COVID pandemic. | 23 May 2023 | When the 2024 presidential campaign season heats up and GOP candidates are likely asked about their connection to conventional pandemic-response doctrine, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott might have a lot for which to answer - but he won't be alone. Scott, who officially entered the race Monday, urged Americans during the pandemic to wear a mask, supported vaccinations and Dr. Anthony Fauci - who was effectively the country's top medical scientist during the pandemic when much of the U.S. went on lockdown... In a June 2020 congressional hearing, Scott seemed to back a campaign to encourage Americans to get vaccinated, even before the vaccines were fully available.


Got a free Saturday? Get hitched Vegas-style in Geelong with a red hot winter elopement at The Warehouse "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

While everyone loves attending a wedding, not everyone wants a traditional white wedding for themselves. All the decisions and the planning, from the venues, celebrants and florists, to the photographers, guest lists and menus, it isnt for everyone.

But that doesnt mean the ceremony and celebrating part isnt part of the dream, and one of Geelongs absolute favourite wedding venues has found a way to make your day one to remember without the fuss.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here.

With a growing trend in micro-weddings and elopements, The Warehouse Geelong, has launched an incredible new service, offering couples the opportunity to tie the knot in a one-day elopement on one perfect Saturday in July.

Building on the success of the previous simple, fuss-free elopements the venue ran on Valentines Day, The Warehouse and Annie The Celebrant now teamed up for a Red Hot Winter Elopement.


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The Palestine Laboratory book extract on politicide "IndyWatch Feed National"

An extract of my new book,  The Palestine Laboratory, has been published by Dawn, founded by the murdered Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi in his quest for democracy and human rights in the Middle East.

The extracted chapter is about Israeli desires to make Gaza an effective testing ground for new weapons, social media manipulation and politicide.

Heres the extract in PDF form: The Technology of Occupation Has Become One of Israels Main Exports DAWN


The post The Palestine Laboratory book extract on politicide appeared first on Antony Loewenstein.


The Whitlams announce Early Years 93-97 Australian Tour for 2023 with The Living Ends Scott Owen "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The beloved ARIA Award-winning band The Whitlams are heading back out on tour this September and October to celebrate the Early Years (1993 to 1997). Taking a trip back in time, the band will kick off the tour in Coffs Harbour in September, before heading further across New South Wales, performing one special show in Melbourne and continuing onto cities in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

The Whitlams four-piece is joined by Scott Owen from The Living End to recreate the rollicking energy of its first three albums. And really, who better to rip through the double bass classics from 93 to 97 than the human powerhouse who has driven The Living Ends famous rhythm section since its inception?

Tim Freedman says, Scott and I have been talking about this idea for five years, and at last our schedules have clicked. Terepai and Scott will absolutely explode in these early songs, and it will be thrilling to hear the energy that Andy Lewis brought to the first line-up so long ago on stage once again.

The Whitlams National Tour 2023

Fri 22 Sep Hoey Moey Coffs Harbour, NSW
Sat 23 Sep Toronto Hotel Toronto, NSW
Wed 4 Oct Tillys Wagga Wagga, NSW
Thu 5 Oct Beer Deluxe Albury, NSW
Fri 6 Oct Northcote Theatre Melbourne, VIC
Sat 7 Oct Enmore Theatre Sydney, NSW
Sun 8 Oct Blue Mountains Theatre Springwood, NSW
Fri 13 Oct The Tivoli Brisbane, QLD
Sun 15 Oct Burleigh Bazaar Gold Coast, QLD
Fri 20 Oct The Gov Adelaide. SA
Fri 27 Oct Astor Theatre Perth. WA
Sat 28 Oct Freo.Social Fremantle, WA

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.




Big Tech and The Voice Canberra Has Sold Out "IndyWatch Feed National"

Cabal vultures circling over Australia

Introduction by Dee McLachlan

I will be posting some articles in the future about humans being originally designed as a slave race. So nothing surprises me anymore. Our leaders have been put there to ensure that our freedoms are curtailed, and to ensure they do the bidding of powers above them.

Put simply, the politic...


A series of Piano Bar Pop-Up Sunday Sessions is coming to Torquay and Ocean Grove "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Get ready to experience a harmonious blend of Piano Bar goodness and exceptional craft beer as Piano Bar Geelong brings its Sunday pop-up sessions to Blackmans Brewery in Torquay and Ocean Grove this June.

Located in two beautiful coastal towns just a short drive from Geelong, this collaboration promises to be a delightful weekend escape for music, drag and beer lovers alike.

Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment here.

Kicking off in Torquay on Sunday 4 June, every Sunday, Piano Bar Geelong, known for its vibrant atmosphere and talented musicians, sets the stage at Blackmans Brewery. As you step into the brewery, youll be greeted by the captivating melodies emanating from the piano keys as the team deliver an epic afternoon of singalongs and drag queens.

Torquay x Piano Bar Pop-Up Sessions

  • Sunday 4th June
  • Sunday 2nd July
  • Sunday 6th August

Ocean Grove x Piano Bar Pop-Up Sessions

  • Sunday 18th June
  • Sunday 16th July
  • Sunday 20th August

The sessions run from 2pm to 5pm and tickets are $25 which include your first pot of beer or seltzer and a magical afternoon of entertainment.


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The Cycle of Rebellions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Spartacus Rebellion 73-71 BC

QUESTION: Marty, nobody has done such intense research geopolitically than you. This theory of a one-world government seems absurd with so many languages and cultures. Looking at Ukraine, Kyiv is demanding the people in the Donbas speak only Ukrainian and they must surrender their religion to the Patriarch in Kyiv. This is at least a parallel to the French seizing the Vatican and moving it to Avignon. I believe you have said that was the exact opposite of how Rome built an empire.

So, my question is straightforward. While Rome may have lasted for a thousand years, there were civil wars and uprisings like the Spartacus Rebellion. Can you elaborate on the cycle of civil wars in Rome? Is this our fate?


ANSWER: This arrogance that a one-world government will end war is absurd. The Roman Empire was one government and it had numerous rebellions and civil wars. So much for this their intent to make the UN and the WHO rule the world. Nobody ever seems to refer to history and just ask has this been tried before? What was the outcome?

The Social War, also called Italic War, or Marsic War, (9188 BC) was a revolt of Romes Italian allies (socii, hence Social War). This was the first real civil war following the birth of the Republic in 509 BC. The alli...


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed National"

1.00 AUD = 0.00003 BTC
0.00010 BTC = 3.95 AUD


Get your claws into all-you-can-eat Filipino Silog at Geelongs seafood boil restaurant "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

For lovers of all things flavour and seafood feast, Kalye Marinas Cafe and Seafood Hub has become a must-visit in Geelong West since opening back in October last year.

The first restaurant from owners Honey Lynne Caranguian, Kristine Jane Alvarez, Abegail Almonte and Richcy Sigre, Kalye Marinas Cafe and Seafood Hub marks Geelongs very first spot for a Filipino seafood boil, bringing their hands-on dining experience to the region.

Keep up with the latest food and booze news across the region here.

Inviting customers to don a bib and gloves, turf their inhibitions and get messy digging into saucy piles of seafood and accompaniments, the restaurant has now launched another incredible experience, offering All-You-Can-Eat silogs.

Launching on Wednesday, 24 May, Kalye Marinas Cafe and Seafood Hubs new all-you-can-eat is offering customers a chance to eat as many of their favourite silogs as they can. Tuck into a bottomless feast of garlic rice, beef tapa, pork tocino, pork sisig, fried bangus, corn, eggs, kikiam, fishball, fried eggplant, orange slices and lemon iced tea.


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YouTube Premium - Do not pay for it! "IndyWatch Feed National"

As usual, Google is defrauding its customers and ripping off content creators.

See explanation in the following video:


Victorias iconic 160-kilometre Grampians Peaks Trail is getting upgraded "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Victorias iconic 160-kilometre Grampians Peaks Trail is going to get a whole bunch of upgrades, including a new trailhead in the centre of the Halls Gap (Budja Budja) township.

The development is part of a $5 million investment by the Labor Government to provide visitors with more options to access the world-class hiking experience.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here.

Halls Gap is a bustling township that sits in the heart of the Grampians (Gariwerd) National Park and is an ideal launching point for thousands of visitors to explore the region and the peaks trail.

The new trailhead will better connect the town to the mountains with a new track and boardwalk, gathering spaces, rock seating and signage. The final designs are currently being shared with the local community.

In addition to the new Halls Gap trailhead, access points at Mount Zero and the southern Grampians town of Dunkeld will also receive upgrades.


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Visits of Justice: Stella Assanges Plea to Australia "IndyWatch Feed National"

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The post Visits of Justice: Stella Assanges Plea to Australia appeared first on Global Research.


The future liberal feminists want: Tracey Spicers Man-Made "IndyWatch Feed National"

Fembots, sexbots, killerbots, chatbots: all these and more are the subject of Tracey Spicers latest book Man Made: How the bias of the past is being built into the future. But while the book offers an overview of the problem just as AI dominates the news, its critical analysis falls short.

The post The future liberal feminists want: Tracey Spicers Man-Made appeared first on Overland literary journal.


Score a bunch of discounts and explore window displays in central Geelong with the citys new initiative Kick On in Geelong "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

We know whatll put you in that good mood: a whole heap of discounts and deals running rampant across our fair city.

With the euphoric human-sized Kaleidoscope a new work by renowned installation artist Keith Courtney arriving in Geelong this month, the City has announced a whole new initiative to complement the experience and get people exploring central Geelong before or after they step inside the hall of rotating mirrors, light and sound.

Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment here.

Working with local businesses, Kick On in Geelong is packed with discounted offers and special deals to enhance visitors experience in central Geelong while saving them money.

Whether its supporting hospitality venues, popping into an event or visiting other creative works, such as the Clarice Beckett exhibition at Geelong Gallery or National Wool Museum exhibitions, the city have you covered.

Take advantage of deals like 10% off Brush and Bubbles workshops, 10% off your bill at Tomodachi Izakaya and Bar, or 15% off your bill at Edge Geelong. Theres also other fun deals like 2-for-1 carousel ride offers, $6 piercings at Off Ya Tree and a free drink with your meal at Pistol Petes Food N Blues.

Some deals just involve you mentioning the offer, while others involve showing your Kaleidoscope ticket or entering a promo code.

Explore all the deals here.




A Pfizer Document the FDA Tried to Hide Shows LNPs from COVID-19 Vaccine Travel Everywhere in the Body "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Aaron Siri | Injecting Freedom | May 23, 2023

When the Covid-19 vaccines rolled out, public health officials took great pains to downplay how the vaccines spread from the injection site. Articles with language like this were common: Most of the mRNA vaccine stayed in the injection site musclewhere you get the shot.

We now know the truth. The lipid nanoparticles, or LNPs, travel widely throughout the body. These LNPs carry the Frankenstein mRNA that causes the cells to produce spike proteins.

We initially got tissue biodistribution data from Japan which showed that significant lipid concentrations were found in the adrenal glands, bone marrow, liver, ovaries, spleen (and more) for at least 48 hours after injection.

Then we saw the same study data show up in a document from the Australian Department of Health.

And from the lawsuit that we brought against the FDA demanding the release of the Pfizer documents, we now know that this same data was also provided to the FDA. What is really troubling, however, is that this document was dated November 9, 2020meaning, prior to any Emergency Use Authorization or public use of Pfizers Covid-19 vaccine.


ABC attention seeker Michael Rowland goes on holiday - thinks public statement necessary. "IndyWatch Feed National"

These people are out of control. Its not about you Michael. The ABC has plenty of beige, smug, know-it-alls who could do your job. Got a replacement already.


Evanescence announce Fallen 20th Anniversary Australian Tour for 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Iconic American rockers Evanescence are coming to Australia in 2023 to celebrate 20 years of one of their finest albums their 2003 debut Fallen.

A critical and commercial triumph, the band will be bringing the gothic beauty of the 2003 debut release and a career-spanning set of fan favourites to cities across Australia this August and September with a special five-date tour run. The rockers will kick off the tour in Brisbane on 24 August before heading to Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne before finishing up in Perth on 2 September.

Evanescence Australian Tour 2023


Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Starting life when Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee and co-founder Ben Moody began writing and recording songs in the mid 90s, 2003s Fallen would go on to score five nominations at the 2004 Grammy Awards, winning Best Hard Rock Performance and Best New Artist, with the albums symphonic and delicate ballad My Immortal also scoring an additional nomination at the Grammy Awards the following year.

Hitting the top 10 charts in multiple countries upon its release, including Australia and a #1 in the UK, Fallen sold 10 million copies in the US alone, with over 17 million copies sold worldwide and officially reaching diamond certification in late 2022.

Fallens lush and gloomy beauty memorably blended symphonic elements with goth, rock, metal and hooks aplenty, while also garnering significant attention for lead singles Bring Me to Life, Going Under, My Immortal and Everybodys Fool. Absolute classics.

And while the album has gone on to be included in the likes of Rolling Stones The 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time and praise lauded for Lees macabre tinge that set the band apart from their nu metal contemporaries at the time, Fallen also ultimately set the scene for a long-term legacy from the Arkansas-hailing group, who are now in command of five studio albums including 2021s powerful and intimate outing The Bitter Truth which debuted at #3 on the ARIA chart, which marked the bands highest debut in 15 years.

Renowned for their enamouring live show as much as they are for their haunting, potent and visceral material, this marks the bands first Australian to...


Australian Fascist Buffoon Cops Under Fire for Tasering 95-Year-Old Woman "IndyWatch Feed National"

READ MORE AT DAVID ICKE  Australian police are facing public outrage after an officer tasered...


Andrews government budget breaks a little from the usual neoliberalism "IndyWatch Feed National"

Contributed by Joe Montero

The budget just handed down by Victorias government is relevant to the whole of Australia. It represents a small shift away from the neoliberalism that has long been the consensus in Australias parliaments.

The opposition, big business groups, and substantial parts of the media have been quick to accuse the government of class warfare. Of course, this crude sensationalism is wrong. is budget merely represents a minor upwards redistribution of burden, after years of it going the other way. Besides, the accusation misses the point.

Photo by James Ross/AAP: The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews at the states budget lockup where the budget was unveiled

So, what is the budget about? The answer is that it centres on the belief that the budget deficit be brought down. In this respect, it carries on with tradition, except that it applies only to the $35.5 billion debt incurred through the governments role in dealing with the Covid Pandemic. It does not apply to a major part of government spending, which goes under the title of the state building debt.  

Treasurer Tim Pallas compared the state building debt to a mortgage, and the other, to a credit card debt that must be paid off. This makes sense. Debt that works to create value to cover it is not a problem. Debt that does not do this is a potential problem. Businesses rely on borrowing and routinely make this distinction. Why shouldnt government do the same?

Investing in services and infrastructure adds to the economy and its potential, as it adds to the standards of living and quality of life for all. These goals are surely worthwhile.



The last Special Air Service Regiment Iranian Embassy Balcony Man dies. Lest We Forget. "IndyWatch Feed National"

A hero SASR soldier who helped save hostages during a six-day siege at the Iranian Embassy in London has died. Mel Parry died yesterday after a "very long illness", said SASR veteran Bob Shepherd. He was involved in the mission to rescue dozens of hostages from armed Islamist Arab separatists...


DV reoffence reduced by electronic ankle devices "IndyWatch Feed National"

The Domestic Violence Electronic Monitoring (DVEM) program is the first electronic monitoring program in NSW. Photo ABC

Reductions in reoffence and new offences have been identified as a result of NSW domestic violence (DV) offenders wearing electronic ankle devices in the first year of release from prison.

On average, one woman every nine days and one man every month is killed by a current or former partner in Australia. On 4 January 2023 Lindy Lucenas body was found in Ballina; she was the first woman to be murdered in an act of domestic violence this year.

The Domestic Violence Electronic Monitoring (DVEM) program was introduced in June 2016 and is the first electronic monitoring program in NSW to target domestic violence (DV) offenders and their compliance with Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders (ADVOs). The study monitored 226 DVEM participants and 768 offenders who met all eligibility criteria for DVEM but did not participate in relation to four areas: 1. Any reoffence, 2. Domestic violence reoffence, 3. ADVO breach reoffence, and 4. Return to custody.



Ocean Alley announce Australian headline tour for 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Fresh from a triumphant return to the stage at Groovin The Moo and Darwins BASSINTHEGRASS festival, beloved Australian rock outfit Ocean Alley have just announced a string of Australian headline shows in support of their 2022 album Low Altitude Living, to kick off in October.

The tour will start in Auckland, before the band head to Pambula Beach as part of Wanderer Festival, going on to perform headline dates in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Locally, the band will perform at John Cain Arena on October 13, with support from Winston Surfshirt and Le Shiv. 

Ocean Alley Australia and New Zealand Tour 2023

Saturday 23 September Spark Arena, Auckland NZ
Sunday 1 October Wanderer Festival, Pambula Beach NSW
Saturday 7 October Hordern Pavilion, Sydney NSW
Friday 13 October John Cain Arena, Melbourne VIC
Saturday 21 October Red Hill Auditorium, Perth WA
Friday 10 November Riverstage, Brisbane QLD

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

The upcoming tour consolidates a massive 18 months of touring and two significant anniversaries five years since the release of their breakthrough record Chiaroscuro, and 10 years since cult classic EP Yellow Mellow.

The bands fourth album Low Altitude Living features hits Touch Back Down which was nominated for Most Performed Alternative Work at APRA Music Awards of 2023 Deepest Darkness and West Coast just to name a few album highlights. It debuted at #3 on the ARIA Albums Chart and #5 on the NZ Top 40 Albums Chart, making it the bands first album to chart in New Zealand. It was honoured as a triple j Feature Album and saw Rolling Stone praise vocalist Baden Donegal as a magnetic frontman who delivers a soaring vocal performance of heady croons.

Their latest full-length follows the success of 2020s critically acclaimed Lonely Diamond which also debuted at #3 on the ARIA Albums Chart and #1 on t...


Is a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Imminent? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Or Is Washington in a Tizzy over Nothing? Is China really on the verge of invading the island of Taiwan, as so many top American officials seem to believe? If the answer is yes and the U.S. intervenes on Taiwans side as President Biden has sworn it would we could find ourselves in a major-power []


Climate change is no joke for Australians, says award-winning comedian Dan Ilic "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dan Ilics comedic podcast, A Rational Fear, has been hosting journalists, comedians, and politicians that dissect issues and policy related to climate change and the environment for a decade. Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, it gained significant attention and accolades for its witty and ruthless criticism of government policy around climate change, and has been awarded the best comedy podcast three years in a row at the Australian Podcast Awards. Ilic joined Mongabay podcast host Mike DiGirolamo in Sydney for an in-person discussion of numerous climate change issues and developments, plus some recent legal victories for Indigenous communities that canceled major fossil fuel project proposals. Listen here: Over the course of 2019-20, Australia experienced catastrophic climate-induced bushfires that killed a staggering 2 billion animals. A recent study links these bushfires with the recent La Nia phenomenon, which Ilic says caused a year of rain in Australia and flooding in communities hit hard by the bushfires. A mother koala and her joey who survived the forest fires in Mallacoota. Australia, 2020. Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Recent Indigenous rights wins in the Tiwi Islands and in the Galilee Basin are heartening, Ilic says, but he points to the recent greenlighting of a major fracking project in the Northern Territory as demoralizing, as it would release twice as much emissions as domestic aviation has in the country. Nearly 100 scientists publicly urged the regional government not to approve the project. One of several designs by artist James HillerThis article was originally published on Mongabay


Antidepressants Have Destroyed My Sexual Function and Range of Emotions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Editors Note: This blog was originally published on our affiliate site, Mad in the UK.

Im Simon, a 33-year-old male from the UK. Back in 2012 after I graduated university I had a period of low mood and anxiety. I went to my GP who within a couple of minutes prescribed me an antidepressant, citalopram (Celexa). Little did I know that this would derail my life.

Close-up of a gold padlock hanging from a man's belt

I experienced dark intrusive thoughts, numbed emotions, and numbing of my genitals over the subsequent months. I told my GP, who said that the SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the name of this class of antidepressant drugs) needed more time to settle in and take effect. It was at this point that he upped my dose.

This made me lethargic, tired all the time and unmotivated to do my job. I figured this was my underlying depression and not the SSRIs.

After a few more months I went back to my GP and he switched me over to sertraline (Zoloft). This made my genitals even more numb and I was unable to orgasm. I moved to Australia around this point and my mood became incredibly low, with frequent mood swings and more dark, intrusive thoughts. Again, I never made the connection to the SSRIs and thought it was my underlying depression. After all, my GP never made the connection and I was repeatedly told this was likely my depression returning.

All I did was trust the experts

In 2015 I went back to my GP and he said that as citalopram and Zoloft hadnt worked, I should instead try the SNRI venlafaxine. This was just before I went travelling and I was only on venlafaxine for two weeks until I decided that enough was enough. The withdrawal symptoms were brutallike someone cattle-prodded my skull (severe brain zaps). I was barely able to stand up and had severe emotional blunting.

At this point my genitals were completely numb. I went back to my GP after returning from travelling and he put me...


Great moments in policing "IndyWatch Feed National"

Suppose you are a police officer and you and a fellow officer are called to a nursing home that specializes in residents with higher care needs including dementia because staff reported that a resident had taken a steak knife from the kitchen. When you get there you see a diminutive 95-year old woman coming slowly towards you using a walker and carrying a knife. How do you deal with the situation?

My guess is that you do not take out your Taser and zap her. And yet that is what one officer did. As a result, the woman fell and hit her head on the ground and is now in hospital in a critical condition.

What is surprising is that this did not take place in the US which is notorious for police over-reacting and using excessive force instead of deescalating situations, but in a town in Australia.

Police Assistant Commissioner Peter Cotter declined to say whether he thought a police officer with 12 years experience used excessive force by firing a stun gun at Nowland, who is 1.57 meters (5 feet, 2 inches) tall and weighs 43 kilograms (95 pounds).

Cotter said police engaged in negotiations with Nowland for several minutes and used the stun gun when she approached the doorway where the officers were standing.

At the time she was tasered, she was approaching police. But it is fair to say at a slow pace. She had a walking frame. But she had a knife. I cant take it any further as to what was going through anyones mind, Cotter told reporters.

Nicole Lee, president of the advocacy group People with Disability Australia, said she was shocked by the police response.

Shes either one hell of an agile, fit, fast and intimidating 95-year-old woman, or theres a very poor lack of judgment on those police officers and there really needs to be some accountability on their side, Lee said.

I blame Monty Python. It is clear that the police officer thought that one of their sketches was a training video.


Henningsen: Is Twitters New CEO Salmon-pilled? "IndyWatch Feed National"

Whats the deal with Twitters controversial new CEO?

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 12, 2023, Patrick ponders why Elon Musk has appointed the controversial new CEO, one with a worrying CV a key member of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwabs technocratic confab. But there may be hope, as some evidence suggests she could be partially red-pilled, or at least salmon-pilled. But as election season approaches, will this be enough to allay fears of another free speech crack-down by the Big Tech giant? All this and more. Listen:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):




Get Surfshark - Jaw Dropping Deals on Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN


INTERVIEW: Kristian James Climate Astroturf Activism + NATO Goes Full Woke "IndyWatch Feed National"

Dont look now, but wokery is now trying to get a foothold on the ladder to WWIII.

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 18, 2023, Patrick talks to research assistant Kristian James, about the proposed climate and carbon neutral laws, and the new champagne Astroturf activists set performing street theatre for social media selfies. Also, NATO launched its new LGBT rainbow warrior campaign in hopes of recruiting more LGBT people to fight the Russians (well, thats the idea anyway). All this and more. Listen:

TUNE-IN LIVE to TNT RADIO for the Patrick Henningsen Show every MON-FRI at 12PM-2PM (NEW YORK) | 5PM-7PM (LONDON) | 2AM-4AM (BRISBANE):




Get Surfshark - Jaw Dropping Deals on Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN

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Tuesday, 23 May


Australian Government Ruled COVID Wrong-Think Domestic Terrorism "IndyWatch Feed National"

READ MORE AT CALDRON POOL  Freedom of information documents acquired by LNP senator Alex Antic...


G7 Provides Common Statement on China, but Challenges Remain "IndyWatch Feed National"

At the gathering of G7 countries in Hiroshima over the weekend, the assembled leaders of the worlds richest countries managed to put together a collective, yet veiled response to Chinese economic coercion and aggressive posturing in the Indo-Pacific. While not forgetting the ever-present war in Ukraine, evidenced by the presence of Volodymyr Zelenskiy, regional concerns dominated the weekend. It was a clear message to Chinese President Xi Jinping that changes in the geopolitical status quo would not be tolerated, or worse that the G7 would act with the same determination in Taiwan as it has in Ukraine. However, despite the message of unity, at home, many of the G7 members have challenges that threaten to overwhelm efforts to quell turmoil in the region.

U.S. President Joe Biden, while embracing training Ukrainian fighter pilots on American-made F-16 jets and who recently announced a $375 million military aid package, which includes artillery, ammunition and HIMARS rocket launchers, in addition to the more than $37 billion already spent since the Russian invasion began, is facing growing scrutiny at home. Republicans, as the 2024 Presidential campaign heats up, will continue to press the issue of the utility of US support for Ukraine. Both Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump have already called into question Bidens support, even suggesting that it is not vital  to US national security interests. Ukrainian aid also runs counter to US domestic turmoil, where another debt ceiling debate forced Biden to cancel a Quad meeting in Australia and a historic first-ever meeting in Papua New Guinea. Attending both would have boosted American visibility in the region, and sent an important message to Indo-Pacific countries that the United States is a steady, trusted, and reliable partner. Abandoning the Papua New Guinea meeting gives China fodder for a legitimate counter argument.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also a visible presence at the G7, but despite the first face-to-face meeting with Zelenskiy, is likely to have to walk a careful line between calling for the end of the war in Ukraine to managing New Delhis relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. India between 2018 and 2021...


Where Did All the Money Go? Ukraines Organized Military Loses Major Stronghold City to Russian Mercenaries "IndyWatch Feed National"

$150 billion later, Americans remain with unanswered questions about Kievs stumbling armed forces. Five months ago to this day, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky delivered what has now become an infamous address to the U.S. Congress. During his speech, Zelensky boldly declared the city of Bakhmut as his countrys stronghold in the east, adding, the fight for Bakhmut will change the trajectory []


What Is Agent C? NSW Government Funding Anti-Far-Right Workshop "IndyWatch Feed National"

READ MORE AT CALDRON POOL  In years gone by, the Government did not direct the...


Rogue Consultants: PwC, Tax Evasion, and Getting Clients "IndyWatch Feed National"

Things are not looking up at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), a global professional services firm piratically free in sharing confidential tax information gathered from government clients. Then again, the firms expertise is not so much to look up to a principled heaven as down to a tax-proof Hades, buried in the scrambling minutiae of accounting and deception.

This year has been particularly eventful for PwC, notably in connection with its relationship with one of its most valuable clients: the Australian Commonwealth. It all began with the Australian Financial Reviews sniffing around the role played by now former PwC tax partner Peter Collins. Collins had circulated confidential information about proposed government plans to target the moving of multinational company profits to offshore havens to avoid tax. This took place despite the signing of a number of confidentiality agreements with the Australian Treasury between 2013 and 2018.

The little known regulator, the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB), had made little fuss of the whole business, only going so far as to place a two-year ban on re-registering Collins as a tax practitioner. It was small beer given his breaches, which included a failure to act with integrity, as required by his professional, ethical, and legal obligations. The best TPB Chair, Ian Klug, could do was express concern when tax practitioners abuse their positions of trust, or fail to act with integrity.

Then came the probing of an inquiry from the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committees, and the release of 144 pages of internal PwC emails. These revealed that PwC had created a global team to increase their client base using the tax information in question. The emails also reveal 53 redacted PwC emails addressed in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Others were sent to tax partners and directors. It is estimated that the company raked in A$2.5 million from the leaked material.

In March, the PwC Australia executive Tom Seymour did few favours for himself, observing at the Financial Reviews Business Summit that evidence submitted to the Senate committee revealing that 20 to 30 partners and staff had received confidential information was merely a perception problem. He also insisted, without clarification, that those found to be directly involved, had l...


Russian interior minister in KSA days after surprise Zelensky visit "IndyWatch Feed National"

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh on 23 May for talks with his counterpart in the kingdom Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud, according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA). "During the session, they discussed ways to enhance security cooperation paths between the two countries' ministries of interior, in addition to discussing a number of issues of common interest," a report by SPA reads. The meeting was attended by several other interior ministry authorities from the kingdom, as well as Russian Ambassador Sergey Kozlov. Kolokoltsev's warm welcome to Riyadh comes despite a slew of sanctions issued against him by the US, Australia, Canada, the EU, Japan, New Zealand, and the UK. In 2022, Washington refused to grant him a visa to participate in a UN chiefs of police summit.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sudan Conflict: UNITAMS Chief Blames Military Leaders for Escalation

Volker Perthes briefs the Security Council about the situation in Sudan on May 22, 2023

May 22, 2023 (KHARTOUM) In a briefing to the United Nations Security Council on Monday afternoon, Volker Perthes, the head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), placed the blame squarely on the leadership of both warring parties for the escalating conflict in Sudan.

Perthes further urged an immediate end to the fighting, emphasizing that the responsibility for the ongoing violence rests with those who have chosen the battlefield over peaceful negotiations.

Addressing the council, Perthes acknowledged the various opinions regarding the root causes of the conflict. Some criticize the international community for failing to recognize the warning signs, while others point fingers at flaws in the political process or the Framework Agreement itself. However, He stressed that it is the leaders of the opposing sides who bear the responsibility for the daily warfare and its devastating consequences.

The responsibility for the fighting rests with those who are waging it daily: the leadership of the two sides who share accountability for choosing to settle their unresolved conflict on the battlefield rather than at the negotiating table, Perthes emphasized. He underscored that the decision to resort to violence has ravaged Sudan and that it is within the power of the warring parties to bring an end to the bloodshed.

The international diplomat told the Council that more than 700 people have been killed, including 190 children, with another 6,000 injured. Many are missing. Over a million have been displaced: more than 840,000 have sought shelter in rural areas and other states while another 250,000 have crossed Sudanese borders. Nearly 8,000 of the displaced population are pregnant women.

Perthes outlined the extensive efforts made by UNITAMS and the international community to prevent the crisis. Since the October 2021 coup, UNITAMS engaged diligent...


You idiot. "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Costs are costs. They get passed on to customers in higher prices. It's axiomatic. And very few property owners are "lucky enough" to own an investment property. They work hard for it. Socialist Victoria in your face. Dear landlords, Renters are not cash cows. If youre lucky enough to own...


Submission to the Victorian Legislative Council Inquiry into Land Transfer Duty Fees "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Prospers submission to the Victorian Legislative Council Inquiry into Land Transfer Duty Fees reflects our evolving thinking around the core motivations for the reform.  14 April 2023 Prosper Australia is an independent research institute focused on the management of land and other natural resources through taxation. Prosper was formed over 100 years ago to further []


State Budget: Upgrades welcome, but no step change "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has welcomed measures in the 2023 Victorian Budget funding incremental public transport improvements, particularly in outer suburban communities. Bus upgrades for growth areas such as Melton, Maddingley, Wyndham and Casey will provide vital connections for those communities, enabling better access to education, employment and other opportunities, said PTUA spokesperson Continue reading State Budget: Upgrades welcome, but no step change


Logging Native Forests in Victoria to end by 1 January 2024, saving 14 million tonnes of carbon by 2030 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Cudos to Premier Dan Andrews and the State Labor Government who took the giant step of announcing the end to native forest logging in Victoria by 1st January 2024. The State Government announced an extra $200 million in funding for transition of affected workers and communities in the 2023/24 budget.In October 2022 the Victorian Forest Alliance and The Tree Projects published a report which found


Insectivores to the fore "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

As we head into the depths of another winter the insectivores are taking charge in the local bush.

The catalogue of images below displays a range of local woodland birds, all of which depend to a large extent on insects. The Brown-headed Honeyeater was gleaning psyllids from eucalypt leaves, a common strategy when flowering is light.

Once again I was surrounded by a flock of Flame Robins such a delight!


Brown-headed Honeyeater, Muckleford State Forest, 21st May 2023



Why Scientists Have a Hard Time Getting Money to Study the Root Causes of Outbreaks "IndyWatch Feed National"

ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as theyre published.

The outbreaks keep coming.

Mpox, the virus formerly known as monkeypox, last year crossed borders with unprecedented speed to infect nearly 90,000 people. In the past year, Ebola killed at least 55 in Uganda, and a related, equally deadly virus called Marburg emerged in two countries that have never seen it before. Now, scientists are worried that a dangerous bird flu thats been jumping to mammals could mutate and spread among humans.

These viruses all came from wildlife. Understanding what conditions prime pathogens to leap from animals to people could help us prevent outbreaks. After COVID-19 showed the world the devastation a pandemic can bring, youd think this type of research would be among the hottest areas of science, with funders lined up far and wide.

Thats not the case. As ProPublica has shown in a series of stories this year, global health authorities focus far more attention and money on containing outbreaks once they begin rather than preventing them from starting in the first place. This mindset has hindered scientists who study the complex dynamics that drive whats known as spillover, the moment a pathogen leaps from one species to another.

Australian researcher Peggy Eby and her colleagues have shown that it is possible to predict when spillovers are going to happen by closely tracking bats that spread contagion and patiently observing changes that shape their world. This groundbreaking research on the often-fatal Hendra virus relied on decades of Ebys field work, some of which she did without pay. Early on, one government funder told her that the project she proposed wasnt a sufficiently important contribution. She and her colleagues had to cobble together a mishmash of different grants and keep impatient fund...


Designing With Aluminum Profiles: Tips for Optimizing Linear Motion Solutions "IndyWatch Feed National"

Aluminum is a material used for various purposes and in various industries. One of the major reasons why it is used so widely is the flexibility it provides. With that in mind, you can see it as a substitute for many materials that do not offer the much-needed flexibility. Of course, utilizing methods that will help with the processing procedure is essential. As you can presume, only experienced professionals can do it properly.

There is not only one solution that can serve as an answer to every question. Think about it; different processes have different needs. Therefore, expecting that everything you do can help achieve the best linear motion of the best quality is unreasonable. For example, when you compare aluminum with titanium and steel, you will see that aluminum offers a feature others do not, flexibility. Sometimes, conducting them in complex shapes is necessary.

As we have said, understanding the proper way of designing aluminum profiles does not work without the necessary experience. Today, we want to discuss some tips to help you optimize linear motion solutions. So, without further ado, let us look at the most important tips.

Specifying Metal Thickness


When you are about to process the material to get the shape you want, you should know there are potential pitfalls. Therefore, it is crucial to assess these and find a way to prevent them from happening. By doing that, the process will ensure that keeping sufficient metal thickness around the profile you are interested in getting at the end of the process. The thickness is crucial for meeting the structural requirements.

The shapes you get should be resilient enough to sustain all the influences that might occur down the road. But, at the same time, they need to remain functional. Otherwise, there is a potential problem of it experiencing issues that can damage the structural quality of the device. Another thing you can expect to achieve with enough thickness is flexibility. Even if some adjustments are made, the piece should return to its original shape.



Lace up your skates and head to this pop-up riverside ice skating rink coming this winter "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Get ready to twirl, glide and triple salchow to your hearts content. Following the success of last years Rinky Dink, Rising Festival is hosting a pop-up ice skating rink from June 1 to July 8 at Birrarung Marr.

Opening on the first day of Winter and running through the festival for an extended five-week season, The Rink at RISING is an ice-skating experience of celestial proportions, inviting audiences to slice up the ice riverside under a deep constellation of lights, flanked with a backdrop of the glistening city skyline.

The Rink at Rising

  • From June 1 to July 8, Rising Festival is hosting a skating rink at Birrarung Marr
  • The precinct will feature food and drink stalls and bars, as well as skate rentals
  • Tickets are on sale now

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The rink will be located in a riverside precinct which will feature everything you need to keep cozy, including a Rink Food Hall with freshly-popped popcorn, hot dogs, wood fired pizza, crepes, mulled wine, Archie Rose cocktails, coffee, and Mrk hot chocolate.

On from Tuesday to Thursday from 11am to 10pm and until 11pm on weekends, the rink offers plenty of opportunities to drop by for a skate. Boot hire is included with your ticket price ($22 to $34) as well as super cute kangaroo skating aids for those who are a little unsteady on their feet.


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Indulge in All-You-Can-Eat at Yakiniku Hachibeh, Torquays Japanese Barbeque Joint "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

If youre looking for a lavish new all-you-can-eat dining experience with high-grade beef sizzled over red-hot charcoal grills), Yakiniku Hachibeh should be on your list with its new bottomless feast offering.

Located at Shop 7, 4-6, Yakiniku Hachibeh is all about authentic Japanese BBQ, gifting Torquay and the region a premium Japanese dining and traditional Yakiniku (barbecue) experience, unlike anything weve seen before.

All-You-Can-Eat at Yakiniku Hachibeh

  • Yakiniku Hachibeh is launching all-you-can-eat in Torquay
  • The feast will be available weekdays for $58 per head, and weekends for $65 per head
  • Kids 0-5 are free and 6-12 are only $20.

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Launching on Wednesday night, Yakiniku Hachibehs all-you-can-eat feast will include a bottomless selection of six different types of Australian Angus and Wagyu beef, pork belly, squid, mussels and a range of mixed vegetables, all for you to perfectly grill at your table.

There will also be a range of hot food options to add to your buffet experience including their famous Karaage fried chicken, Harumaki spring roll, Takoyaki, Yaki Gyoza, Tempura prawn, plus a variety of salad options like Japanese mixed salad, Seaweed salad, mushroom salad, squid salad, plus miso soup and rice. To finish your feast with something sweet, theres also sorbet available.

The feast will be available weekdays for $58 per head, and weekends for $65 per head. If youre bringing the kids. aged 0-5 are free and 6-12 are only $20. The adult rate applies to those aged 13+.




RINI announces 2023 Australian East Coast tour "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Melbourne-based R&B artist RINI will be returning to the East Coast Australian for his highly awaited 2023 tour, with a fresh setlist and energy to match!

The tour will kick off on August 3 at Max Watts in Melbourne before moving to Triffid in Brisbane on August 4 and wrapping up at Manning Bar in Sydney on August 5.

RINI Australian Headline Tour 2023

  • August 3rd, MAX WATTS, Melbourne
  • August 4th, TRIFFID, Brisbane
  • August 5th, MANNING BAR, Sydney

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Boom Crash Opera and Bachelor Girl are coming to Geelong for a double headline show in 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

When FM radio waves ruled Australia, Boom Crash Opera and Bachelor Girl were the Kings and Queens and they still fill the airwaves today.

Now the two iconic groups have joined forces and will tour the east coast of Australia later this year, including New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, bringing along all the hits to conjure all the greatest memories in one night!

Locally they will take to Gateway Hotel in Geelong on Friday November 17 2023.

Boom Crash Opera and Bachelor Girl Australian Tour 2023

  • Friday September 8 Norah Heads Sports Club NSW
  • Saturday September 9 Factory Theatre, Sydney NSW
  • Friday September 15 The Triffid, Brisbane QLD
  • Saturday September 16 Seagulls, Tweed Heads QLD
  • Friday September 22 Chelsea Heights Hotel VIC
  • Saturday September 23 Palms at Crown, Melbourne VIC
  • Friday November 3 Anitas Theatre, Wollongong NSW
  • Saturday November 4 Toronto Hotel, Toronto NSW
  • Friday November 10 The Gov, Adelaide SA
  • Saturday...


4 Ways to Improve Ventilation Around Your Home "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Does your living room feel stuffy? Do unpleasant odours linger around your house even after youve cleaned up? If so, your home could be suffering from poor ventilation.

Ventilation plays an important role in maintaining and improving the air quality in your property. Though it might seem like a trivial thing, poor ventilation can cause a lot of different issues such as respiratory problems, serious allergic reactions, mould build-up, moisture damage around your property and so on.

Because of this, its essential that this problem is addressed as soon as possible. To help you out, were going to discuss four easy ways to improve ventilation around your home.

Understanding the Importance of Ventilation

The primary purpose of ventilation is to provide freshness within a space by removing pollutants within stagnant air and replacing it with clean air. Ventilation helps to remove pollutants such as mould, bacteria, and VOCs. Great ventilation also helps to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, which can occur if certain appliances are not properly vented. With good airflow, you might also experience improved oxygen levels and a reduction in unpleasant odours.

Proper ventilation not only improves air quality but also controls temperature and humidity. This reduces the risk of respiratory problems and other serious health issues. This is especially relevant in homes (or workplaces) where people spend a significant amount of time indoors.

Needless to say, understanding the importance of ventilation is crucial for healthy living.

To get an idea of how well-ventilated a space is, consider the size and shape of the room, the number and location of windows, and the presence of mechanical ventilation systems. Also, pay attention to how you feel in these spaces. Do you find it easy to breathe? Are you feeling more tired than usual?

If youre having issues doing simple tasks in your very own living space, its worth thinking about how good the ventilation is within your home.

Ways to Improve Ventilation Around Your Home

  1. Use Plantation Shutters

    If you want to reduce indoor pollutants and increase the airflow in your home, consider investing in plantation shutters. Not only do these shutters add a stylish element to your home decor, but they also provide practical benefits such as promoting better air circulation and ventilation. This is especially important if you live in a humid area that is prone to mould and mildew build-up.

    Unlike traditional blinds or curtains, plantation shutters are designed with adjustable...




Local First Nations artists are creating stunning artworks for Greater Geelongs NBN Boxes "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

In an incredible addition to the region, the first two First Nations designs have just been installed at Marshall Reserve on Mornane Road: The Setting Sun of the Serpent by Norm Stanley and Ton-Ton (Brain) by Jenna Oldaker.

The First Nations NBN Box Artwork Series aims to showcase the importance and significance of our First Nations art and culture and highlight the unique designs by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The designs beautify the landscape, and celebrate a sense of place and the importance of storytelling through art.

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Jenna Oldakers artwork Ton-Ton (Brain) is a vibrant and captivating composition of colourful shapes and dots. Its a representation of the mind coming to life in colour. The traditional U shapes represent people on Wadawurrung Country as they move around the tracks weaving back and forth across the land sharing their stories, history and culture.

Norm Stanleys artwork comprises hues in red, grey and white, telling the story of The Setting Sun of the Serpent. As the remnants of the sun disappear on the horizon, we see the serpent slithering through a fiery sky. Norm draws on memories of his childhood and the story of the red sky of the setting sun told by his Elders.


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Disneys Beauty and the Beast Musical opens in Australia in June "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

From the producers of Aladdin, The Lion King, Mary Poppins and Frozen, Disneys brand-new production of Beauty and the Beast is finally coming to Australia next month, premiering in Sydney in June.

Enchanting and timeless, the tale has been brought to life in a reimagined production boasting all the spectacle and grandeur audiences know and love with the first performance on Wednesday 14th June 2023 at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.

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Disneys Beauty and the Beast Musical is coming to Australia in 2023


Beauty and the Beast is a much-loved classic that will fill the hearts of a new generation. Based on the 1991 animated film, the original production of Beauty and the Beast played for more than 13 years on Broadway, remaining to this day one of the top 10 longest running shows in Broadway history, and touring to 37 countries worldwide. The 2017 live-action retelling of the animated classic starring Emma Watson quickly became the highest grossing live action film musical of all time, a record beaten only by The Lion King live-action release in 2019.

Sydney audiences will rejoice in the nostalgic and spellbinding songs of Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice including Belle, Gaston, Human Again and Be Our Guest.

With spectacular new sets, costume designs and state-of-the-art technology fused with this beloved, classic story, the timeless romance of Belle and her Beast will be brought to life on stage by a stellar Australian cast, starring Shubshri Kandiah as Belle, Brendan Xavier as Beast and Rohan Browne in the role of Lumiere. Andy Cook will step into the role of Gaston, Cogsworth will be played by Gareth Jacobs and Jayde Westaby will play Mrs Potts. Nick Cox joins as Le Fou and Rodney Dobson will play Belles father, Maurice. The role of Babette will be played by Hayley Martin and Alana Tranter will play Madame.

Members of the creative team from the original, ground-breaking Broadway musical have returned to reimagine this classic tale. Olivier Award nominee Matt West directs and choreographs, leading a team...


Basketball returns to Melbourne this August for the Boomers vs World series "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

The Australian mens national basketball team will return to Melbourne this August for the Boomers vs World series, allowing basketball fans to see their Aussie heroes in action.

The tournament offers a rare opportunity to see the Boomers compete on home soil as they prepare for a World Cup. Australia will play the mens national teams of Brazil, Venezuela and South Sudan over six games in three double-headers at Rod Laver Arena.

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The Boomers meet Venezuela on Monday, 14 August, then Brazil on Wednesday, 16 August, followed by South Sudan on Thursday, 17 August.

The Australian squad for the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup was announced last week and the final team will head to Melbourne to take part in the Boomers vs World series.

For the first time, the Boomers named ten current NBA players in the squad including Josh Giddey, Dyson Daniels, Matisse Thybulle, Xavier Cooks, Joe Ingles, Jock Landale, Josh Green, Jack White, Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova who this week signed with Melbourne United in the NBL.


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Heathcotes biggest annual event, Heathcote on Show is returning in 2023 with a huge lineup for wine lovers on the Kings Birthday Long Weekend, from Saturday June 10 to Monday June 12, 2023!

Running across three big days, the massive food and wine festival will feature more than 25 local businesses participating across the Heathcote Region, with exclusive local award-winning wine, craft beer and spirit tastings, live entertainment, wine and cheese pairings and olive oil tastings too Heathcote on Show really has something for everyone.

Keep up with the latest food and booze news across the region here.


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Food prices up 10% in Australia since last year "IndyWatch Feed National"

Supermarket prices have lifted off again, according to new data, placing pressure on households and feeding inflation while also denting hopes that shoppers were set to soon receive a respite from surging food costs. Investment bank UBS has found that food and grocery prices at Australia's dominant supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths, were running at an annualised 9.6% increase in April, according to its analysis of more than 60,000 items. The UBS figure, which is disputed by Coles, represents a new high, with fresh food propelling the increases with near double-digit annual rises.


Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story documentary will make its world premiere in Melbourne in August "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

<p>The long-awaited Michael Gudinski documentary is on its way with Mushroom Studios revealing the official trailer and release date for the incredibly captivating and inspiring documentary chronicling the extraordinary career and profound impact of Michael Gudinski on Australian music and culture.</p> <p>50 years in the making, <em>Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story</em> will make its world premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival on August 10 and hit cinemas nationwide on August 31, 2023.</p> <p class="p1"><b><i>Keep up with the latest in local news and entertainment</i></b> <a href= ""><span class= "s1"><b><i>here</i></b></span></a><b><i>.</i></b></p> <p><em>Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story</em> is the definitive account of Michael Gudinskis rocknroll life and a rare look behind the curtain of Australias seminal music company the Mushroom Group. Famed for his eccentricities and boldness, the film dives into the psyche and unorthodox tactics of Michael as he became the frontman of a cultural movement and built a music empire whose artists created the soundtrack for a nation.</p> <p>Helmed by one of Australias most acclaimed documentary and music video directors, Paul Goldman unearths the stories from some of the worlds most influential artists and a wealth of never-before-seen archive footage spanning fifty years.</p> <p>Through personal accounts from Gudinski himself and his family and many artists including Jimmy Barnes, Vika & Linda Bull, Garbage, Dave Grohl, Paul Kelly, Kylie Minogue, Mark Seymour, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, and Sting the film showcases what made Gudinski unique and his significant impact on the Australian music scene, which reverberated across the globe.

Launched by a young Michael Gudinski in 1972, Mushroom Group quickly became the largest independent and most influential music and entertainment company in Australia and New Zealand. Repeatedly risking everything to keep his passions alive: from signing and nurturing iconic bands like Skyhooks, Split Enz, Kylie Minogue and releasing their legendary hits such as Ego Is Not A Dirty Word, I Got You, I Should Be So Lucky, Working Class Man, Riptide, Sweet Disposition, and the anthemic Treaty, to putting together colossal stadium tours for Springsteen, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran, to award-winning films like Chopper, the many businesses he built, the successes and failures the Mushroom Empire.</p> <p>The legacy is profound, and all captured in <em>Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story</em>. It goes to show a little confidence can go a long way.</p> <p><strong><em>Ego: The Michael Gudinski Story</em> will arrive in cinemas from 31 August 2023. For more information, head &l...


Niall Horan is bringing The Show Live On Tour to Australia in 2024 "IndyWatch Feed Vic"

Chart-topping, global superstar, Irish singer-songwriter and former One Direction member Niall Horan has revealed he will make his return to Australia for the first time since 2018.

Hell be playing three huge shows in Australia this upcoming autumn with his The Show Live on Tour. The short-but-sweet tour will start out in Brisbane at the end of April before heading down to Sydney and then finishing off at Melbournes Rod Laver Arena on May 3 2024.

Niall Horan The Show Live on Tour 2024

  • April 28 Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane
  • May 1 Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney
  • May 3 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

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When the artist lands in Australia, hell be primed to perform the local dates are part of a massive worldwide tour that will take him through the UK, Europe and the United States.

Hell be touring on the back of his most recent album, The Show. Scheduled to drop on June 9, the album has been preceded by the hit single Heaven, which came out in February this year. Itll be the artists first release in three years.

I have said it many times, but I do mean it when I say that the times I have spent down under are some of the best periods of my life I have had amazing shows in Australia and New Zealand, and I cannot wait to be back in 2024, Niall says.

My favourite thing in the world is being on tour. Performing my songs for my fans and sharing those incredible moments together are the reason why I write music in the first place. This is going to be my best tour yet and I cannot wait to see all you lovers in 2024.

On tour, fans can expect to hear highly-anticipated tracks from the forthcoming album as well as beloved classics from the artists two prior releases, Flicker and Heartbreak Weather.

A deeply felt meditation on everything from mental health to the infinite complexity and uncertainty of love, The Show is an endlessly spellbinding statement on following your heart to its absolute truth. As he gears up to share his most personal material yet in a truly extraordinary career, Horan is particularly eager to return to the stage.

Theres nothing better than watching the crowd sing back to you with all that emotion on their faces and knowing that theyre attaching the song to something meaningful in their own lives, says Niall Horan. To me, thats always the greatest thing that can ever come from songwriting.

Tickets to see Niall Horan in Melbourne and on all of The Show tour dates are set to be released on Friday,...


Mass migration isnt good for Australia, and its never properly planned and well managed "IndyWatch Feed National"

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) has questioned the claim by the Business Council of Australia (BCA) that two thirds of Australians believe that properly planned and well managed migration is good for Australia. BCA has asked a loaded question, to get the answer they wanted. Their result is directly contradicted by the more reliable Australia Population Research Institute survey. Here, 70% want net migration at somewhat or much lower levels than the pre-COVID 240,000.

SPA says current mass migration levels (400,000 this year and 315,000 the next) wont be properly planned and well managed. BCA totally ignores the environmental stress and damage caused by the consequent rapid population growth.

There is no way infrastructure will be adequately provided, when this years influx adds tens of billions of dollars to the unfunded infrastructure backlog, says Ms Goldie.

There is no way Australia can provide housing for this mass influx of people as well as deal with the backlog in housing requirements of the existing population.

There is no way we can meet the energy needs of another 1.5 million people over the next five years and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030.

The huge amounts of energy required to house all the extra people, never mind that required to transport, feed and educate them, will offset any shift to renewable energy.   

Without huge infill and high rise development, which nobody welcomes, new housing will inevitably encroach on native vegetation at the very time we need to preserve habitat for other species, not least the koala. Urban expansion has meant koalas are nearly extinct in south-east Queensland and have declined in the Sydney Basin Bioregion by an estimated 22% in the last 20 years.

Ms Goldie says the governments commitment to building one million new homes over the next five years, which the BCA welcomes, means little more than offering bribes to property developers with no guarantee they will deliver more housing than they would anyway.  

According to a recent report by the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC), only 57,000 homes a year will be built over the next five years, 40 per cent down on levels experienced in the late 2010s.

Migrants need homes just as much as existing residents, says Ms Goldie. Its not fair to bring them here if there is nowhere for them to live.



Stella Assange Addresses Australian National Press Club "IndyWatch Feed National"

By Neenah Payne Julian Assange, the Australian founder of WikiLeaks, is battling extradition from Britain to the United States where he faces a sentence of...

Stella Assange Addresses Australian National Press Club


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

UN Urges Sudans Warring Parties to Honor 7-day Ceasefire Starting Monday Night


UNITED NATIONS (AP) The U.N. envoy for Sudan urged the countrys warring generals to honor a seven-day cease-fire starting Monday night, warning the growing ethnic dimension to the fighting risks engulfing Sudan in a prolonged conflict .

Volker Perthes told the U.N. Security Council that the conflict, which began April 15, has shown no signs of slowing down despite previous declarations of cease-fires by both sides. But he said this time they must stop the fighting so desperately needed humanitarian aid can get to those in need and civilians caught in the fighting can leave safely.

U.S. and Saudi mediators announced after a meeting in the Saudi port city of Jeddah on Saturday that representatives of the Sudanese army, led by Gen. Abdel Fattah Burhan, and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, led by Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, signed off on the short-term cease-fire due to take effect at 9:45 p.m. local time in Sudan on Monday night.

The pending truce is the seventh cease-fire to be announced since the conflict began April 15. All previous deals have foundered.

Unlike the previous verbal truces, Mondays inked deal brokered by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will be accompanied by a cross-party committee designed to track any potential violations, the two mediating nations said. The 12-person committee will be comprised of three representatives from both warring parties, three from the U.S., and three from Saudi Arabia.

Suliman Baldo, director of the think tank Sudan Transparency and Policy Tracker, expects the two parties to better adhere to this weeklong cease-fire.

I think the RSF needs the break as it has come under considerable pressure from the SAF in Khartoum seeking to flush RSF units from residential areas, he said.

Perthes called the agreement, which is renewable, a welcome development but cautioned that fighting and troop movements have continued even today, despite a commitment of...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed National"

Black Princesses Thrash Benin 3-0 in WAFU B Opener


May 22, 2023

The Black Princesses of Ghana began their West Africa Football Union (WAFU) B Girls Cup campaign with a 3-0 victory over Benin at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium on Saturday.

Goals from Maafia Nyame, Mary Amponsah and Skipper Stella Nyamekye gave the hosts a perfect start in the competition as they journey to win the sub-regional title.

The Princesses coming into the clash were confident of grabbing all three points, having had a pre-tournament preparation against Group B counterparts, the Menas of Niger last Wednesday.

Coach Basigis side were solid in their play as they enjoyed most possession in the early minutes of the game, comfortably sharing passes like it was nobodys business.

Skipper Nyamekye was brilliant on the day, keeping the attack of the Ghanaian side busy whiles Maafia Nyame also kept hopes alive with her breathtaking skillful play and impressive runs.

Benin tried to pave way into Ghanas defense but were unsuccessful after several attempts.

Despite the dorminance, it was still difficult for Yussif Basigi and his charges to find the net as they bottled some crucial chances in the visitors half.

It took the intervention of Faith Ladies attacker, Maafia Nyame to break the deadlock after she beautifully slotted in a perfect cross from Comfort Yeboah in the 35th minute to put the Princesses ahead of their opponents to end the first 45 minutes 1-0.

The second half was indeed a recovery session for Ghana who came all out to mount pressure on Benin.

Substitute, Mary Amponsah after a successful season with Ampem Darkoa, continued her goalscoring streak to once again register her name on the scoresheet 16 minutes into the second half with a brilliant shot.

Benin were more defensive as they packed themselves in the 18-yard box to escape humiliation.

Stella Nyamekye sealed the win for the Princesses with a well calculated freekick 68 minutes on the clock to give her side a comfortable lead...


Overlooked and underfoot, mosses play a mighty role for climate and soil "IndyWatch Feed National"

Its easy to miss the mosses, the ubiquitous green, silver and brown carpets that drape across natures surfaces, from forest to fen. Its also easy to underestimate just how big a role these small but mighty organisms play in maintaining ecosystems and countering climate change. A recent study in the journal Nature Geoscience looked into the contributions of mosses that grow on soil and found that they cover an estimated 9.4 million square kilometers (3.6 million square miles) of land an area roughly the size of China. On a global scale, soil mosses have the potential to add 6.43 billion metric tons of carbon to the soil, an amount roughly equivalent to the annual emissions of 2.8 billion passenger cars, underscoring the substantial impact of these wee plants. The researchers found several other benefits for soil covered with mosses versus bare soils. For example, mosses cycle higher amounts of essential nutrients through the soil, contribute to faster decomposition, and reduce the number of harmful plant pathogens in the soil.  Moss carpets the landscape in Iceland. Image by var Gumundsson via Flickr (CC BY 2.0). The biggest surprise for us was that at least half of the attributes we measured were significantly enhanced under mosses compared with bare soil, study co-author David John Eldridge, a professor of dryland ecology at the University of New South Wales in Australia, told Mongabay. Overall, its a huge positive effect. Researchers collected soil samples from both natural areas and urban green spaces in 123This article was originally published on Mongabay


It Cant Be Put Right! "IndyWatch Feed National"

It Cant Be Put Right!

Inspired by the ever-expanding series of Enquirer articles on Potto Parish Council, MANDY THOMPSON, Labour Town Councillor 2013-17 (hereinafter the whistle-blower), writes to relate her own insider experiences of corrupt local government at Peterlee Town Council.


The words quoted in the above image are the Peterlee Deputy Town Clerks exact and witnessed response when challenged by the whistle-blower about data in the Internal Auditors report. Preferring not to call in the Police, and being prevented from contacting the H.R. Dept., the whistle-blower just asked the Deputy Clerk to put it right.

The former Town Clerk and the Deputys good personal friend (and godmother to the former Clerks daughter) had received 100% of salary as sick pay, whereas the public sector arrangement for entitled employees is full pay for 6 months, half pay for 6 months, then statutory sick pay. A public sector Executive Director of Finance/Chartered Accountant estimated, in November 2015, that this overpayment had cost the Town Council around 40,000.

Alongside this, a separate and legally correct sick pay system was followed for a junior staff member (i.e. the same policy applied with two diametrically opposed interpretations).

The Internal Auditor was acting in response to the Councils Anti-Fraud & Corruption Policy being invoked by the whistle-blowing Councillor, who was concerned about apparent misappropriation of public money. In his report, the Internal Auditor described the Councillor as a whistle-blower and recorded the irregularity about the former Town Clerks sick-pay, citing there were questions to be answered.

The Deputy Town Clerk had made a Code of Conduct complaint against the whistle-blower and had contacted the former Town Clerks close friend (Director of an Employment Organisation) to conduct a Grievance Investigation & Report into the whistle-blower. However, this was improper procedure, as the Council had previously received eminent legal advice that such a commission was unlawful (affirmed: Harvey vs Ledbury Town Council).

Extract from Particulars Of Claim:


Monday, 22 May


An incredible new state-of-the-art planetarium has opened in Bendigo "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

In some brilliant news for the stargazers among us, outer space can now be explored in regional Victoria with a bigger and better planetarium arriving in Bendigo this month.

Backed by $250,000 from the Regional Tourism Investment Fund through the Victorian Government, the new Bendigo Planetarium at the Discovery Science and Technology Centre is now complete and double the size of the original venue.

Stay up to date with whats happening in and around the region here.

Expected to attract more than 14,000 new visitors to the region annually, the redesigned planetarium includes a state-of-the-art dome theatre that displays high-res images of planets and the cosmos to teach audiences about space.

Opening over the weekend, visitors can now enjoy a range of entertaining and educational experiences in the six-metre-high dome. By using more than 30,000 items of scientific data and images, students will be able to take part in astronomy lessons.

Visitors can also sit back and explore outer space by watching footage and images displayed on the doom by a 360-degree projector. The space can also be hired by the community for film screenings or other events.


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Africas First Test Run for a CBDC has Failed "IndyWatch Feed Vic"


Epic DM Production

The transition to CBDC in Nigeria did not go as planned. The elites always seek out African nations to use as their test subjects. Nigeria attempted to slowly roll out the program dubbed eNaria built on the Hyperleger Fabric blockchain. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is solely responsible for running the nodes of this digital currency. Beginning stress tests stated this currency could execute 2,000 transactions per section.  In October 2021, the government began offering incentives to citizens who chose to CBN.

A year later, the country was still hesitant to make the switch so the central bank began implementing forceful measures. In October 2022, the CBN decided to cancel and resign the currency in a move aimed at restoring the control of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over currency in circulation. They stated that the original paper notes would only be legal tender until January 31, 2023, leaving the people with no alternative but to convert their cash. Nigerians were no stranger to the concept of currency cancellation as it is something the government has routinely done. The CBN openly announced that the end goal was to target a 100% cashless society replaced with eNaria. Fewer than 0.5% of Nigerians adopted the eNaria and protests erupted across the nation.



Jimmy Barnes, The Living End lead the Red Hot Summer Tour 2024 lineup "IndyWatch Feed Cvic"

Following a massive run last summer with Paul Kelly, Bernard Fanning and Missy Higgins, the Aussie-centered music festival Red Hot Summer Tour has announced it will return this summer for eight events across the country as part of its Series One instalment.

This year, the show will feature the legendary Jimmy Barnes, as well as The Living End, Birds of Tokyo, Pete Murray, Kasey Chambers and Barnes daughters band Mahalia Barnes and the Soulmates, bringing along the same lineup as the recently announced By The C in Torquay.

Red Hot Summer Tour 2024 Dates

  • Nov 11  Sandalford Wines, Swan Valley
  • Jan 6 Kiama Showground, Kiama
  • Jan 13 Mornington Racecourse, Mornington
  • Jan 20 Sounds By the River, Mary Ann Reserve, Mannum
  • Jan 27 Mackay Park, Batemans Bay
  • Feb 3 Roche Estate, Hunter Valley
  • Feb 10 Bendigo Racecourse, Bendigo
  • Feb 17 Country Club Lawns, Launceston

Keep up with the latest music news, festivals, interviews and reviews here.

Spanning the summer holiday season, the Red Hot Summer Tour brings a banging day of music to some of the most scenic and serene towns across the country. Itll start out in WAs Swan Valley in late 2023 before heading over east in the new year and finishing up in Tasmania, with more dates to be announced soon.

For tour promoter Duane McDonald, the announcement of Series One is the start of what will be one of the biggest years for the RED HOT SUMMER TOUR yet.

We are so excited to start off the 2024 RED HOT SUMMER TOUR with Jimmy Barnes and friends, he says. Thank you to everyone who continues to support live music at the RED HOT SUMMER TOUR year after year. We look forward to seeing you again this summer!



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